You might be a crackpot if you won't drink coffee because it is bad for your health, yet you are shoving it in your rectum multiple times per day. 

"My Strange Addiction" on TLC this week has a story about a Florida couple who each have at least 100 coffee enemas per month, and totaling 6,000 in the last two years.

How can they pull it off?  Vacations are clearly out of the question, since it involves a 32-ounce
container full of coffee each time. Sorry, New York City residents, Mayor Bloomberg says you can't buy anything that big to put beverages in, you have to be protected from yourself - though in this instance, he would be right. Some relaxing music following by lubrication and then the whole thing is just another simple seduction.

The weirdest part?  While they will administer the caffeine directly into their intestines because they like the "euphoria",  they won't drink any caffeinated beverages - bad for their health, they say. The baffling part is they don't realize the caffeine is what is making them happy, not the enema. But they would be better off drinking it. Any liquid you put up there is going to make things come out but coffee that many times per day with no digestion is sure to cause some irritable bowels.

TLC's crappy website is showing errors on all its 'My Little Addiction' video clips so I can't delight you with the one of the woman who cleans her cat - with her tongue.   But Good Morning America/ABC News has video of the coffee enema lady's...process.  Good thing her container is not styrofoam, that would be sure to get outrage.