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Russell Ade
About Russell Inventor, Explorer, Hybridizer of Plants and Animals, Advanced Medical Treatments. Started to assist in lab at 11 years old and started soon after working with super computers. At age 14 conducting my own experiments on longevity increased healthy lab animal life span by 3X. Became an Explorer Scout at 14 in a mountaineering/rock climbing troop. Sought out survival training from special forces. I learned with practice to build a fire in seconds, and identify edible plants and animals. Those skills have helped me through the years identify and classify plant and insect life. At 16 I started traveling on my own during the summer months often for thousands of miles, during these adventures I realized It was possible to live and learn more than an average person. I decided to try to live, learn, and experience more than what 3 average normal people would. By 18 I was studying 3 schools of Medicine including, Western, Russian, and Chinese. Later I studied Medical Jurisprudence, contract law and ethics. Lived and learned the traditional ways of Native Americans. Took up flying and got to the level of a flight instructor. At this time I contacted Burt Rutan in the Mojave Desert I knew he had greatness, this was before he was discovered. I knew his aviation designs were of the future and I wanted to be part of it to sell, fly, and help design his planes. He was working alone at the time. I treated the poor, going into epidemic situations and delivering children. Saved a few lives. By my mid twenties worked to preserve the rights of the American people and properties. Took a few years off to experience the culture of the larger American cities. Explored the American western mountain ranges. Became a businessman and started multiple businesses, a chain of stores, finance company, and later a large Spanish foreign language newspaper. During all this time I was doing charity work, feeding the poor in soup kitchens, and counseling the despondent. I never stopped learning reading a book in my free time and traveling to seek out the brightest minds learning from the masters in their fields. Till this day I have used the resources of multiple universities and libraries for knowledge and research. Now we have the greatest library of all, the Internet. I have joined many societies, fraternities, and lodges as they are a resource to learn from the pool of distinguished members. Founded the Independence County Science Society. Today I work on projects that I find interesting. Over the years my ideas have been implemented by the U.S. government and private industry. Over the next couple years I am going secretive and creating a catalog of my patentable designs and trademarks. I hope to introduce new products in some fields of science, that are brilliant and have that why didn't I think of that factor. I am fortunate to live in an area classified as a semitropical rain forest. Along this life journey I have had many friends, some great relationships, 2 wonderful wives, (at different times) and 3 beautiful children. I have directed my children to be strong, independent thinkers, and excel in their goals. It's a good life. I hope I never stop learning it is my greatest intellectual passion.
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