A comment under "Relevance Of Race And G Factor Over Social Darwinism In China And General" showed me again that also many smart Science2.0 readers, even those who read me for years, cannot understand that there is more than either progressive science deniers or Jew gassing Nazis, but Science2.0 castrated the comment system for some reason, by pure coincidence during the great 2016/17 shuttering of free speech to rescue freedom. Good – your comments are useless anyway and it motivates to write articles when I again missed the ridiculously short time one can put comments in this place of science oh so far elevated over clickbait distracting from long term relevant issues.

(Promise: Next time a new didactic challenge about Roulette maths and how to win lots of money and then a long article on teaching critical thinking classes, but today you need some more Hitler.)

So, there is this smart educated guy, relatively speaking (on the internet), who knows me for years but in all earnestness asks, visible to all, whether I suffer low serotonin levels, because some Prince Henry or King Harry or whatever (please correct me about such important things because I really really care soooo much) shags a White-Jewish-Negroid-etc mixture babe in Buckingham Palace, insinuating I care. Dude – Really???

Now I could cuck hard and tell you that I almost married a Black woman – the simultaneously most positive and educated and civilized woman I ever met – a part in me will always regret not having married her (I feared her being too religious for my evil godless soul). However, “I have a Black friend” type BS ain’t my style! To make this relevant also for those who may have joined my audience recently thinking I am suddenly on their side, let me answer like this:

1488? F that! I sincerely do not give a moist rat’s ass about the survival of the White race!

Writing about system evolution and AI for years, I still care whether in 200 years or so, given likely gazillions of individuals including of all sorts of AI-bio hybrids, there should be at least as many White apes as today, or please no more brown ones, or 51% of my kind today rather than whatever else, and otherwise, to hell with this planet? Really?

I wrote for years here about many worlds/minds theory and quantum cosmology. Being acutely aware about practically infinitely many planets full of suffering, I give a shit about how many apes of what kind there are on one of them after I am long dead anyway? Really?

Having written much on the evolution of suffering in general, being acutely aware of the enormous suffering even just considering the oceans and forests, I am distressed much about the few apes? I care more about cats!

Plenty of times, I tried to teach the Here-and-Now, Zen. I care about what you say? Really?

And I told you in detail about being Aspergerian autistic, too. Having been bullied all my life, from since I can remember all the way to the sorry ass state of my career considering what I know and can do and have tried to contribute, guess how many Negroes have bullied me (none!), or concerning suppression of my work in academia, how many Jews it needed compared to how many Caucasian Whites are eager to be slimy disgusting little careerist bitches all by themselves. If I were to judge according to my personal experiences, Mama Merkel should throw open the borders so that Whites are raped out of existence yesterday! F you stupid fellow Whites – I am rather among Yellows – at least they don’t f’n pretend to defend human rights and freedom while lynching whoever dares saying otherwise.

Speaking of Yellows … After all that I wrote here about them, you still think I give a shit about what happens in Western Angle Saxon countries, apart from that most readers here have that background? Let me tell you again, for the N’th time, the “news” known for decades or even further back with smart people, the “news” that finally now seems to sweep the whole world outside the tunnel vision of Westerners: You no longer matter! Your killed yourself with proud stupidity because you mattered a little once.

If I were at all concerned about such and did such idiotic mistakes, I’d tell mister Li to stray no further than Wang, Kim, or Suzuki, still not a Satoshi on the give-a-fuckometer about disappearing kinds of apes on some little rainy island.


Straw-man: “Come on now – what about endorsing Trump and all that?”

Look – I often enjoy provoking – it is way more fun writing – and having Trump being prez is just so much more fun already than crazy bitch from hell. In case you really thought I respect Trump, which means you never understood me, let me tell you a little secret about, for example, right wingers such as Andrew Anglin supporting Trump. Nobody “in their right mind” respects a guy who cannot even watch his own diet! Putin gets real respect – the guy is fit and loves animals – consistent with that he cares for what is his own as well as for others. Trump is a joke.
(For this reason alone already, thinking Trump is like Hitler is idiotic, especially if you claim to understand right wing Nazi simpletons better than they understand themselves. Hitler was thin and loved animals.)