Disclaimer: As a Naturalist and Scientist these are my observations. This may be disturbing to some people as they may have to think of cause and effect.

Somewhere in Asia they are laughing their asses off,"Americans will buy anything if you just say it's green and sustainable." Fact is the bamboo is on the other side of the world. Bamboo is green in Asia not here in America. I love bamboo I planted 3 varieties 3 years ago 2 lived and have sprouts someday I may have a stand.

Unfortunately what's happening for every bamboo floor put in a house here in the U.S.A. it is directly responsible for the loss of at least an acre of Native North American Deciduous Forest that includes thousands of plants and animals. Now I want you to do the math, cost of exported bamboo flooring for a home, value of one acre logged deciduous forest wood. We have some fantastic oak for floors right here in the Southern U.S.A. These forests have been logged for over 200 years sustainabley. That is changing right now because oak flooring is not selling, it's about a $1 a square foot here. Mills are shutting down and rare woods are being made into toilette paper to wipe the butts of our country so we can be green at the cost of our Native Forests.

The timber companies not making enough money off of the deciduous forests so they are clear cutting and selling the land for developement or replanting with pine creating a monoculture displacing thousands of plants and animals. Pine is a soft wood easier to cut and mill. Some will call this progress as a Naturalist I call this U.S.A. Deciduous Forest Genocide. This is brought on by importing bamboo flooring and not supporting our own sustainable forests. We need to reverse this popular trend and support our Native Forest before we lose more of them.

As a Scientist I will inform you now. So we don't say fifty years down the road why didn't we know about this?
It's cause and effect.

As a Nation and World wanting a Green sustainable future we need to group together scientists, educators, Industry, environmentalists, foresters, and do local audits for wind, minerals, trees, water, sun and all the resources in an area. This will be the way to discover what will be the greenest for that area. It will save resources and what is local can be used. Taking resources from the other side of the planet and neglecting the ones in your own back yard is not green and is destroying the environment it is wrong.

The best thing to preserve our Native Deciduous Forest is to use our oak and hardwoods. It is this scientists choice for a green flooring material and ban imported bamboo as it is destroying our Native Deciduous Forest.

The road to hell is paved with good intention. We need to look at cause and effect before we jump on any green band wagon and make the mistake of making things worse. That is what happened to our Native Deciduous Forest.