Just got back from giving a presentation on Humboldt squid in Modesto. The audience had wonderful energy and the little kids had the BEST questions. Winners:

  • Third place: "What is the smallest squid?" (It's like he knew I'd just been blogging about Idiosepius!)

  • Second place: "Which squid has the most tentacles?" (Entertaining, of course, due to the assumption that squid have variable numbers of tentacles. And why shouldn't they?)

  • First place: "Do you think that maybe in the future the Humboldt squid or some other squid will take over the world?" (Winningest!)

The whole thing was taped, so I'll post a link here when they put it up online. Many thanks to Teri Curtis and the rest of the Modesto Area Partners in Science for inviting and hosting me--I had a magnificent evening.

By the way, welcome to any new readers from Modesto!