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    Can A Man Really Get Pregnant? Sure, But It Might Kill Him
    By Lee Silver | April 7th 2008 02:05 PM | 350 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments

    Oprah Winfrey introduced the so-called "first pregnant man" to viewers of her April 3rd show this past week. Thomas Beatie appeared, six months pregnant, with his wife Nancy and his obstetrician, Dr. Kimberly James (by satellite hookup). You can see the complete show here. But many viewers thought the whole thing was blown out of proportion because Thomas was born with a perfectly normal uterus.

    At the end of my first column on the issue, I said I would post another piece discussing the actual science of male pregnancy.

    Is it really possible today? The answer, as I abstract from my 1997 book, Remaking Eden, is "almost certainly yes, but . . ."

    With the birth of Louise Joy Brown in 1978, Steptoe and Edwards demonstrated the feasibility of fertilizing human eggs in a petri dish and placing embryos back into women where they can gestate to term. To date, several million children have been conceived through in vitro fertilization and born from women.

    From the outset, scientists have mused aloud about the possibility of maintaining a pregnancy within the abdomen of a man. Tabloids routinely publish stories of success and in the popular 1995 film Junior, Arnold Schwarzenegger played a scientist who uses hormones and in vitro fertilization to make himself pregnant and ultimately "give birth." Movies and novels that mix real science with science fiction often lead to confusion in the public mind as to what is medically possible and what is not. Usually, scientists and physicians can be counted on to sort it all out.

    With male pregnancy, though, something funny happens: Some say it is possible while others say it isn’t. To understand how different professionals can reach such opposite conclusions, we must delve into the thought processes of ‘the scientist’ and ‘the clinician,’ respectively.

    The first question is whether a human fetus could develop to term in an environment other than a uterus. Surprisingly, we already know the answer, and it's yes. Every once in a while – in one pregnancy out of 10,000 – the fertilized egg doesn’t make it to the uterus, and ends up instead in the wide open space of the abdomen, also known as the peritoneal cavity. This happens because the ovary is not actually attached to the fallopian tube (or oviduct), as is commonly thought. Instead, after ovulation, the egg must make its way into the nearby opening at the end of the tube in order to begin its journey toward the uterus. Occasionally, when conception occurs very close to the opening in certain women, the newly fertilized egg may actually fall back out of the tube and into the abdomen.

    Now you might think that once an egg has fallen into the abdomen, its chances of survival are nil. Surprisingly, at the appropriate time of development, an embryo can implant itself into almost any living tissue that it happens to alight upon. And the abdomen is filled with all sorts of tissues – from the intestines to the kidney, to the liver and the spleen. With successful implantation and sufficient placental formation, the embryo can develop normally into a fetus that can be carried through a full nine months of pregnancy. At the end, of course, it has nowhere to go unless it’s delivered by a modified Cesarian Section. The medical literature is filled with sporadic reports of healthy live-born babies that were carried by mothers pregnant in this unusual way. Here's an amazing picture of a late-state pregnant woman on her belly with a fetus facing up.

    abdominal pregnancy

    So let’s come back to the third ingredient required for pregnancy: a living womb within which the embryo can implant and attach a placenta.

    If a woman’s abdomen can act as womb, a man’s abdomen could do just as well. “Clearly,” the scientist would conclude, “I’ve now proven that human male pregnancy is possible, and it’s possible today!”

    “Wait just a minute,” the clinician would implore, “let’s look at all of the reported cases of abdominal pregnancy again, this time with a greater eye to the clinical details. And let’s start out with some of the general statements made by the reporting physicians”:

    “Abdominal pregnancy is a rare but life-threatening condition.”
    “Morbidity and mortality for both the fetus and the mother are considerable... Once the diagnosis is established, immediate surgical intervention is usually advisable.”
    “Care of the patient afflicted with it may present formidable challenges.”

    Abdominal pregnancy is considered a “life-threatening condition” because of the placental connection that the embryo must set up between itself and the body within which it lies.

    In a normal pregnancy, it is set up with the specialized internal lining of the uterus known as the endometrium. Endometrial cells are recruited along with embryonic cells to form the placenta, but at the time of birth, the entire placenta detaches itself easily from the intact uterine wall to follow the baby through the birth canal. The ability to create a detachable endometrial lining that can be incorporated into the growing placenta is a unique property of the uterus.

    Unfortuntately, when an embryo implants into an abdominal tissue, detachment is not so simple. The problem is that the development of the placenta can cause complete intermixing between embryonic and host tissues so that there is no clean boundary between the two. The more extensive the intermixing is, the more problematic it becomes to remove placental tissue. The physician has to cut between the wholely placental tissue, and the intermingled placental-‘maternal’ tissue. Large blood vessels must be severed, and as a consequence, difficult-to-control internal bleeding can take place.

    Problems are not just confined to the stage at which a pregnancy is terminated. Long before the final event, a placenta can cause severe damage to an organ that it’s invaded with the possibility of spontaneous hemorrhaging that can quickly result in death.

    So is male pregnancy possible? Probably yes.Is male pregnancy safe? No, not at the present time.

    But at some point in the future, it’s likely that reproductive biologists will figure out how to direct the growth of the placenta away from vulnerable abdominal organs and onto an easily detachable, but blood-rich, surface for growth. And then, pregnancy will be possible for men who are 100% men, although it's certainly not something that I would want to do.


    i don't understand a man can get pregnant. but how can he deliever it


    He'd be missing out on most of the fun! ;-)

    Hello I'm a twenty year old man.
    Who has always been interested in having a child of my own.
    I think it would be simply amazing to experience the joys of motherhood
    If there are any scientists out there
    I would love to find one who could help me with my dream.
    I would do whatever it takes and risk it just to have my own child.

    Same here, I am also a 20 year old man and as long as I could remember I would stick stuff under my shirt and act as if I was pregnant and take care of my stuff animals exct like my own kids lol and it's like an emptyness that I have because deep down I want to give birth to my own child I think it's such a beautiful thing and something I want to expirence, it's something I think about constantly also because me and my boyfriend want to have kids of our own and agreed if I could have a chance to be pregnant and give birth we would. And I just pray that someone soon can find away to make my and any other guy out here dreams come to reality.

    Please don't say "gay" and "pray" in the same sentence. You were born with a penis. It does not fit into another penis. You are who God made you. If you aren't happy with it, marry a woman and get over it.

    And how will marrying a woman give him the ability to grow a child within himself? Chill out and get over yourself.

    Being "Gay" is in fact a mental illness. If you are born a man and develope the desire to be a woman or have a baby inside of you or sleep with other men this is not natural. Something has gone wrong with your internal wiring and to suggest that you were just born into the wrong body is stupid. Some people have an intense desire to murder other people, some people hear voices that aren't there. These are without a doubt mental illnesses. Is it really that hard to make the connection? Who are you really fooling? By denying that a problem exists are we making it better or in the end making it worse by allowing an illness to go un-checked? I would say that by denying that homosexuality is an illness millions of people are living with a disease that is both destructive to the individual, their family, and our society. The proof is in the pudding, take a look around and make an honest assesment of society today. The moral decay is only getting worse! Go ahead and deny it, I know you will. It doesn't change the facts. The fact is, homosexuality is cureable. The fact is, homosexuality is not natural.

    Gerhard Adam
    Actually what's not natural, are those people with the unrelenting desire to keep telling others what isn't natural.  Get over yourself.  Your opinion just isn't worth what you think it is.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Thank you Gerhard, for your words. People sometime talk and do not think before they open their mouth. Thats why the world is the way it is. Full of ignorant people.

    Actually it is natural to tell people what is and isn't natural. Now your taking the side of the little girl who didn't want to hurt anyones feelings. Make up your mind bro! We shouldn't treat homosexuality as a mental illness because it might make someone feel bad? We should let to gay men screw up an inocent child so that they can feel good? And for another thing, its not an opinion, it is fact bro! Men and women were in fact made for one another! If it were natural for men to be with men or women to be with women than this mother nature that you are so fond of refering to would have made provision for this and all of these gay men who want babies would in fact be able to have babies!

    Gerhard Adam
    What screws up kids isn't whether their parents are gay.  It's the morons that use drugs, are alcoholics, and instill violence as a staple of existence.  I don't give a damn as to whether you think being gay is natural or not.  But I would much rather see gay people as parents, than the average nitwit that is one.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Studies have shown that homophobia, & the anger that is associated with it is most often perpetuated by men who themselves harbor latent homosexual urges. The sexual attraction they feel frightens them because they don't/can't/won't understand that homosexuality is in fact a natural thing. People are born liking what they like. It's not a mental disorder. To call it such is such base ignorance it makes me cry for the pathetic fool who states it so. . Spewing such hatred on an Internet forum is both cowardly, and quite telling of this posters secret desires that they feel they can't tell anyone about...

    Gay could very well be a "I was born that way" thing or a part of nature. There are "gay" animals other than mankind in the natural world. Sodomy laws have been taken of the books so it is no longer illegal to be a sodomite.

    I can not believe the words coming of your mouth. I am a gay male, and I can tell you the something I told my mother. "I was born this way, there is nothing wrong with me" it sounds to me that is you are a man you need to man-up and become in peace with your-self. But if you hare questioning your sexuality, hmmm well that could be your problem.

    Only an idiot will speak this way, do you listen to TV , Read. ? You have a lot learning to do.
    My question to you now is, Why were you looking for this information if you don't believe on it!

