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No - MRNA Vaccines Do Not Rewrite Your DNA Or RNA

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World Will NOT 'End' Days Before Christmas 2020 - NOT Mayan Calendar - More Baloney From Perennial False Prophet

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This is an article I wrote for wikipedia to cover the diversity of published views on Mars Sample Return.

Sadly it was deleted from wikipedia. So I present it here as background material for: Need For Caution For An Early Mars Sample Return - Opinion Piece

The idea of a Mars sample return mission (MSR) is to return samples of rock, soil, dust, etc from Mars for study on Earth. Just about everyone involved in the debate agrees that  a MSR is well worth doing at some point.
It seems like a great idea, doesn't it, to send an automated rover to Mars to gather
 samples of rocks and dust, and return it to Earth, to study in laboratories with all the specialist instruments we have here. You can understand why so many scientists and mission planners are keen on the idea.

This describes the maths behind the sloth canon number sequences described in my Self Similar Sloth Canon Number Sequences article

It simplifies the proofs here to use a 0 based notation. So we define an integer sequence f(n) as a map from the non negative integers to the integers. The first term in the sequence is f(0).

Sloth Canon Sequences

Definition of a sloth canon sequence

The Danish composer Per Nørgård uses an endless self similar (fractal like) strict sloth canon structure in some of his compositions such as his Symphony number 2. He first discovered his sequence in 1959.