I discovered that Giant Squid was a band when I was searching for squid products on Amazon (yes, that is pretty typical behavior for me). Okay, I thought, rather miffed, some punk band thinks it's cool to name themselves after an enormous marine invertebrate, but I'm sure their songs are all angst and anger, not axons and . . . wait . . . Ampullae of Lorenzini?

Yes! Contrary to all my expectations, these kids know their marine biology. Their first album, Metridium Fields, is the name of a dive site in Monterey, which is densely populated with Metridium, this beautiful anemone:

And one of the songs on this album is, yes, Ampullae of Lorenzini. These are the sensory structures on shark snouts that give them a sixth sense of electroreception. Um, wow. Way to bring obscure zoological terminology into . . . "post-metal"? "doom metal"? I don't really know, but it's some kind of music, I guess.

But I can't find any information on Wikipedia or their official site about why this band is so into marine biology! Are they divers? Biologists? Are they dating divers and/or biologists? I must know more!

Oh, wait, I found the lyrics of Ampullae of Lorenzini:
Why weren't you here when I stood alone
you won't believe
all that I've learned
and all that i have known
She pulls me through
all of her bodies
calling out magnetically . . .
Okay, HI, bring on the angst! Maybe I don't need to know more.