    First of all dude, these words did not come out of my mouth. I have a keyboard and I typed them. Second of all I do live in the United States and I am entitled to my opinion as are you. Third, saying that you are normal does not make it so! Is a mentally retarded person normal? I guess if I look at it from a relative pointe of view I could say yes. He is normal for a retarded person. If I look at it in comparison to what I know a human being should be like then I have to say no. I have to admit that something went terribly wrong! If you believe in evolution then you have to admit that what you have is a disease simply because there would be no benifit to you being born gay due to genetics. You can't reproduce if your not attracted to the females! If you believe in God then you have to come to the same conclusion because then you would be saying that God messed up if you were to try and say that nothing is wrong with you. If you believe in God then you would also believe that God is perfect and does not make mistakes and therefore you would have to conclude that because you were born a man that is what God intended you to be. If God intended for you to be a man then you wanting to sleep with men or be a woman would be contrary to Gods design and therefore you would have to admit that you have an illness. Going back to evolution since it is more likely that is what you believe in based on deduction. What benifit would there be to homosexual males. Their genetic code would not be passed on. This would effectively reduce the gene pool over time leading to an inferior species. If you believe in evolution then you would once again have to admit that homosexuality is an illness and needs to be cured in order to ensure our species continues to get better and better.

    Sorry if this posts multiple times.

    Your argument has a big flaw. "God is perfect and does not make mistakes." Explain cancer, explain the west nile virus, explain polio, explain any one of the countless diseases that have killed humans throughout the ages. If God also made them (he did after all create everything) then there are three theories that come to mind as to why: 1 He wanted to kill a bunch of us, or 2 He wanted us to find a way to make ourselves and our world better. 3 He made a mistake. But wait! God created that illness we have no right to destroy it. Oh wait, it was a test, what? We passed? We get to go on? Yay! If, however, the illnesses were a mistake then He is flawed and the entire basis of Christianity fails. By the way, are you also saying that the women who have problems becoming pregnant shouldn't seek to overcome the problem because God made them that way? Should we just give up all research? (Wait until you get cancer, maybe kidney failure, or need bypass surgery, see how long that POV lasts.) Do you want humanity to revert to the middle ages? You sited the decay of society as an issue because of homosexuality, but look at the inquisition, the crusades, and countless other wars. Two women or two men who love each other didn't cause any of those problems and they happened well before being transgender or a homosexual was socially accepted. But I digress. Back to my main point. We are evolving, both through natural genetics and science. We have the ability to better the world around us, and hopefully, ourselves. I see no problem with finding a safe way for men to have children. It's evolution through science. Homosexuality is much the same as the diseases I listed at the beginning of this post. Either He created these people to the way he wanted, including who they love, and their need to be they gender they feel, or He made a mistake with them by telling their brains to seek out their own gender or seek to be another gender. If it is the first option then who is to say that God doesn't want us to seek to better and improve ourselves by becoming who He told us to be inside our own minds. If it's the second, there goes Christianity again, Shame on you for tearing down an entire religion.

    100% epic win. Mary FTW!!!

    That answer is simple: sin. When eve chose to go against gods one rule and shared it with Adam all areas of sin and suffering was released to the world. That's why All things that are wrong, morbid, abnormal, etc. are amongst us today. The best thing about god is that he can take an evil wrong doing, a hardship, etc. use it to his advantage and turn it into something positive.
    For e.g. When I was 9 my parents divorced. after that I was a rebellious disrespectful kid, my behavior started to get way out of control I was even diagnosed with post pardon depression and an anxiety disorder (which is accurate). I attempted suicide multiple times, self harmed, I was placed in a children's crisis unit twice; the second time I was because I threatened and attempted to kill my step father after he had touched me, denied it and called me a liar. I was removed from my family for about a year and a half by dyfs. Living from place to place with other violent troubled kids I have learned sooo many things, I also discovered more of myself as I had so much time to reflect on my inner self. Now I am able to share my knowledge and relate to others that are in need of help, since I major in psychology, I am able to use my personal experiences to better understand and help my clients. If I had not done or went through what I have had i wouldn't be where I am today.
    Now I know why all those attempts never did the job.

    So sometimes god puts obstacles in our paths to make us stronger or help others. Because no matter how big or small it is god has a plan for all who allows it. not many people know this, even fewer realise gods simple but very effective ways.
    (you allow it once you've recieved him as your savior BTW)

    The flaw with your argument of blaming Eve for breaking the only rule in the garden of Eden is that God is omniscient and therefore knew that Eve would eat the apple.
    So you're either saying that God does not know and see all; which would be a sin. OR you're saying that God is blaming humanity for his wn creation of sin because it was all part of his plan.
    We can carry on argueing in circles, but regardless, the coming of Jesus Christ is the new law and word of God, and Jesus never said homosexuality was a sin, it was one of the apostles, therefore you're putting words in Gods mouth which i'm pretty sure is a sin. But please, carry on making yourself look like a closed minded fool who has hate in his heart, which was never one of the teachings of Jesus.

    Whoa whoa, back up. Your parents divorced and you developed "post pardon depression." And you're claiming to be a psychology major? Heads up, you're going to fail. I'm assuming you mean "post partum depression" and that is something you get after having a baby. Please don't claim to be educated in a way you are not and don't lie about having a mental illness. It's not cool. And neither is blatant gay bashing.

    You're majoring in psychology yet refer to postpartum as post pardon. In a nine year old no less, who is incapable of reproduction, except in rare cases. All I can do is hope that you don't ever become an actual psychologist because you will seriously mess up all of your patients. Be a priest if your goal is to convert people. Being a therapist is about helping a person be happy in their own skin while exercising healthy activities in their lives, religious or not.

    Its post trumatic stress you idiot not post partum. They got you there. Now on to business. I think this whole argument is ridiculous. This article is not about homosexuals wanting to have babies. This is about MEN IN GENERAL HAVING BABIES. And secondly i think publicly coming out and spewing hateful words about anyone no matter the color gender religion or sexuality is immature, rude, ignorant, and frankly egotistical. Do you really think. That young man was posting that because he... pardon my french.... gives a shit about youre opinion? No honey he doesnt. And lastly i didnt come on this website to listen to people argue back and forth about God evolution and whether its right or wrong... i came to see if maybe someday i might be able to have my husband knocked up instead of me lol... love being a mommy. But being pregnant. Was horrible to me.

    Mary, let me ask you a few questions. Where were you when the foundation of the world was laid?Can you speak one WORD and make a whole world come into existence? Is the power of life and death in your hands? Can you raise the dead? Could you die for a sinful world that hated and constantly to this day, tries to disprove your existence, and still rise up alive in three days? Can you heal people WITHOUT the use of modern technology and without rehabilitation? I'm not speaking out of anger, but how in the world could you possibly think that you have the authority to question God's judgment? The problem with homosexuals who blog on these sites is that is that you're the ones with the most to prove. Because you have to prove to yourselves that your lifestyle is wholesome and natural. The reason why you deny the Lord and His WORD is because you need to. God's WORD will stand long after your lies are dust. Diseases exist because GOD allowed them to exist, just like He allowed athiests and worshipers of Satan to exist and just like He allowed you and other homosexuals to exist and to still be able to eat the food He created and to sleep in beds made from the wood of trees that He created. However. like I said, just because He allowed these things and sinful people to exist, that doesn't mean He must approve of your lifestyle. As for the crusades and wars, He told us in His word, that these things would come to pass, because this world as we know it, is drawing to a close. He did not create this world to last forever, anyway. This world we've been living in is just the first stage of ETERNITY and where you will spend eternity depends on whether or not you spent your life serving the Lord, or wallowing in your sins. Homosexuality is but one sin in this world, one example of the perversion of wickedness. Why would you want to go to the same place as Hitler and rapists and serial killers and child pornographers?

    Gerhard Adam
    Why would you want to go to the same place as Hitler and rapists and serial killers and child pornographers?
    To get away from the self-righteous pompous jerks that think they can judge others.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Well then, I'm sure that you won't be happy, because you're just as self-righteous yourself! All you want to do is throw rocks at others who don't share your views. Well, just as I said to another blogger a little while ago, the world is CHOCK-FULL of people besides Christians who don't share your views. I would feel sorry for anyone, homosexual or otherwise, who will even attempt trying to fight against them all! But I guess, WHATEVER ROCKS YOUR WORLD, GIRLFRIEND!

    Gerhard Adam
    Be as critical as you like, but anyone that can equate homosexuality with Hitler and child rapists is truly viewing life in a perverse way.
    All you want to do is throw rocks at others who don't share your views.
    If it were simply a matter of disagreeing on a point, then there could be a discussion even if it got heated.  However, when you propose that the opposing viewpoint is evil ... then you're way out of line and don't think for a minute you can drag my attitude or viewpoint into that cesspool you call a brain.
    Mundus vult decipi
    It's okay, Gerhard. I'm pretty sure that that whole "Judge not lest ye be judged" bit that so many Christians forget about while they're pointing fingers at all the "sinning" homosexuals is a pretty big deal whenever it comes to being good to your fellow man and all of that Commandment nonsense...So they'll be right there by that supposed lake of fire, and since they believe that their sins will be cast upon them in the afterlife, they'll probably have demons tearing them down for the awful things they can point out about them.

    I'm still wrapping my head around how it's wrong to love somebody wholly, regardless of gender. It's not about slaking lust, or else we gays would get nothing done but a whole lot of boning! Our orifices would be raw and chafing if it was just some unnatural lust, but we all go on and do jobs and tend to eachother when we're sick, share our properties and experiences...*gasp* just like any other couple.

