Organic food has terrific marketing. Despite being mega-corporations in a multi-billion dollar business, they have convinced their customers they are all small and unique and wholesome; kind of like Apple has managed to do with its technology products.

You know it is big business when companies sue each other over an employee and 'trade secrets'.

Trade secrets?  You mean organic milk is not locally-grown, all-natural, GMO-free deliciousness? Of course not, that is why anti-science hippies trying to get warning labels for GMOs specifically exempt 'organic' food from the legislation.  What trade secrets could there be?  A whole lot about profit margins, demand projections, how to increase market share and whatever corporations (i.e. everyone, regardless of their claims) thinks about.

The greedy capitalists at co-op CROPP (Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool) recruited an employee from fellow giant free market food distributor Horizon Organics - let's assume it was not for ideological reasons and they paid Larry Hansen a whole bunch more money - and now Horizon says he left and then engaged in unethical behavior. At CROPP's Organic Valley division, Hansen supposedly contacted milk producers of Horizon Organics and lawsuit claims Organic Valley "actively participated" in Hansen’s misconduct.  

There's big money at stake.  The parent of Horizon alone is a $13 billion company. Look for case #CV3465 to go to a jury trial in the federal U.S. District Court of Colorado some time soon. Horizon is asking for actual and compensatory damages and a block on future revenues related to Hansen’s alleged misconduct.