A never ending story

The history of the cosmos. In quaternionic physics one equation plays a major role. It is a mixture...

The hierarchy of objects

I present you my personal view on the hierarchy of objects that occur in nature. I only treat the...

Flat Quantum Physics

Quantum physics uses a parameter space that is curved. It is possible to cure this situation by...

Ziggs, QPAD’s, curvature and inertia

Recently Leonard Susskind introduced a new type of objects and called them ziggs.See: http://www...

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I am a retired Physicist (born in 1941) with experience in chemistry, Fourier optics, image intensifiers, quantum logic, quantum physics, modular software. Stumbled into the quaternion waltz (c=ab/a)... Read More »


When some members of a discussion group asked me to write a small course on Hilbert spaces, I decided to define that Hilbert space over the quaternions. Futher I wanted to indicate the relation between this Hilbert space and quantum logic on the one hand and the relation of the Hilbert space to quantum physics on the other hand.