Just in case you didn't know, Scientific Blogging geek fave Garth Sundem will make a guest appearance on The Early Show (your local CBS channel) tomorrow AM, in promotion of his new book.    How will he wow the world this time?   I don't want to give anything away but he wrote about it here.  

My big question; will Julie Chen shamelessly flirt with him the way Diane Sawyer did on Good Morning America?    We'll have to see.   I will try to snatch a fair use clip and put it here.   

So tune in, even if you don't ordinarily watch television or morning shows or CBS.   You know it has to be good if he is on it.   If you simply can't get enough Garth before then here are two clips.   First, him teaching geeks how to use the awesome power of math to successfully meet women on the Science channel and second him helping Diane Sawyer show young couples their relationships are probably doomed.