Approximately $1500 worth of fried electronics has taught me a valuable lesson.
I had surge protection on the AC.  Nothing was plugged into a wall outlet, nothing at all... Yet this morning when a rogue lightning bolt hit apparently it fried my TV completely, and the internet port on my wireless router was fried as well. (Just the connector where the ethernet plugs into the device the rest of it works somehow).  It was my best TV 42" 1080P connected via HDMI to the cable box.  I would think that the cable box would be totally fried by any surge which could be passed by HDMI and have the punch to totally fry my TV but I guess not.  As for the VOIP/Internet device.  I knew all along that Ethernet 1xxx base-T connectors could send a significant surge.  I have seen surge strips that have the option of placing surge protection on an ethernet wire.  Never have I seen or heard of that for HDMI.

While my electronics were fried, the cable box, and the cable internet/VOIP box both are just fine. I am plugged directly into it right now and so I can type this. 

So as I face in the next 6 to nine month's buying my fourth HDTV (one was stolen, I have a smaller one, and my new lawn decoration is my third) can anyone tell me if there exist a surge suppressor which has a HDMI connector on it just to filter out any possible surges?  If loosing all of my devices is the chance one takes with HDMI then its not worth it. 

I don't care so much about the Linksys WRT610N router though.  Honestly it was an abject disappointment from the day I got it.