    Just WOW. Wow and wow. I really don't think you're as close to God as you think. I don't know if you pay attention in Church..or if you even go to Church, but sad, really sad. I wont argue with you, because well, you seem pretty convinced that you are right. Just so you know, I'm straight, and I am Catholic, and I don't agree with everything said in the Bible, because well, the Bible was written by man and well, man is not perfect, They are biased, they are selfish..and obviously, ignorant, like you. We;re supposed to love our fellow brothers and sisters, zero judgement, zero hate...and well, you seem to be hating a WHOLE lot. And your words are full oh judgement. I'm really sorry you can't accept people how they are..really it's none of your business to judge people over sexual preference. But that's all on you. I will pray to Jesus for you, I really will. i hope he softens your heart as well.

    I agree that being gay is a totally natural sexuality. I'm gonna ask that the guy saying its retarded to stfu and let be himself.

    U should be ashamed yourself you are going to damnation in hell for begin gay and not believing in god you will rot in hell and then you will beg for forgiveness for your ignorance and stupidity . But know one thing god loves all of y'all no matter what . Yes he is disappointed in you people , y'all all chose to turn your back on him .he did not forsake y'all you forsake him. Please do a favor and read the bible . God is lOve you just have to choose to except his love . But begin gay is unnatural that's why you cannot reproduce you were not made to be gay . An if you were you would be able to reproduce. But god is perfect . An you should be ashamed to say otherwise . But begin gay was not intended.

    Gerhard Adam
    Oh .. and just when I promised myself I would try to be nicer ... oh well.

    You're an idiot.  Worse than that you're a hateful, spiteful idiot.

    It is truly laughable when you say that "god loves all of y'all", so I guess that means don't take it personally if you rot in hell?  You're a pathetic excuse for a human being and as a Christian you should be ashamed of yourself.  You bring shame and disgrace to all the good people that are Christians.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Read the bible you will rot in hell . I'm not begin spiteful or hateful . It's true god lOves you because he created you . But if you forsake him you will die and go to hell and you will see . I didn't claim be a Christian there's a difference in believing in god and begin a Christian . But he does love . And I don't want turn anyone away from that fact but it is in words in bible you should read it . And you know it's stupid and close minded but if begin gay was right you should be able reproduce and you can't it's not ment to be that way if we could not reproduce we'd all die off

    Gerhard Adam
    Then you're an even bigger idiot.  Fair warning.  Any more of your bullshit and I'm simply going to delete it.  I don't have the time or patience for dealing with bigoted idiots like you.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Gerhard Adam:

    I don't think you should waste your energy with someone like this person. First of all he is anonymous in here. meaning he doesn't really have anything to contribute or really know what his saying.

    This idiot needs to read the bible a little more close and open his mind while he is reading it.
    Also he should take a real good course in since to learn about evolution. Yes we mens can't have a baby now but I am sure we are evolving as human beings.

    stfu its you radical christians who thought aids was gods cure for gays, until your theory backfired and you all got aids, if you want to spread bullshit fine but without scientific proof that gay is a mental illness ,it will remain bullshit, and by the way arent you late for some queer chasing party down in texas you retarded redneck racist.
    no offense to gays.

    First of all, If you though about it and write them down, hmm you actually are talking. :O)

    Second of all, I can see you hate it is steaming out of your pores, while using the word “retarded”, please learn how to express your-self so others can take you seriously.
    A mentally ill person or disadvantage person is a human being just like you and me, and yes, they are the same as we are because even though I don’t go to church every day, I am sure god place that special someone on this world for a purpose.

    Please don’t speak to me about what God wants, and what he created, if you want to read your Sunday bible, which is translated by a man who actually didn’t do a petty good job doing his job. Read history a little Sir or Madam., The bible meaning was lost once a man touch it, because the language of God was so hard to translate, that who ever translated it, choose the words to his benefits and advantages.

    And never the last, we all have a purpose here. And on top of gay people like me coming up with all the beautiful things I am sure you indulge your-self everyday is one of them. Never the less, if you believe in God, there is a phrase that no one should throw stones, and you should not hate. I do ask myself now what church is the one you are attending hahaha.

    I am sure, evolution has its part on all of this fight, and one day it will be answered.
    But I am sure God place us here, with the purpose to find out if people like you can tolerate a change. Hmmm, I wonder who will be going to the south now.

    As a psychology student I would just like to inform you that homosexuality is not a mental illness 1 because there is nothing socially abnormal about it 2 because it doesn't affect a persons ability to cope with everyday life and 3 because a mental illness can be treated through drugs and therapy however you display some characteristics that make me question your mental health such as you can except other ppl sexuality and you dismiss other ppl opinions also you state things as facts that clearly are not facts you have a few symptoms of some mental illnesses funny that huh

    As a student, you are only learning what you are taught today.  Relying on other psychologists is spotty because there is no science in the field.  Until DSM III homosexuality was a mental illness and then they placed it as a Sexual Orientation Disturbance. Your claiming, as a student, to be able to remotely diagnose someone on the Internet, is equally silly. 
    This is more or less a beliefs argument and it doesn't not matter if your a phsycology student or not . To say what you just said . Begin gay is twisted another thing is. Your argument holds no argument no text book could ever match up to what the brain works thinks and knows no one can get in someone's head and really know what's going on . The brain is a mystery. And if your a phscolgy student well you should know that . I'm not trying to pick a fight but know one knows if it is a illness or not because even the smartess person in the world dos not know anything that comes close to the way the brain works . I don't know if it's illness or not but it is twisted and not natural so mmm ha since. In your lil comment it was sarcastic and in a tone that you know everything and you obviosly don't hence the word student and also know one knows how brain truly works . Your argument holds no water but when it comes to god he is straight foward about eveything including sexuality and how it should be . We all have flaws and we do not know everything god. Might not want us to know everything. But one things for sure reproduction can only be between a man and a woman not man and man or woman and woman. Therefore it is only natural right for marriage or anything sexually be between a man and woman . And ones who don't believe that are confused But god still loves you and always will

    being gay is not a disease it is a feeling you feel not something you catch from someone so what you are saying is not correct. yes if you believe in god you would be saying that god is wrong but there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY!

    The clergy doesn't marry or reproduce, neither do sterile people. Does that make them an affront to God,nature and evolution?

    The clergy doesn't marry or reproduce, neither do sterile people. Does that make them an affront to God,nature and evolution?

    Just one simple question for you, sir. (: Have you ever taken a Sociology class? Just wondering. Because you sound like expert. I usually respect people's opinions, because, well, we're all entitled to them, but oh my goodness, you sound like a complete idiot. I really hope your parents didn't teach to think this way, I'd be a real shame. Maybe you SHOULD take a sociology class and I don't know...educate yourself, because you seem to be talking out of your ass.. Everything you've said, and to be honest, I didn't even bother reading all of what you said, just the first two sentences before laughing to myself and praying to Jesus above that he help you out, dude. But yes, best of luck to yah! (: Take it easy..Don't spread hate, I don't know if your mommy thought you this, obviously she didn't but here, I'll tell you it, I learned it in pre-school.."If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." <3

    Some say that being gay is nature's solution to overpopulation. I believe that we need more people to be gay and lesbian so that we will be able to lower the number of people in the world. Our global resources would be a lot less stressed if we had more homosexuals adopting children that were already born rather than straight couples that make more kids they can't even feed.

    what the hell does god have to do with this article? if you do not beleive in what the article is saying then why seek it out in the first place if your only going to disregard it? i cant belive what im reading...you think a person being gay is a mental illness. what loopy world are you living on. you cannot say that a person has to be a certain way, and anyone who is not is abnormal? people are allowed to be themselves, their allowed to explore themselves and like what they whant to like and fall in love and have relations with whoever they those, its not a matter of someone saying that its abnormal and not what "god" whanted them to be. gay couples should be allowed to raise a child; there is nothing wrong with this. i say, a child being raised by an alcoholic or abusive parents, by far is worse than that of being raised my same sex parents.

    You know what? Im german and have 4 older brothers that like men but some are bisexual and my brothers and i have wanted to well tell you off! Gays and bis are perfectly normal being gay is not a choice at all. You are the one whos ill my friend! Im 16 years old and i was raped i got pregnant and i accidently slipped off the roof and fell on my stomac causing my poor child to die within me! Yes i got pregnant i was so happy even thogh it was from being taken by someone unwanted my brother ludwig promised to help me with it when i had things to do because him and his boyfriend desired a child. And you sir i think your a sir. Well you just need help because your telling these poor people how to live and that is sick to me. My dead brothers grave got broken because someone like you disaproved of a gay being burried next to their wife!! My dieing uncle jerrys boyfriend bobs heart was breaking because he knew his lifelong lover wasnt going to make it and his frickin sister in law walks in and tells bob to leave just because he was holding jerrys hand!! In german eyes gays are getting more accepted but still theres people like you from keeping us from having our dreams. And now i date the man who raped me i love him dearly and hopefully i will become impregnated again with his child again.

    Regardless of what you believe in... Religion greets intercourse between married couples(men and women) and the "creation of more life". Most atheists, since they don't believe in a higher diety, are convinced that life's meaning is to reproduce and ensure the survival of your genes. And then you could be agnostic, in other words, not sure which one holds the truth while not denying any of the two. So, whatever your religious beliefs are(and I'm not talking about something that came out in the last century just so you could "be yourself"), whether you're a believer or not, being gay makes you nothing but a hypocrite, since you fail to respect and live by your own beliefs. Society would be a much better place if gay people just admitted they have an illness and should be treated in order to fulfill their life's goal(have kids) and be useful to humanity. If not, stop with the silly gay agenda, promoting gayness and how normal it is(the fact that something happens in nature doesn't make it normal - some cats screw their own mothers and some insects rip each others' heads of), and get out of the media spotlight. The natural response to homosexuality is disgust - only once when it starts being everywhere and you realize there's nothing you can do about it, it starts being "normal". And no, homophobic people don't have "hidden gay feelings". If that were true, everyone would be secretly gay and no one would ever have kids. It's as if you kept a car as a pet, and everyone around you started keeping snakes in their houses, and even though it would seem disgusting at first, they would push it so that you would start believing it's normal. They would tell you that even though you're a cat man, your fear of snakes(thus the word phobia) actually makes it more likely that deep down, you wish you had a snake. And once a certain period of time has passed, and everyone believes that snakes are normal, you would be called an ignorant hater for choosing cats over snakes.

