If I could do Calliope as a full-tilt project, not just a hobby venture, I would make it involve transmedia and gaming.  As life goes, I had neither opportunity nor talent to come up with, say, the 'Urgent' synth riff.  However, an enterprising fellow who did used that to (depending on which interview you read) either fund his first album, or buy his boat.

In both cases, this led to the Map of the Floating City. A project that mixes music, MMOing, and game-like open exploration.  And social media.  And, oh, heck, toss in any recent interesting concept.  Not just a mix of buzzwords, but a genuine project.

Someday, perhaps I can work on a Calliope fleet project involving gamification.  That is one of my dreams.  For now, others can float, I'm back to work.

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