Harry Benjamin Syndrome, at first a uncontroversial and innocuous idea that transsexual brains are different from other brains, has morphed into a platform for some to denigrate others under a cloak of true pseudoscience proposed by laypeople and supported by not one reputable sexologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.  What some of them have done is take to attacking anyone who does not fit with their ideal of what a real "woman born transsexual" is (Like a transsexual who does not want sexual reassignment surgery.All they while complaining about how oppressed they feel.  This is just a little snapshot of the bigotry, hypocrisy, and lies of these people.

"Harry Benjamin Syndrome" is what some people would like to call transsexualism.  They feel that having this condition thought of in medical, physical, neurological terms, would lead to more acceptance than the current, psychological, understanding.  That in and of itself is not a bad thing.  It is a notion that depends on the fallacy of biological determinism..."biology is destiny".   The same basic mode of thought which said, girls/women are weak, not good at math, like pink, etc, etc.  This contrast with actual reputable neurological research which has found that the brains of transsexuals are by some means or the other feminized (Male to Female) or masculinized (Female to Male) at birth, other research cast doubt on this.  The science involved is inexact and still unsettled.  I am not going to go into the merits of HBS.  This website by Laura does a very good job of that.

What I am here to reveal, for the record, is some bigoted comments made by prominent supporters of HBS in relation to Wikipedia.  I am also going to reveal how one author of books popular to transsexual people is willing to misrepresent facts, lie, to make her points. 

Like so many other generic terms from the past that modern thought and
research has now retermed more precisely HARRY BENJAMIN SYNDROME is the
correct and only term suitable for the concerned group. HBS sufferers
are the only people who have felt to be trapped in the wrong body
consistently as far back as they can remember which is consistent with
Harry Benjamin's research and practice with many genuine sufferers of
what must be named Harry Benjamin Syndrome to distinguish them from all
the other 'transgendered' who only came to desire to wear female
clothing as puberty made them susceptible to arousal from the
phemerones from their mothers and sisters unwashed lingerie in exactly
the same way dogs will sniff at the crotches of both boys and girls.
Phemerone science was not available to Harry benjamin or he would have
spotted its link to most crossdressers, transvesties and
transgendered's love and masturbatory arousal to lingerie. It is shame
at having to admit this thast is the cause of the hostility shown by
transgendereds to the much smaller group of genuine HBS. Fleur —Preceding unsigned comment added by Fleurblack (talkcontribs) 17:18, 14 May 2009 (UTC) (Verbatim)
DIFF of the quote a permanent record of who wrote what when.

This comment was made in the context of a deletion discussion.  The result was that when you look up HBS on Wikipedia you will be redirected to transsexualism.  As you can tell from the quote, they won't like that one bit.

Now how about some hypocrisy from well known author Joanne Proctor.

 Joanne Proctor, or someone claiming to be her, actually agreed with me about the deletion of the Wikipedia article on "Harry Benjamin Syndrome". 
I have no problems with this page being deleted. I think that the
person who created the original entry was ill advised. HBS is a
grassroots movement that will be best left to develop organically.
Furthermore I can see better uses for this page, which the public need
not be prevented from reading merely because it is not on Wikipedia.joanneproctor 14 May 2009(Verbatim)
Then she went to her blog to complain disingenuously about how the mean ol Clark/Northwestern clique, of which I supposedly am an integral part... suppressed her! 
Finally, Under the pseudonym 'Denise Tree', Kiira Triea was one of the original perpetrators of the "transkids"
hoax. On that occasion Triea was assisted by Hontas Farmer, aka
'BrendaQG'; aka 'Aisha X'. Currently Farmer can be found working in
tandem with James Cantor, another CAMH employee, rewriting Wikipedia
entries to align them with Blanchard's theories. (Verbatim)
The ability to refactor history and make some people angels and others
devils does not exist there.
  For at least as long as the Wikimedia
foundation exist the record of what she actually said in that moment will exist.  She could have fought and volunteered to improve the article herself.  The editors of Wikipedia are all volunteers and if you don't like what's there or think it is an injustice or just bad writing.. WP:SOFIXIT yourself. 

As for my interactions with James Cantor on Wikipedia they have been civil, nothing more.  It is a Wikipedia policy that one must be civil to fellow Wikipedians.  All I have done is be neutral in how I edit Wikipedia, and civil to persons on both sides.  Apparently to people with HBS, if you are civil and fair to the psychologist who they don't like you are "on their side", you are "against them".   I am no psychologist but that sounds like classic paranoia.  Now I know how a Born again Christian who believes in Darwinian evolution would feel!  To these people to be a member of their community means believing just what they believe no variance no freedom of thought.

These are the kinds of people who some "women born transsexual", and indeed some proud transgender women think are great hero's.  HBS women think of themselves as real women unlike dirty transgender's (who tend to be black or Hispanic and have had a very hard life) like me.  It is an irony that most of the people who embrace that idea had absolutely no sign of any neurological gender variance at all before they came out at a ripe old age.  :smh: 

By the way I am not the first one to call these people out as being bigots, or hypocrites.

I would like to hear from other scientist and academics who have been accused by laypersons of belonging to some ridiculous conspiracy (to hide "the truth" as crackpot conspiracy theorist often say).  How did you handle it?