    Gerhard Adam
    You could've saved yourself the trouble of this post.  The fact that you're an idiot was apparent within the first sentence.  My greatest concern is that stupid people like you do reproduce.

    BTW... loved the little biological interlude.  It definitely demonstrated that you know even less about biology.
    ...the fact that something happens in nature doesn't make it normal...
    Yeah ... look at you.  I suppose that if someone met you they might mistakenly assume that you had a brain [at least until you started talking].

    Oh ... do you think I'm being mean to you?  Well, let's just say that I can't tolerate such bigotry and hatred, so be advised.  If I hear any more of your garbage I will simply delete it.  I have no patience for this level of idiocy.
    Mundus vult decipi
    if you know your science, then you know you just said a lot of bull. you must be religious. if their is not enough male hormones in a baby as he developes in the womb, he becomes more fem. if the male hormones are too low, the imbalance can cause the brain to shift more towards fem. catch up on your medical before you talk out of your nose. the brains gender is different fomr the body. the brain can shift away from the body based on the strenght of the hormones. so do you call people born with both male and female parts physically sick? a gay person is one with an imabalance in hormones. a transgender is the same. gender idintity is not based on you body moron, but based on your hormones. go to med school instead of belching facts from the bible and calling it science.

    dude just shut the hell up . who are you to judge other people ? i don't agree with people being homosexual but thats their choice . GOD DON'T MAKE MISTAKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm a 19 year old man , i love women and i also love wearing womens clothing , does that mean i have some mental illness ? NO everybody is different so again who are you to judge other people . the BIBLE says that to the extent that you judge people , the same extent will be judged back to you , the BIBLE also says to love everybody . you have no right to condemm another person because of how they dress or who they find attractive . i'm not saying that you have to agree with it , just don't go around judging people . JESUS CHRIST AND OUR HEAVENLY FATHER ARE THE ONLY JUDGES !!!!!! if two men or women are happy with eachother then thats their choice . todays society is soo messed up , thats why we're in the situation we are in right now . people have turned away from GOD . the BIBLE says that GOD doesn't like homosexuality but the LORD has never made a mistake , if a gay or lesbian couple turns to GOD and repents for their sins , and lives the life that was intended for them then they will be saved , will they go to heaven ? that is a question that only the CREATOR can answer . so i say to you " choose this day whom you will serve , as for me and my house , we will serve the LORD " -quote from the bible .

    dude you have some fucking problems you're a man , so be a man. when other animals are born female or male, they don't switch , because they feel like it, and then tell that they were born like that :) I think you're mentally ill, please check with your doctor :)

    Actually there are gay animals, humans are the only species that judge others of their species on homosexuality. Also some species of fish such as the reef fish will change their gender at some point in their life. So how is homosexuality not natural when it is not just something that occurs in humans?

    There is nothing wrong with homosexualtiy. Homosexuality is present in animals as well as humans. Humans are the only species that think that homosexuality is wrong. In fact as well as their being homosexual animals there are animals that can change their sex. One example is the reef fish, most of them change their sex during their life span and they are not the only fish species that does this. So homosexuality is not just something that is present in humans. How can it be wrong!? I't can't!

    FYI, when God does something, He never does anything halfway. When He gave the creatures like reef fish the ability to change their sex, they do so NATUARLLY, not with the aid of modern technology by man, but by HIS POWER ALONE and their ability to change sex had an actual PURPOSE for their survival. Can YOU say the same? Can you say that sleeping with YOUR significant other will produce children to continue your homosexual ' species ' since you believe that homosexuality is normal and natural ? You know, the funny thing about homosexual individuals who blog on these sites, is that you can try to beat up other people who don't agree with YOUR views, but when someone does the same to you, all of a sudden it's not fair, all of a sudden, they are the closed-minded haters and you are the innocent victims. What you are really saying is that noone has the right to voice their opinion besides those who share your views. Well, I hate to break it to you, but the world is CHOCK-FULL of people who are not Christians that still don't share your views and you will be forever trying to bark at them all!

    FYI I can say that sleeping with my significant other will produce children as I am a straight female! So there, you can't instantly jump to the conclusion that everybody commenting is a homosexual male.
    What about my point that homosexuality is present in animals as well? You did not address that point only the point about the fish, and yeah ok I give you that one. They were designed that way. You say that God does not do anything half way? Awesome he made people be gay just like he made people be straight!
    Many people are not accepting to the point that there are gay bashing's and gay people can be driven to the point of suicide in extreme cases because people do not accept them. So yes they can be victims, if you don't accept homosexuality that's fine just STFU about it and let people live their lives the way that they want to. Let people be happy, homosexuality is not contagious, it is not hereditary and the human race is not about to die out anytime soon.
    Also I do accept other's views. One of my close friends has friends/acquaintances that are gay and she is ok with that however she does not think that they should be allowed to be married in her church. I don't understand it but I accept that that is her view. See she is doing it right that is her opinion and she does not try and force/preach her opinion to other people.

    Mam god did not make us gay . He gave us a free will to chose what we want right or wrOng well begin gay is wrong bc it's not ment but he did not make them gay .

    Being Gay is NOT WRONG! You don'y choose to b gay or straight, you just are.

    Its actually been proven in mice that in a case of overpopulation they will react by limiting their own reproduction, some of the animals become homosexual, some preen until they die, and others develop illness etc.
    In the case of the human population obviously becoming out of control there is absolutly no difference between the NATURAL occurance in mice and other animals, as well as humans.

    Awesome point Chayse! It is NATURAL!

    Tell that to the male penguins who take the place of the nominally suggested female role to care for the egg (which would be like a mammal male being pregnant and awaiting the culmination of gestation). Or the several female cows I've seen in the past week who were mounting other female cows.

    I think you have no right to judge what is and isn't mentally ill without a degree saying you can, and even then, you need a field of doctors and psychologists and scientists to test, back up, and put your theory into scientific law. You know, like scientists did whenever they declassified homosexuality as a mental illness.

    Your spot on anonymous!!!! Couldn't have said it better myself, I have a few gay friends and I'm a Christian do I agree with there choice no but it's not my life it's their decision no one can judge another when we all sin, so exactly only the creator above has that right. And as a christian I love my gay friends like the bible says as you did "love they neighbor even your enemies"

    So yeah rite on anonymous of 3/05/12 at 12:45pm

    Love the sinner, but HATE THE SIN!

    "God don't make mistakes"

    of course... so why are some born with hormone imbalance while others are not? what, does he want to make the 'trial' of life harder for some and easier for others? Why are some people born natural geniuses while others just plain stupid? Why are some born into rich families and some in a random village somewhere in Africa where they will die off in a years time due to malnutrition?

    are these questions only your imaginary friend can answer as well?

    please... for the sake of humanity and its scientific and technological progress into the future, pull your ignorant head out and put life into context...

    One second you're admiring a frozen waterfall, the next you're bitten by a poisonous spider and have your leg amputated as a result... Yeah. what a nice fellah your friend is...

    Finally something logical!! I agree with the comment right above. It's science. Nothing religious. This is the second article I've read that has drawn on this "debate" about homosexuality and how it is wrong and "sinful." I cannot believe the ignorance! A great deal of these arguments don't even make sense. And for people to call homosexuality a disease? LOL I think the problem here is the associations people make with homosexuality. A lot of people instantly, if not always, think of homosexual "sex." Yup, I mean actual sex. Yes, it is a base way to judge homosexuality but it has to be part of the problem as to why people are so quick to express their harsh and hostile points of views. I've read comments about how homosexuality is disgusting. And why is it disgusting people? Answer this question. It's the sex man lol. My point is that we have to change the way homosexuality is perceived.

    if u say being gay is a mental illness... lol... you ever heared of karma?? before u critize any gay ppl... rmb this what goes around comes around... hopefully 1 day u won't have a son who is a gay den u will knw how it feels like... ur a selfish person... gay is not a mental illiness it just what they are!!

    on above comment that gay is illness...
    I wouldn't agree love is one, beautiful, no meeter which sex you decide to share it with...
    I always thought that my life would be easier if I were lesbian since woman understand encoder better but I prefer man and feel physically attracted to males, I sometimes like some woman but that happens one time in 5 years and it is not really sexual more feeling that is more protective like you would take care about her.
    (I mean man from movies, music, sports since I married)
    And about what is natural I have heard some animals are gay to

    I never thought any man would like to become pregnant I am a woman and terrified of painful labor, but for me that are good news that there are man willing:-) pity I don't live in future...

