Chipotle, the burrito restaurant chain, served more than 120 million pounds of beef, pork and chicken last year.  It now has a problem - sales continue to go up. Its "never ever" policy regarding the use of beef that has never been ill and must never have gotten antibiotics means it can't find enough meat. At least find enough and remain competitive.

So the company has floated the idea of buying beef that got antibiotics due to an illness. That means its "never ever" policy which, let's face it, was never evidence-based and solely a feel-good gimmick anyway, may be going away.

It's that, or raise prices a lot, or settle for lower-quality meat. 

“We are always looking to improve our protocols in order to ensure that we are buying the very best sustainably raised ingredients," co-CEO and company founder Steve Ells said in their statement. "Many experts, including some of our ranchers, believe that animals should be allowed to be treated if they are ill and remain in the herd. We are certainly willing to consider this change, but we are continuing to evaluate what's best for our customers, our suppliers and the animals.

And "we continue to be committed to the elimination of antibiotics that are used to promote growth in livestock being raised in confinement operations."

You want the GMOs and antibiotics with that? Credit and link: Chipotle.

It won't matter. People who have wrapped themselves in a scary 'medicine is bad' fallacy regard all antibiotics as dangerous.

So we know how this test balloon marketing campaign will go. A bunch of people who don't eat there anyway will protest and the company will cancel the idea and raise prices. 

But if that does not happen, people afraid of science can rest assured they will contain to label GMOs - on its website, anyway, not in the actual stores where anyone would ever see it and cause sales to drop because all labels are warning labels in modern culture. What? You can't find it? Luckily you visited Science 2.0, so here you go.

Only 50% of their ingredients are activist abominations of nature due to awesome science. I would have thought it was higher. They sure do love soybean oil.