This first video is where I explain Hilbert Space Tensor Products. I explained Hilbert spaces and operators in a previous video. The sound is not stellar so turn up the volume to the max, and you should be able to hear it.

This is the last in my series of video's on Quantum Theory. This is where I discuss quantum entanglement in a non mathematical way.

The series is now complete. The only subject I did not go into which I intended to go into was measurement. Measurement in quantum theory is basically the application of a hermitian operator O to a state <n|


Which gives you the value of the operator in that state. It get's more complex such as considering how the measured value will change given the Heisenberg equation and such and such. To hear more about those I would suggest a good book on the subject such as Sakurai "Modern Quantum Mechanics".

So what should I do next? I will either do a set of video's on Quantum Field theory. Or perhaps a short documentary on the Bailey affair (To really do that right would take a couple of years).