    I am a 24 year old male that has been gay my entire life and you, sir, have the most ignorant assumptions on homosexuality that I've ever heard come out of the mouth of a straight person. First of all, like me, NOT ALL gay men desire to give birth or become a woman. I was born a man, I know I'm a man and not once have I ever wanted to be female or thought I was a woman. Secondly, According to the DSM IV, the only book used by the American Psychology Association to classify and define mental disorders DOES NOT in fact list homosexuality as a disorder at all. So you should really get your facts straight before you start running your mouth and stuff you clearly know nothing about. You honestly make me sick. I look at YOU as the abomination and the cause for moral decay upon our society. Your ignorant ideals that are entirely NOT based in any form of acceptable logic, are what causes most of america to continue to oppress those that they deem "different" from the current zeitgeist. I think of you and I read your words and I honestly want to throw up in your face. Maybe one day things will change and everyone in the Land of the "free" will be treated like they belong here but certainly not while people like you exist and hold political offices.

    By the way, homosexuality is "in fact" NOT a mental illness. It was formerly classified as such, but that classification was removed 40+ years ago when proper research was actually conducted. Since then, the American Psychological Association has actually done a great deal of research in this area and has consistently concluded that being gay or bisexual is in no regard a mental disorder or illness.
    However, one could argue that being so terrified of what one does not understand that one lashes out and thus hurts other people (who have done absolutely nothing to that individual) is a mental illness. We could call this mental disorder bigotry and you should probably make an appointment with a therapist because you are undoubtedly afflicted! You are also afflicted with stupidity and hatred. Hatred a therapist can help you with, however, your type of stupidity is almost incurable.
    IGNORANT and hate-filled individuals like you are what is wrong with our society, not homosexuality.

    Being gay is NOT a mental illness. If you disagree, look in the DSM IV (aka the Diagnostics Statistically Manual) and tell me if you find anything that meets your criteria. If you choose to be a bigot, I canning stop you. You are entitled to your opinions. However, do not try to pass your opinions off as fact if you do not have an evidence to back you up.


    Actually sweetie, the fact that you have the audacity to attempt to prove that homosexuality it "unnatural" is freaking unnatural. You can't help who you fall in love with - and homosexuality is NOT an illness. It's genetic - it's passed on through genes. Perhaps if you took a moment to muse about how unfair you're being towards people as a whole. In fact, tehre's absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality - and never once did he say the word "gay" ... He said "boyfriend" there's a big difference, lovie. I know someone who believe she's been born into the wrong body. Despite the fact that she's female, she dresses as a male and goes by the name of "Aiden." And there is no way, AT ALL, that she is "mentally ill" in any way, shape or form. So - oh, wait a minute! If homosexuals are "unnatural" as you so arrogantly claim, how is a freaking talking serpent NATURAL? You know, when Satan persuaded (was it Adam or Eve? I don't quite remember) to eat the fruit off of the tree in the Garden of Eden? I get it! A speaking snake is SO natural, but a human male - who has just the same rights as you do - who just happens to sleep with another man (They do it anally, by the way, by sticking one's penis into another's ass. They, in no way, stick a penis in another's penis. I believe if they achieved that successfully; something would be horribly, horribly wrong.) is "unnatural"? And they automatically have a "mental illness" just because they fell in love? Just because they get hot when they see other men? Do you have the same claims for lesbian woman? Or bisexual people? What about Hermaphrodites? They're born with BOTH male and female genitally? Are THEY mutant freaks? Why don't you do a wee bit of research before you go rambling on and on about how homosexuality is wrong; when thousands of people are just WAITING to prove you wrong. (:

    Homosexuality occurs in nature (hundreds of animal species) therefore making it natural.

    Who ever you are I'm straight and some of my best friends are gay and bisexual. So just shut up. You have your own opinion, think what you like. But let other people think what they like. No one on earth is perfect.

    Actually, homosexuality is something that has evolved in humans to help "thin the masses."
    If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

    Actually, he says, "guy" and, "pray" in the same sentence. Is it okay to say those two words in a sentence?

    "You are who God made you." - Now there's a logical fallacy, an argument from "authority". Assuming for a minute, for sake of your argument, that there is a god around to substantiate your argument, then the guy IS who god made him because a guy who wants to bear a child is who he is. So you should get over it.

    AMEN! :) thank goodness someone out here has some common sense. I love this comment so much , i even posted it on my facebook page. May God Bless you , whoever put that on here. I already love you .

    Wow, you certainly are an idiot. First off, of course penises do not fit into other penises. You can barely get a wire through your urethra, so how would something as large as a penis fit? And as a woman I can't be too sure, but I don't think get sex consists of men trying to put their penises into other penises. And if they are, they're certainly doing it wrong!

    Also: EVERYONE has the right to pray you judgmental, hypocritical, bigoted butthole. Every person on this earth can love and pray to Jesus Christ and God. Sorry to burst your bubble, but YOU do not get to decide who worships and loves Him.

    How shameful you are.

    You realize that the idea of what it is to "pray" is not a wholly Christian ideal, and even if it is, just because you don't believe that being gay is a "natural" or "pure" occurrence does not mean that it's unanimously "true". If this man is Christian, and he is gay, then God - being infallible - has made him the way he is.

    As for the OP, as a gay woman, I wish the same. I want a child that is wholly "ours" if I would become pregnant. In the infancy of our relationship, those awful people who plant ideas that "it's just a phase", "you'll get over it", "this isn't what God intended for you (as though they can read God's mind and know what God has ordained for our lives!)", made us doubt exactly what we were doing, and during that break, my own partner ended up pregnant. Considering his reaction (an onslaught of swears and basically disappearing off the radar) as opposed to mine, which was that we could do this, and that I'd be there for her no matter what (which came before his reaction, as I was the person who watched the little line show up with her), it cemented that our relationship was far and beyond anything that any GOOD person could ever call "sinful" or "wrong", and we've stuck it out the eight years hence. But...back to the story: Couldn't have possibly been a better match when it came to genetics. The man had similar features to what I possess, and while our daughter does have most of the very strong Native American genes from her mother, there are days when I'm told that she looks like me.

    And while I love our daughter, with so much of my heart that it hurts sometimes, I've always imagined a day whenever our own genetic patterns could cross to create a child of our own. It's so ugly, in my opinion, to see people who look down on the gay community for wanting something any straight couple could have and watching the scientific community at the same time for that little ray of hope that perhaps someday, a gay couple would have that chance! Life is a beautiful thing, and so is love and I support both!

    Congratulations, you've managed to sound ignorant. (: I don't know what is wrong with people today. I know that not even you knows exactly what God would say/do/think. Just because the bible says? Right. I consider myself religious, Catholic, and I think a lot of what is said in the Bible is bull. Man made that Bible. Curious, I don't know if you've heard of that game "Pass it down the vine" ? Test it out. Gather a group of people, stand them in a line, and give the person in the beginning of the line a message and tell them to pass the message down that line and see if it's the same when it reaches the end. [; I don't think the Bible was exactly how God wanted it to be. I think it's really sad that you have that opinion of people. I respect everyone's opinion, everyone has a right to it, but come now..Gay's have the right to believe in Jesus. I pray to God that he is able to enlighten you, and soften your heart a bit more so that you can be compassionate and not judge people over their sexual preferences.

    No God, no evidence, no perfect plan just people with crazy imaginations (thats why there are so many different gods in the first place). 3 companies currently working on an artificial uterus so who would want to risk a pregnancy anyway when we can finally grow them safely out side the body.

    Seems like someone is a close minded gay basher

    Jeremiah 30:6-7
    6 Ask and see:
    Can a man bear children?
    Then why do I see every strong man
    with his hands on his stomach like a woman in labor,
    every face turned deathly pale?
    7 How awful that day will be!
    No other will be like it.

    THIS IS DISTURBING AND DISGUSTING I HATE LIVING IN THIS SICK WORLD YOU MEN ON HERE SAYING YOU TO GET PREGO JUST DISTURBS ME AND IM A WOMEN OMG! I hope when you try getting pre go and that day you deliver it fails because you made God extremely mad about being a male trying to have a baby! DISGUSTING!

    Gerhard Adam
    Actually you're the one that is disturbed and sick.
    I hope when you try getting pre go and that day you deliver it fails because you made God extremely mad about being a male trying to have a baby!
    So you would rather see the man and a baby die as an act of vengeance by god?  It's no wonder most Christians are so annoying.  You should be ashamed for even invoking religion with all the hatred you have in you.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Same here, I am also a 20 year old man and as long as I could remember I would stick stuff under my shirt and act as if I was pregnant and take care of my stuff animals exct like my own kids lol and it's like an emptyness that I have because deep down I want to give birth to my own child I think it's such a beautiful thing and something I want to expirence, it's something I think about constantly also because me and my boyfriend want to have kids of our own and agreed if I could have a chance to be pregnant and give birth we would. And I just pray that someone soon can find away to make my and any other guy out here dreams come to reality.

    i am a hapily gay man and i feel the same way my sister has a beautiful baby girl and it is sad i will never be able to have children i dont have the money for surrgocy or medical costs

    OMG WTF. You're a fucking weirdo.

    talk to me on my mail,and we discuss better

    me to

    First let me say that I think it is wonderful that you want to have a child. I could care less who you choose to be your partner. I have to ask you say you would risk anything to have your own child but have you considered what risks you bring to the child? Having gone through the horrific experience of losing a child I would ask that you give this some thought. A typical pregnancy has it's risks and it seem to me that this would be very high risk to you and the child. Remember becoming a parent means putting aside your wants and putting the child first. Good luck in your endeavors in parenting.

    cute! i hope your dream comes true! :)

    Seasection probally

    i have want to seens i was about 6 years old i just want to hold it and to feel it inside of me i would love the hole thing i am 19 please thing about it i don't care if i die trying

    I am a 41 male. I am not gay I have had a Bi exp. I know I am more than likley to old to ever exp this said topic. But I would love to have the chance. I have told my wife many times I would love to be able to get pregant. And be able to feel a life move inside me. As others have said If the chance came up. I would 100% love to have this tried on me.

