Finally thanks to the sheriff we have some actual scientific information on this whole story.   The sheriff with the actual balloon on hand and in consultation with a professor took measurements.  The balloon could not have held the boy due to an 18 lb discrepancy in it's measured weight and the weight reported by Richard Heene.  The balloon was made of duct tape, tarps, plywood, and tinfoil.  The sheriffs department put it back together and it supported the weight of the boy.    He cited a Colorado state rule which keeps him from stating if polygraphs were administered or the results, or if confessions were obtained.  
So there you have it, one person interested in science, and seeking publicity was debunked by another taking a simple measurement. *see comment 

That's all I have wanted to hear of this.  Instead of innuendo, and speculation, and boy language (quack) experts etc.  A simple measurement of weight alone, with evidence that Heene knowingly lied about the weight, is enough to prove he filed a false police report. 

The sheriff says they have suggested charges ranging from filing a false police report "a class 3 misdemeanor"  to contributing to the delinquency of a minor a class 4 felony. (Note in the news conference there seems to be minor confusion over which charge is what.  The most serious sentence is a class 4 felony with 2-6 years in prison.  Sheriff Alderden when asked  if they should go to jail said "He would not want them in his jail as crowded as it is.")  My personal opinion is that as long as the felony charge does not result in both parents going to prison for something like 7 years and totally destroying this family over a act of stupidity.

Oh and by the by I stand by what I have said before on this case.  This guy was desperate for coverage of his idea's and for a reality tv show.  That said the media's basis for reporting that apparent fact was, until this morning, dubious.