This asteroid is now known to miss. It was always classified as NO HAZARD so it was no surprise at all when they proved it couldn’t hit.

UPDATE - they proved it would miss in July through non detection.

On July 4th and 5th they focused on the small patch of sky where it would have to be if approaching Earth. It wasn't there, so can't hit. It is the first example of ruling out an impact through non deteciton.

ESA and ESO confirm asteroid will miss Earth in September |

UPDATE: It was removed from the database on 2019-08-11 23:49:11. This means it is known that it can’t hit Earth on any occasion in the next century.See: Search for object

NASA and ESA never issued any warning for this asteroid because it is harmless. What’s more, ALL THOSE NASA ASTEROID WARNING STORIES ARE FAKE NEWS.

A real asteroid warning would be on the main TV news and you’d be told what to do to say safe, just as for a hurricane warning.

I will say this forcefully because I get sent PM’S every day by people who are terrified by these stories. They need to know that they are ALL LIES.

The sensationalist press are just lying when they do stories like this:

This is their LUDICROUSLY STUPID story about it:

There was no ESA shock warning. That is just made up by a journalist. And the scary impact video on their page is utter coswallop and ridiculous nonsense.

It is not just bloggers that go on the internet and tell lies. So do some journalists.

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You may think it is respectable because you see this story in Google news.

Google news doesn’t have any journalists. The stories there are not checked. No human in google looks at these stories to see if they are fake news. It is just a dumb algorithm.

This is a shorter version of my longer article, mainly in pictures, to help young children and panicked people who often find it hard to think clearly.

The ESA table looks scary if you aren’t used to numbers. But replace numbers by words and you get:

It is fourth on that list. But the fourth “No hazard asteroid” is still no hazard. It’s like the “fourth most concerning hamster” the most a hamster can do is give you a bit of a nip, and even the most concerning hamster in the world is not something to be concerned about and the fourth most concerning hamster in the world is no big deal at all.

Hamster - Wikipedia see also Why Did My Hamster Bite Me !

This asteroid is not expected to hit.

We do expect a small asteroid some day in the next century or two.

Of the next 100 asteroids, then by the area of Earth’s surface for oceans, deserts etc, then over approximately the next 10,000 years we can expect:

Forests: 9
Ice sheets or tundra:6
Grassland: 7
Urban or semi-urban:1
Deserts: 4 Asteroid Impacts over 10,000 years

(assuming asteroids every century, if they are every 50 years then this is the next 5,000 years)

So by far the most likely is a harmless splosh in the ocean and astronomy geeks and enthusiasts hire a jet to view it from the air.

Depending on how much it breaks up in the atmosphere it might not even be much of a splosh. This is what the Chelyabinsk impactor did - formed a small hole in ice.

NO TSUNAMI. Just water that splashes up and out around the impact zone itself, no more than ripples at any distance. There just isn’t the energy needed for a tsunami.

We have huge telescopes to look for asteroids. This enormous telescope will be looking for this one in July:

Subaru telescope, Hawaii. There the blue rectangle outlines a human height door.

If it is on an impact course, we spot it in July or early August.

It is expected to miss.

This probably won’t happen for thousands of years.

Asteroid warnings are like hurricane warnings. Before a hurricane you get a map like this:

Wind track hurricane Irma 2017

In the same way, any asteroid we are tracking will have an accurate map like this ten days before impact.

This is a fictional impact on New York city. It is NOT A REAL ASTEROID. Everyone in the red, orange and yellow zones of New York would probably be evacuated.

We can evacuate a city for a hurricane easily in two days.

It is good that we are looking out for these asteroids. But such asteroids are really rare.

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