    I know there are many that thinks this is totally stupid. And to some point I would have to agree. I would still do it why I duno just feels like something I honestly need to do. So if anyone out there needs a 41 year old man to experiment on I am more than happy to help.

    he can't or he will die unless they cut it out of him, normally they have to kill the baby

    I was a still born birth, formed on the outside of the afterbirth,my mother nearly bled to death had to receive transfussions I weighed 2 1/2 pounds and did not take a breath for several minutes after being placed on a table
    While care was taken to save my mother who had 2 small children at home. I remained in the hospital for several months before I went home, I was told I would not live past the age of 7. I am now 58, Is this the same type of birth
    you were reffering to. Always wondered

    Gerhard Adam
    I think the discussion is patently absurd and stretches the definitions of the words being used.

    A man CANNOT get pregnant, since by definition a man doesn't produce eggs so there is nothing to fertilize, nor any place for an embryo to implant and grow.

    Any other discussion invariably involves twisting terms around so that, in effect, we are asking whether we can produce a sufficiently female "environment" into the male anatomy to replicate the pregnancy and birth process.  At this point words like "man" and "woman" lose all meaning since they would've been manipulated into circumstances that could not occur without intervention.

    Mundus vult decipi
    Read the top of the blog --- lots of women who have never produced eggs can get pregnant with donor eggs. So producing eggs is not a prerequisite for getting pregnant (with intervention, yes, but why does this matter?) Putting a female kidney into a man doesn't turn that man into a woman, neither would any other female tissue.

    That is a stupid comparison. A human kidney is pretty much the same in any body. A man and a female have different sex cells, so this is not the same thing. No one said an egg would turn a male into a female, obviously that isn't true considering that installing an embryo in him won't change that he has a scrotum rather than a birth canal and he would not be able to GIVE birth but have a c-section. And what's-his-face is right. Men who "go through pregnancy" never actually GET pergnant or BECOME pregnant, they simply have a fetus in them that grows there. This does not fully describe pregnancy. It is an immature definition that can lead to misconceptions if not thoroughly examined and explained. Similarly, a woman who has an egg donated to her never actually conceives or BECOMES pregnant, but has a pregnancy (in her uterus, ussually) and gives birth. Because of the fact that women who are donated eggs to ussually experiece every other aspect of an actual pregnancy (contraction, uterus expanding, parasitic relationship between umbelical cord and fetus, etc.) it is simply called pregnancy because it is less complicated and less confusing. People use the same name distributing tactic in things such as "male abortion" and "male pregnancy". I have no problem with it being given this name for ease, but the scientific community should distinguish male "pregnancy" from an actual pregnancy so that people are not misinformed.

    Yes, and I'm Michael Jackson.

    hey michael :)

    Hey MJ..what's up man?

    egg implantation?? where would you implant it? When a woman gets an egg implanted in her it is implanted in her uterus, there is no place for the egg to develop in a man he doesn't have the parts for the egg to develop. If you take an egg from a carton and put it inside of a box and closed the lid, you can't expect the eggs to be fried because the box cannot produce the outcome nor was it made to. So now a man can have an egg put inside of him but he cannot get pregnant. Because the egg cannot attatch itself to the uterine wall to become a fetus. Why would anyone try to prove opposite anyways? The mother and the father both have important roles and both of them are needed for the creation of a child, just because a man doesn't have the parts to carry a child, in a sense he is "pregnant" because without him there would be no child. God created us separate but we both need each other. Besides, men couldn't handle that kind of pain.

    egg implantation?? where would you implant it? When a woman gets an egg implanted in her it is implanted in her uterus, there is no place for the egg to develop in a man he doesn't have the parts for the egg to develop. If you take an egg from a carton and put it inside of a box and closed the lid, you can't expect the eggs to be fried because the box cannot produce the outcome nor was it made to. So now a man can have an egg put inside of him but he cannot get pregnant. Because the egg cannot attatch itself to the uterine wall to become a fetus. Why would anyone try to prove opposite anyways? The mother and the father both have important roles and both of them are needed for the creation of a child, just because a man doesn't have the parts to carry a child, in a sense he is "pregnant" because without him there would be no child. God created us separate but we both need each other. Besides, men couldn't handle that kind of pain.


    Actually, the definition of "pregnancy" is carrying a developed fetus from start to finish, and does not anywhere include the production of eggs or anything like that... Just saying. This article doesn't manipulate the definitions for these words or sway them in any way -- it's actually manipulating YOUR definition of these words, which makes your opinion extremely biased. Sorry.

    I just read this article and decided to read the comment's and was reading the debate between you and the other commenter and I absolutely had to tell you that you're extremely smart and exactly right!

    Actually, both the man and woman in those situations GET and BECOME pregnant, it's just not by intercourse. I think you will have a hard time convincing any mother (or doctor for that matter) who was impregnated by donation and had to deliver by cesarean that she "never actually GET pregnant or BECOME pregnant", so good luck with that one. I don't see how it would be any different for a man.

    Gerhard Adam
    Did your mother have to have organs transplanted to provide a place for the fertilized egg to implant?  Did your mother have to undergo hormone injections because her body didn't produce them naturally? 

    When you say your mother was impregnated by donation, you're leaving out a fair amount of detail.  If it was "no different for a man", the first and most obvious question, is where would you implant the fertilized egg?  That question was already answered for your mother.  Far more complex are the range of questions that would affect what changes are necessary in the male's body to ensure that the developing embryo doesn't spontaneously abort. 

    In short, your mother's body was completely prepared for pregnancy and becoming pregnant.  There is simply no such thing for a man.  Everything must be changed, and it must be changed in such a way as to make it compatible with what the female body does naturally.  If you can't see that then you simply aren't paying attention.
    Mundus vult decipi
    I didn't say my mother, I said any mother. Read a little more carefully; it weakens your whole statement when I know you half ass read things. And in any case I've heard/ read of there was no uterus implanted into the man. The article said that, like a woman can, a man can carry a fetus to term in their abdomen. It is dangerous, yes, but possible without implanting a uterus. That is still being pregnant. That is what the article is about.

    And even if a uterus or hormones or whatever has to be supplemented for the man, that does not mean that they are not pregnant. It only means that they can't do it naturally, which was not in question at all. And if YOU can see that then YOU simply aren't paying attention.

    Gerhard Adam
    Fine.  Even at the end of the article when the question is raised again, the only answer is "probably", but if you want to interpret that as a definite, then have at it.

    The reality is that no man has ever gotten pregnant, nor will they ever get pregnant without serious medical intervention.  While some people may think that's all fun and games, it still indicates that men cannot get pregnant despite all the semantic wordplay people wish to engage in.
    It only means that they can't do it naturally, which was not in question at all.
    They can't even do it unnaturally at this point.  That's the whole conclusion.  It is purely supposition that it could be done based on the placental separation issues.  However, even that presupposes that the pregnancy could be carried to term.  Your glib conclusion about hormones ignores the obvious point ... without them there is no pregnancy.  Therefore, the point remains ... men cannot get pregnant.
    Mundus vult decipi
    "The reality is that no man has ever gotten pregnant, nor will they ever get pregnant without serious medical intervention."

    Then why are we arguing? That is exactly what I just said.

    "While some people may think that's all fun and games, it still indicates that men cannot get pregnant despite all the semantic wordplay people wish to engage in."

    If you do not wish to "engage in semantic wordplay" then perhaps you should use something more specific than "get pregnant", because if a man is impregnated by having an egg placed in his artificial uterus, then he is still "getting pregnant". If you were to say something like, men cannot become impregnated by sexual intercourse naturally at this point in time, then sure, I'd agree with you.

    Gerhard Adam
    Well, if your only criteria is the implantation of a fertilized egg, then virtually everything can "get pregnant".  You could plant a human embryo into a dog and it would be "pregnant" with a human baby.  The fact that it wouldn't succeed is no deterrent if you're not picky about terminology.

    That's the situation we're dealing with when it comes to men.  So, if that's where you want to split the definition, then go for it, but it changes nothing in terms of the reality regarding male pregnancy. 
    Mundus vult decipi
    I think that the definitions are clear.

    By "man", we mean a person who is currently a man.
    By "pregnant" we mean carrying a developing fetus.

    Yes a man can get pregnant. It was done in the 1930's In the Tuskegee prison. They were promised an early release if they participated. In this experiment. The embryos were implanted into the Abdominal wall. 135 healthy children were born by Cesarean. The men were released as promised. This was sanctioned by the Federal government.

    Gerhard Adam
    Please provide links, otherwise I expect this is simply more nonsense.
    Mundus vult decipi
    *awaits misguided and self righteous religious rant*

    Highly amused at misguided self diluded psudo scientific gibberish!!!!!

    Hermaphrodites have existed since man and woman, and being a science website I am positive that all that visit must be interested in science and not religion (seeing as the two often disconnect). Therefore, I find it fascinating that America has sold you the gender binary system, and you obviously bought it hook line and sinker (so to say). Truly, if you are interested in the science of this you should first understand that SINCE TIME BEGAN and man was created (since man created time,) there was never only just a man or just a woman. Think outside yourselves.

    Gerhard Adam
    It seems that you don't understand what a Hermaphrodite is. 

    Hermaphroditism is the condition where both male and female organs are present.  It isn't some arbitrary third gender.  The sexual distinction between male and female still exists, except that in this case it would be in a single individual.

