A group of German archaeologists have set off to find a priceless ancient treasure and I'd rather they not get it.    Sounds like the plot of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" right?

As smashing as I look in a Stetson fedora, the reality involves no Nazis or theological death rays, instead it involves 2,156 gold tablets on which the Maya recorded their laws, which may be buried in Guatemala's Lake Izabal.  But the reality does involve a treasure map, which is always fun.  

Mayan expert Joachim Rittsteig claims to have thoroughly studied the Dresden Codex, a pre-Columbian Maya book which contains most of what we know about Mayan Culture, and says it details the location of this treasure.

"The Dresden Codex leads to a giant treasure of eight tons of pure gold," Rittsteig told Fox News Latino.  Bild, the newspaper in Germany, is sponsoring the expedition so two reporters, a photographer, a television camera, and a diver will go into Izabal with him.   He says radar images of the area confirm what the he says the Codex reveals.  Estimated value of the loot: $290 million just for in gold value.  The objects themselves would be worth more.

The obvious question is, should anyone be stirring up the Mayans right now?  They may have needed spending money when they arrive out of a black hole to take over the world in 2012.    That was supposedly predicted in the Dresden Codex also.