How To Make A Baby...a Question Of Gastrulation

Let’s talk about gastrulation. For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s not as disgusting as...

Inception - Mice Prove It's No Myth

False memories implanted in mice show how easily it is to manipulate recall of events....

Do We Only See What We Want To See? Experts Don't Notice A Gorilla In Their Midst...

The visual cortex is a fantastical portion of the brain, and one which is enlarged in our species...

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Aplysia californica is a curious beast indeed. The California sea hare is a species of sea slug; a hermaphroditic gastropod mollusc that feeds on seaweed and occasionally squirts ink if you piss it off. Charming little chap, really.

It's a bizarre feeling, yet it’s one that we’ve all probably experienced, at one time or another.  

Whether it’s the brush of a feather-duster, or a friend’s fingers under your chin, a great many of us are ticklish. There are a number of spots on the body which appear to be particularly sensitive to being tickled, as many an older-sibling will have discovered, when they attack the underarms, belly, ribcage or the soles of the feet of a younger brother or sister.

The idea that dogs tend to look like their owners is big news to no-one. Even before the days of Paris Hilton dressing her Chihuahua, ‘Tinkerbell’ in mini-me outfits, it has long been observed that dogs and their owners often share a striking resemblance. Undoubtedly, the tall, willowy blonde can be seen walking her Afghan hound in the local park, while the Staffordshire bull terrier will be accompanied by an equally tough-looking bloke.

Amusing as the idea might be, is there any real evidence to support this, or is it just chance?