Today I have published on my youtube account two new lessons in my series on quantum theory. In my continued attempts to explain ever more complex concepts in Quantum Physics I have defined all the mathematics I should need. Based on that very minimal mathematical framework, I can have a more informal discussion with my viewers. The subjects of these lessons was basically a conceptual discussion of the subject matter of the first two lessons. A discussion which enables me to have a informed, and intuitive discussion of the concept of an operator on a space. I also demonstrate how to compute an expectation value (but I don't call it that remember these lessons are for non scientist). I think that I have done all of this in ways that are as intuitive as possible. Take a look at them, tell your friends about them. These lessons are good for people who want to get deeper insight than what is found in most non technical discussions of quantum theory but not as deep as studying it in full details. *

Quantum Theory Lesson 3: Building Intuition.

Quantum Theory Lesson 4: Introduction to Operators.
  * If you do not yet see the video's I reckon that some kind of review and approval is involved in revealing these to you. Be paitient.