The worst thing government has done is get into the recycling business but even worse than that is over-doing it.   Where I live, the local government recently started 'separating' garbage, declared more things recyclable, then made the recycling collectible only every two weeks.  Result:  Government employees are getting paid to come by and empty garbage containers that are 20% full and the recycling one is stuffed after 10 days.  Meanwhile, the delay in recycling is so huge it is basically a landfill anyway.

At "Discovery", columnist Tracy Staedter discusses RecycleMatch, which she heard about (in person?  On a computer?  I don't what 'heard' means any more) during the PopTech conference - it's an online marketplace that connects companies with excess amounts of your stuff with other companies that need a lot whatever your junk is.

Wha ...?  Letting the free market handle recycling?  Whose bold idea was that??  Sadly, it was PIRG's ( idea in 1987 when I worked for them and instead we got government waste on top of recycling waste - PIRG was wrong on a lot and it made me crazy (like their irrational agenda against nuclear power, which directly led to more CO2 and, thus, global warming) but they got the recycling idea right.  Go get 'em, RecycleMatch.

P.S.  I'll be 'attending' a conference of my own later today - the Giants/Phillies baseball game in Philadelphia, via my television.  I am soooooo high tech.