    The point being, that it changes nothing in the discussion, because even if you assumed that both sets of sexual organs were fully functional, the pregnancy would still require the female sexual organs to do the work (regarding hormones, etc.). 

    Mundus vult decipi
    xx xy xxy xyx it's all a little blurry but male and female is not black and white.

    I think you're misunderstanding what the commenter was going for. It's not just black and white. Why do men have nipples? Why do women have clitorises? Because during gestation, you are neither male nor female, and yet there are parts that have to start developing. Ergo, men end up with nipples, and women end up with what is essentially an underdeveloped penis.

    I do ask that you read up also on lactating men. It's a very intriguing read for those with an open enough thought process to understand exactly what it is to be a living creature. We're capable of amazing things and to say that something is or is not possible in a cut and dry fashion like you believe just might not stand the test of time. Already had lab rats too, females, who procreated. There are several instances of other female-only societies in nature where not-from-birth hermaphroditity (not a real word, whatever spellcheck, I do what I want!) is exercised.

    You are so ignorant and biased! WOW! Really! WOW! How do you remember to breath? Now thats the question I think science should answer since it can't answer anything else! How does this idiot remember to breath?

    If you're so curious, it's the autonomic nervous system. I'm sorry, did religion figure that out?

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    fuck me good.

    Gerhard Adam
    It already looks like you're screwed up enough.
    Mundus vult decipi
    the can implant the fertilized egg in them if a women can carry a baby full term in there stomach so can a man your stomachs are no different then ours

    Gerhard Adam
    Wow ... that would be a first, to have a baby implanted in a woman's stomach.
    Mundus vult decipi
    very true

    i agree so much with you Gerhard Adem. I hope men can can see it .A men only get babys in mvi nit in real life!!

    Actualy it says right in the article that an egg can implant on any tissue within the abdominal cavity. Therefore you don't need to implant any "female" tissue into the body for a man to get pregnant; only the fertalized egg.
    The only issue is that the placenta cannot detach from the tissue it bonds to as a uterus is designed to allow, making for a very dangerous delivery process.
    I would suggest reading the entire article before commenting on it in the future.

    well i think that its really awesome.........say for a couple that for some reason the wife cant have children and the husband can actually carry their child.......

    when a gay couple are together and want children they can go through with it them selvs insted of having someone do it for them........

    i know that when it is safer i want to carry and give birth to my own child......so SIGN ME UP!!!!!

    dude are you a guy cause if you are wow you want to cary around a child in your gut thatssss jusst alittle strange

    Just a lil bit freaks!!!XD

    haha alright man im totaly sitting next to this kid lol hes retarted and a gay hater i will hit him realy really hard (thats what she said0...................................vagina

    Totally HAHAHA

    i would feel so very happy is i could get pregnet i have all ways wanted it i use to think i was pregnet all the time after to many pregnessy test goone failed i stopped so i could feel better about everything all this and i am only 17. i hope all that wants to be pregnet gets there think of me first i need a better boyfriend .

    Uh...as a fellow 17 yr old ...why the heck are you trying to get pregnant, before you even finish high school? And by the look of your spelling/grammar.....you possibly aren't doing very well in it >>;

    i would feel so very happy is i could get pregnet i have all ways wanted it i use to think i was pregnet all the time after to many pregnessy test goone failed i stopped so i could feel better about everything all this and i am only 17. i hope all that wants to be pregnet gets there think of me first i need a better boyfriend .

    yeah it think its cool too that procedures like this can be preformed,,,,although
    -its not a male pregnancy if he still has female organs
    -and it a risky deadly operation
    -i don't care how much testosterone you intake,,if you have a vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes YOU ARE FEMALE!!
    but!!! its still mind boggling how this can happen plus i agree that all humans should experience pregnancy before death(:

    First of all, children are not pets! If you want a dog, or a cat Great! Why in the world would you think its ok for you to raise a child? Your screwed up so you want to screw up an inocent child? Shame on you! Thats right up there with pediphilia! Do everyone a favour and and wash your mouth out with some buck shot!

    Gerhard Adam
    OK, it's pretty obvious that you are fundamentally clueless and apparently like to run your mouth about things you don't understand, with the added problem of not even being able to stay on topic.

    You're trying to turn this into a gay issue, and your sense of what's right/wrong in that is simply irrelevant.  Also, if you want to advocate violence, I'll simply delete any future posts. 
    Mundus vult decipi
    Nobody is advocating violence! I was simply suggesting that Darwinism be self applied!

    Gerhard Adam
    Oh, you must be so proud when that little alleged brain kicks in, and you feel like you've been so clever.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Furthermore, I was simply pointing out the fact that nobody is considering the effect this would have on children. I think that all aspects should be discussed and fully understood when it comes to something like this. We are not simply talking about the mechanics of how this might be accomplished and the ramifications it might have on someones health. You yourself have pointed out that after such extensive changes to a man to make pregnancy viable we probably could no longer define him as a man. This sounds more and more like a conversation about philosophy and ethics, right vs. wrong. Does a wise man do something just because he can?

    A normal man can not get pregnant, but I am sure the are hermaphroditic humans out there with testical features, but with a working uterus? Also, you may one day be able to transplant female reproductive organs into a transexual male to female... just speculation on my part.

    I'm a man and I thik it would be pretty freaking cool to experience a pregnancy and give birth. But the sad new is that men can't give childbirth. I don't know but when my wife was pregnant with our first child I wish I could have experience everything that she had from her view. When it becomes safe for males to become pregnant I for one will want to give it a go. Nothing bad can come from it right? I don't see why other men wouldn't want to try or experience that. I mean come on your creating a life.

    Even if a fetus was implanted in you, you do not have a placenta, or an umbelical cord, or ovaries, or breasts that swell like the most crazy painful thing ever, or, well... a female body. In male "pregnancy", the experience would never be even remotely the same.

    The placenta and umbilical cord form upon implantation, moron. Women don't just have those floating around in their body. As the fetus forms, those form. And technically a fetus isn't implanted, it's a fertilized egg, also known as an embryo. Fetus is the term that comes later for the more mature growth stages. And men actually do have "breasts", and mammary glands for that matter. They never develop because it's part of the female endocrine system (i.e. what facilitates your bodily hormones) to call on for those to develop, mainly the fat tissue and function of the glands.

    And my opinion on this whole matter: someday science is going to be able to create functioning, viable organs. There's already been talk about it, and when stem cell research expands that's one of the first big things they're going to aim for. Definitely not happening anytime soon, but someday it will happen, and it will include the reproductive organs - sans gamete production, because that would just be playing God. They will initially be used for women who suffer from reproductive issues (endometriosis, scarred uterine/cervical tissue, etc) and had to have their own natural parts removed, but decades later after thousands and thousands of trials, someone is going to come up with a way to use those organs in men as well, and BOOM. Still need to perform in vitro on him, but there's your womb solution. Hell, maybe they'll get creative and find a way to carve out a vagina, just need to produce a wall membrane from the cervix to... i don't know, is there enough room for an opening on his taint? Definitely hasn't happened yet, so afraid I can't reasonably explain that one.

    Gerhard Adam
    The placenta and umbilical cord form upon implantation, moron. Women don't just have those floating around in their body. As the fetus forms, those form. And technically a fetus isn't implanted, it's a fertilized egg, also known as an embryo.
    What are you babbling about?  All this requires a uterus, which men don't have.  They also require an egg, which men don't have.  So in fact, women DO have those things floating around, because it is encoded in their genes, that when fertilization occurs a whole series of biochemical changes occur which causes the egg to adhere to the wall of the uterus and begin developing.  This isn't something cobbled together from spare parts and men are simply incapable of doing this unless their physiology, anatomy, and chemistry is altered to be that of a woman.

    Therefore if any of this is going to happen, then a man must have female organs implanted in order to maintain a viable pregnancy to term.  Not to mention the hormones that need to be present and regulated.  At that point, what makes this individual a man?  This is simply foolishness.

    This entire discussion is based on the most trivial definition of male and female that exists.  It's like arguing that long hair = woman, while short hair = man.  It's simply nonsensical.
    Mundus vult decipi
    As a woman who has born three children, I can personally attest to the fact that embryos are parasites. They create their own environment; taking what they need from your body--the uterus just makes it easier for them.

    The entire point of this post is that A UTERUS IS NOT NECESSARY. The lack of eggs is not a barrier.Fertilized eggs from another person are implanted in women all the time.
    Would it be "natural" for a man to be pregnant? Who cares?
    Would it be easy? No.
    Would it be dangerous? Absolutely--for both the pregnant "host" and the embryo/fetus/child.
    Would it be possible? Very likely.

    Splitting hairs over the semantics of the word "pregnant" are beside the point.

    Any volunteers?

    Gerhard Adam
    Whether you've borne three children or a hundred, you clearly don't understand parasitism.   "They" don't create their own environment... you do.  To argue that the uterus just makes it "easier for them" is tantamount to proclaiming that the only reason to have a head is to make seeing easier. 

    While there might be a slight possibility of becoming pregnant with a partial hysterectomy, there is little likelihood of a viable pregnancy in a woman that has had a full hysterectomy.  Instead of considering men, this would be a much more likely achievement and still has little chance of succeeding. 

    However, the bigger point is being missed.  Being pregnant isn't as simple as carrying around a few extra pounds.  The hormone changes and the required biochemistry to maintain a fetus to term would result in a man having to essentially be female.  This isn't sleight of hand, but a radical departure from what is normal.

    In addition, don't be so quick to judge "normal" as some mere social convention.  Women don't become pregnant because of sociology or culture.  The argument seems to be that if a man has the necessary hormones and then essentially replicates the female reproductive system then it would be possible.  However, at which point does this render the term "man" meaningless.

