The National Mall, that is.

The inaugural USA Science and Engineering Festival is going out with a bang this weekend. And by "bang" I mean "Grand Finale Expo," featuring hands-on science exhibits
from flight simulators, virtual reality environments and surgical robots to making virus structures with marshmallows and toothpicks.
Not to mention squid dissections! Stanford's Lou Bergeron gives us the scoop on the Squids 4 Kids booth that will be at the Expo:
Visitors will get to help dissect a squid and make "squid prints" on paper using the creature's arms and tentacles and finger paint. . . . Gloves and guidance will be provided for anyone who wants to dissect or engage in other hands-on-squid activities at the exhibit this weekend.
I like the phrase "gloves and guidance." Maybe it would be a good name for company that produces and sells hands-on biology kits. It would come to be known affectionately as G&G by its customers . . .