What happens if you are a Yogi living in Seattle (or Portland, or San Francisco - wherever progressive pseudoscience crackpots feel welcome and included) who discovers that 'proof' is more complicated than mumbo-jumbo on your mystical website?

Navenna Shine, the founder and subject of the Living on Light experiment, got to show us. Because she had not discovered science, reason or even the fundamentals of biology in her many decades in this plane of existence she decided she could live on water and sunshine and be just fine.  And she set out to prove it. She's not alone. “Inediates” with a belief in breatharianism, claim they can train their bodies to exist on just that: water and sunlight.

Now, people can live without food for a while but it isn't a recipe for long-term health. I used to fast every two weeks for four days, not because of any belief that foreign mumbo-jumbo was superior to domestic mumbo-jumbo, but rather that I am 6'2" and competed in martial arts as a lightweight so I needed to be 163 lbs. Fasting did the trick. As a young guy, it kept my metabolism firing at ridiculous levels. 

She said she lost 20 lbs and on June 5th declared that this was the point where her body would adjust to using light for nourishment. You know, because that is how plants do it.  Except most plants actually don't do that. You can't suspend most plants in mid-air and water them and have them survive.

Well, it doesn't matter, she has given up. But not because she has not evolved to subsist on sunlight, which would make sense, but because...she has run out of money?? Yeah, that makes no sense to me either. You'd think not eating would be cheaper. Sunlight is rare in Seattle but it's free. 

Reality:1 - Misguided crackpots: 0

Seattle Woman Decides She Needs Food After All by Ben Radford, Discovery News