This is my observation. Intelligent people are a minority.
   There is an abundance of businesses, causes, and charities that are addressing problems. Addressing and milking them for every dime they can make to the tunes of billions dollars. They are scared of the truth, or the solution to the problems.
   Whole industries built around perpetuating problems.
If things like the cure to cancer is reveled the hospital industry would be devastated. Medical treatments that leave the victims dependent needing drugs and medical care for life, all doctor induced because It good business to have more patients. Even though there are treatments that don't have the side effects.
   Charities who's mission ends up to grow the charity not to solve the problem, or they would be out of a job. Even religion is and has been scared of science and solutions, as the truth empowers the masses.
   Large corporations are controlling the local businesses, with do it our way or someone else will take over and follow corporate. Unfortunately corporate only cares about corporate not what the different regions businesses need or want.
   We are mired in a society that rewards ignorance and greed. Try pushing your 100+ mpg car at a trade show. Speaking of gas where is the evolution of our gasoline engines in 1976 Shell Oil engineers produced an experimental competition car that got 376 mpg, almost 400 mpg. And here we are in 2009 without a high mpg gasoline engine. But we have over 400 patents on gas saving devices.
   What I see is we are in an immediate gratification society. I believe we need a change to continue the evolution of our society based on truth and solving our problems. Something for the long term, I honestly believe we are better, smarter and need advances in our culture and society based on solutions and truth.
   Hopefully we will have a time of mass enlightenment and grow the intelligence of our world's societies.