Miriam over at Deep-Sea News recently posted a lovely write-up on the argonaut, or paper nautilus. This reminded me that I, too, once felt the delight of finding a live argonaut in a manta tow cod end.

So I went digging through my grad school archives and found the video I took--on a miniDV tape, which felt so futuristic then and seems so retro now. How times change.

Anyway, amateur videographer that I am, I somehow managed to splice the least horrible footage together with a voiceover to create a brief film of the awesomeness that is the argonaut.

And no, they are-go-not squid, but I found her while I was looking for squid, so that counts, right?

(That's "I Wish You Well" in the background, by Bill Withers, which makes a nice chill soundtrack for sorting plankton all night long.)