So my friend's setting up her wireless network and asks me about names, and I randomly spout off the phrase "unicorn tentacles". Cause that's a great name for a wireless network.

Then I started wondering if it might be a googlewhack. Of course, knowing the internet, that possibility shouldn't have even crossed my mind. Netfolk are way too obsessed with these kinds of things. (Links go to unicorn stuff, but you can find your own tentacles.)

The best discovery of my googling adventure: Elder Unicorn II! Yes, it is a misbegotten cross between Cthulhu and a kelpie, and it is, quite frankly, awesome.

Does this have anything to do with science? No, not really. But it is what happens when scientists need to take a break from sciencing and start wandering the interwebs. Now, back to science. I am analyzing videos of baby squid swimming, frame by frame . . .