Rep. Randy Hultren(R) and Rep. Joseph Kennedy (D - but not the anti-science crackpot one, that one is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) have introduced House Resolution 276, which would recognize the last week in April as "National Science Week". That's right, a Republican and a Democrat can work together on something.

Pushing the idea forward is Larry Bock, the science outreach force of nature behind the USA Engineering&Science Festival, whose event last year drew over 250,000 attendees - and they expect to double that in 2014. The resolution basically reads like a love letter to Larry and his team, and well it should. Writing about science on the Internet is one thing, navigating the byzantine labyrinth of Washington, D.C. regulations to host a nationwide science conference takes truly exceptional levels of dedication.

Want to help boost the chances? Congress could vote on it this session and since no money is required, Republicans won't try to block it and Democrats won't try to print Monopoly money to pay for it - everyone wins! - but it will need to get attention.  

They have created a petition and you can sign it and keep things moving forward. If you care about STEM, this is a good way to show it.