Vermont's somewhat odd GMO warning label law, which made sure to exempt anything that would impact Just Label It yogurt millionaire Gary Hirshberg's supply of dairy and import things like alcohol, restaurants and the Whole Foods deli section, is about to cost consumers millions of dollars.

He won't name the chemicals in his supposed natural flavor yogurt but he says if it has no GMOs, it must be healthier. And Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is also denying science. He had a response to concerns about the cost of obeying the law in Vermont - “Just label your products. All of them nationwide.”

Obviously it would make more sense to create labels saying 'has no GMOs' if that is what customers want (and only 7 percent do), but instead it will just penalize poor people. Very few minorities or poor people live in Vermont, so it will be easy for their rich, white, progressive elites to pay more. But by penalizing all Americans the group is showing that food is not the objective, winning a fight against science no matter who it harms is.

The industry is trying to block the law in court, citing it as capricious and arbitrary, since there are somewhat strange exemptions, but until that happens they are trying to comply. And Vermont politicians are looking for ways to spend all the new fine money they created the law to generate.