Some shameful self-propaganda is in order today... Such posts have usually borne good fruits in the past, so why not!

In June 2009 I attended in London the World Conference of Science Journalists. I was invited there by the organizers, to participate in a panel on "Blogs, Big Physics, and Breaking News", where together with James Gillies (head of Communications at CERN) and Matthew Chalmers (a freelance science writer), and moderated by Matin Durrani from Physics World, we discussed the impact of blogs in the communication of physics and related topics. A writeup of my contribution ("Where will we hear about the Higgs first?") is here.

WCSJ 2009 in London was really interesting, and I enjoyed a lot my participation there.

Now I learn that the next WCSJ conference will be held in June 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. I would be quite happy to go, but I guess somebody will need to invite me, as the last time. Editors, organizers of WCSJ, Hank... Take note. Covering travel and lodging expenses would suffice  ;-)