More cephalopods in pop culture: not anime this time, but games! Mobile phone games, to be specific. "Squibble" sounds like a lot of fun:
A mad scientist has captured your cutesy, albeit deranged-looking octopus-self and locked you away in the attic of his mansion! Using your amazing brain-capacity (don't forget, there was once an octopus who predicted soccer finalists) and your two  prehensile, sticky little tentacles, you'll need to make your way from the lab back to the ocean... where, I'm guessing you'll get eaten by a shark.
Eaten by a shark? It's quite possible, but don't forget there was once an octopus who ate sharks for breakfast.

And what's with the "octopus-self"? If you've got two sticky tentacles, you must be a squid. Octopuses have eight arms; squid have eight arms and two tentacles. Anyway, if the game is called Squibble, c'mon, you're obviously a squid.

In other news, there's more coverage of ammonite-eating squid from PhysOrg and Deep-Sea News. DSN also covered that review article about flying squid nicely.