A never ending story

The history of the cosmos. In quaternionic physics one equation plays a major role. It is a mixture...

The hierarchy of objects

I present you my personal view on the hierarchy of objects that occur in nature. I only treat the...

Flat Quantum Physics

Quantum physics uses a parameter space that is curved. It is possible to cure this situation by...

Ziggs, QPAD’s, curvature and inertia

Recently Leonard Susskind introduced a new type of objects and called them ziggs.See: http://www...

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I am a retired Physicist (born in 1941) with experience in chemistry, Fourier optics, image intensifiers, quantum logic, quantum physics, modular software. Stumbled into the quaternion waltz (c=ab/a)... Read More »

The origin of physical dynamics and the reason of existence of special relativity are explored. This endeavour is started by analysing the logic of nature. Next, only mathematics is used in order to explore the dynamics of this model of physical reality.

The model that is described here annihilates the old reality and creates a new reality at each dynamic step. Hilbert space cannot treat dynamics. It contains nothing that supports dynamics.
There exists a tendency in nature to reduce complexity via modularization. This tendency grows when more modules become available. Finally this tendency enables nature to create intelligent and very sophisticated creatures. I encountered relations in several areas of physics and in human interactions. Physics is based on relations. Quantum logic is a set of axioms that restrict the relations that exist between quantum logical propositions. Via its isomorphism with Hilbert spaces quantum logic forms a fundament for quantum physics. However, quantum logic only describes static relations. Classical logic is a similar set of restrictions that define how we can communicate logically.
Software uses many kinds of data. Sometimes it concerns worksheet data and sometimes it is data that is retrieved or generated in some way or it are results of actions. Often these data are interrelated. In that case the ensemble forms a complex object. When this is the fact then it becomes worthwhile to attach the actions that are regularly applied to the data to the object that contains the data. With comparable data structures the same will happen. The object oriented software generation uses this approach intensively.
In 1995 the physicist HvL was employee of an internal software house of a large electronics company. His speciality was the creation of scientific software. Then he got the invitation from a software strategist HdV to join the semiconductor department in order to resolve a quickly emerging problem. The costs of complex embedded software were growing exponentially and this would cause severe problems in the next future.
I like to guide your attention to the work of Denis Sciama who in his article "On the origin of inertia" (see reference below) has put a very interesting view not only on the origin of inertia, but also on the origin of gravity. His approach is only very very indirectly related with entropy. However, his approach includes the influence of the whole of the universe.
Wave functions and characteristic vectors.