    Whatever technological absurdities may be possible in the future, it is equally absurd to behave as if female pregnancy is some sort of global conspiracy.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it can't happen.

    Gerhard Adam
    It's simply another example of nonsensical, pointless technological thinking.
    Mundus vult decipi
    And that's relevant how?

    Gerhard Adam
    It's relevant because we already know that a man can't get pregnant.  There isn't a single historical incident of a man ever becoming pregnant by any means, and modern science confirms that conclusion.

    Therefore the discussion shifts to making modifications to the "man" so that they can support a fetus and give birth.  Well, it should be obvious that this "modification" throws into question whether the individual is still technically (biologically) a man, but more importantly the reality is that they still haven't gotten pregnant.  The "getting pregnant" occurred externally to the man.

    So from this point the discussion simply degenerates into how "female" a man must become in order to carry a fetus to term.

    This isn't simply a semantic argument.  This is on par with claiming a dog is a wolf.  While one can see how a dog evolved from a wolf, it is no longer a wolf.  Similarly a male that has been modified to the extent that he can replicate female physiology may have derived from a male, he can no longer be argued to be a male.  It is simply an engineered variation. 

    In the end, the simple truth is that no male can get pregnant without an engineered solution.  To the argument that the same thing occurs with infertile women, it should be obvious that this isn't the case since women routinely get pregnant and medical involvement is on a completely different level in those cases.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Apparently this whole discussion threatens your masculinity, so you'd probably be better off just ignoring it.

    Gerhard Adam
    Oh please!  I'm just tired of technological zealots thinking that mouthing politically correct platitudes can simply invent new definitions and change whatever scientific data is available to their own agendas.

    In reality what is being described is more akin to converting a male into a hermaphrodite than anything else, and it's the casual attitudes about biological manipulation that get under my skin.  I'm no less tired of women that think that pregnancy is some sort of protected constitutional right.  The only thing more annoying is watching women give birth to litters of humans and then thanking God for the blessing (minus all the medical technology that actually made it possible).
    Mundus vult decipi
    Yes--you are annoyed. That is the only thing you've said so far that makes any sense.

    If it annoys you so much, why are you bothering to read about it? You should think a little more about why a simple discussion of something that is very unlikely to ever happen in your lifetime has this effect on you. I'm sure it has more to do with your own shortcomings than it does with anything anyone here has written.

    Gerhard Adam
    Actually I would consider perpetual "anonymous" posting to be a shortcoming.
    Mundus vult decipi
    I would consider wearing a cowpoker hat a shortcoming. bet you got a buckle as big as your head too right.

    Thank you Gerhard, at least there are a few people who are logical.

    As a women, I am completely freaked out by anyone thinking this is "normal".

    Anonymous, get your head check!

    Also it sounds like an freaking expensive alternative. Let women be women and man be man!


    i love to be able to know that i have a baby growing inside me

    Sounds more like you are just afraid of the idea. You are no expert in the field, if you were, then you should be producing hard scientific data stating this is all not possible. As it is, you are not doing so and thus you are just a scared little boy.

    Gerhard Adam
    ...then you should be producing hard scientific data stating this is all not possible...
    What hard scientific data do you want?  Has a human male EVER become pregnant?

    In this discussion even the remote possibility of its occurring would only be with significant medical intervention and a lot of hormones/drugs to facilitate the process.  You think that somehow makes male pregnancy plausible?

    How about if we attach a third arm to the middle of your chest (which is certainly surgically possible), does that suddenly render it plausible for humans to have three arms?
    Sounds more like you are just afraid of the idea.
    Actually it's much, much simpler than that.  I think it's a STUPID idea, and certainly one of the least responsible I've heard in some time.  At a time when people find getting basic medical care difficult enough and the costs of medical treatments rising, I can think of nothing more irresponsible and ridiculous than considering the costs and research time invested in doing something that already occurs in humans and simply replicating it in the other gender, because some think it's kind of a "neat idea".

    Mundus vult decipi
    Gerhard Adam
    As it is, you are not doing so and thus you are just a scared little boy.
    Actually, I'm not the one posting anonymously, so I'll let that pass.  However the scientific reality is that there is no medical evidence to suggest that a male can become pregnant and carry a child to term without significant intervention to render the development environment as female as possible.  Therefore to argue that one is still a man is twisting the language beyond recognition.

    I personally don't care if men want to become women, or if people want to invent a third gender, but stop calling it something that it isn't.  At least have the creativity to invent a new term to describe it, but it's the epitome of bad science to abuse words because it sounds politically correct.  A man cannot become pregnant.  That is biology.
    Mundus vult decipi
    um yes it was .-. did u even read the first part of the story. Thomas Beatie appeared, six months pregnant, with his wife Nancy. so yeah im just saying

    Dear lord you are an idiot.

    Thomas Beatie had a sex change but still kept 'his' vagina and ovaries, thus allowing 'him' to become pregnant.

    can men get pragnant

    I myself am a gay man, 25 years old, and have always felt something to be missing in my life to not have the ability to create a child. I would do anything possible to be able to carry my child and bring it into this world without the need for a woman's body. I'd work a thousand lifetimes to save up enough money for whatever surgical procedures that'd be needed to pull something like this off...I am desperate to give brith to my own child. I'll hope and pray until one day, I know my prayers will be answered.

    good luck im a transitioning from male to female hopefully one day i could have a child of my own too

    GOOD FOR YOU! I want you to know that you are in m heart. I fully support transexuals, seeing as it is a diverse community with both males and females wanting to switch in order to be more comfortable in their own bodies, and since such a diverse community would not probably lead to any of the sexes being replaced. I hope your journey fairs thee well!

    Don't feel too bad--men aren't needed either. Parthenogeneis is also possible. The resulting children would always be female.

    How would you like to live in a world with no men?

    PS NOT GAY sorry

    As much as I can understand that you are jealous of the female body's ability to bare children (heck, I've been curious about what it feels like from the perspective of a penis and what impregnating a woman must feel like) but I am deeply disturbed with what you said about "not needing a female body". Does it not scare you that, well as a gay man I suppose you don't care, women could be discarded and rid of and all men would need is the ability to clone eggs that are stored. Does it not bother you that women already have to deal with being viewed as a trophy, sex toy, and incubator? Now with revolutionary scientific technology, all men wouldn't even need females, because their body is no longer valuable. Don't you see how that is objectification? I suppose it is just me being paranoid, but is this really all that farfetched? Think about it, for the bulk of history it has been very common for female children to be sold, killed, or discarded by their parents who better valued a son. In areas where this was not the case, women were handed down from father to husband along with other property (cattle, land, money, etc.) as if it were some kind of buy one get one free deal. This mentality that has yet to be eliminated from Earth (in Islamic Nations, China and their adoption agency, Russia, etc.) as well as technology making females no longer neccessary, I legitimately fear that no longer than a century or two from now there will be a holocaust against women.

    i think the mentality that females are not required and are just to be used was prevailing before Islam, and Islamic teachings are to remove that mentality, and one of the main reason for the opposition of Islam was that it supported weak especially the females... Felt like clarifying here about the Islamic principles being a Muslim.

    Uh. Don't bring religion into this. You're offending women all over the world with that comment. Women are not required? Just used? So basically, you're saying women are just property for men? You should look up 'famous women in history' and learn, dude. Women are not useless tools like you feel they are. And this is clearly an article containing facts, Science, and so on. Your religion is not a fact, it's a mere belief, as it has not been proven yet.

    Islam is a Religion of Truth there are lot of scientific facts to prove that, that no other religion Proves

    the concepts of religion and proof only belong together in one sentence:

    "there is no proof when it comes to religion"

    Be honest with yourself for once in your life. Your not happy, you are empty inside and having a child and twisting their inocent mind into the rotting mess that yours is will not fill that void. Get real man, you know your not normal. You know that what you do is not right! Its not just some cultural ideology that makes people avoid you, dislike being around you, or flat out hate you! The ones who don't avoid you lie to themselves and to you. What you are is sick and you need help! Its not weakness to admit that you need help. It takes a stronge person to admit that they need help. Admit it for once and for all that homosexuality is an illness! Admiting this is the first step in healing brotha! Find help before you ruin the life of an inocent child!

    this is pretty narley dude.

    The next question of course is SHOULD a man ever be pregnant... My wife is now, and there are some serious hormones being delivered to cope with the various changes the body goes through. Without those, who knows how well we'd fare.
    Terrific point! Of course it would be POSSIBLE, but holy crap! A woman's body can barely handle a pregnany, it would be extremely unhealthy for a male, who's body is not built (as in mass build and all, not like "created" or like legos) to handle pregnancy. Evolution knew what she was doing when she made the male and female bodies function the way they do. The reason some women end up pregnant outside of the womb is because, as sad as it may be, she was not meant to carry on genes to the next generation. Of course technology and social programs that grant her parenthood wouldn't really get in the way of natural selection because eventually down the line genes will have to mutate or a homosexuals that are uninterested in procreating will start showing up. See, isn't it great how the planet just sort of regulates itself when it is neccessarry? Although, I'm not sure that I could see the same sort of "mutation" occuring in men, haha. That would take a long LONG time of evolution, in which likely there would be more hermathadites rather than 100% men who could get pregnant, and probably both external and internal fertilization, although I have heard arguemetns that all primates evelved FROM that. Although, I have also hear that half of humans are devolving while others are evolving, so who knows?
    In any case, for the moment and probably for a very long time, pregnancy is just a ridiculous and unsafe idea for men.

    Umm... to my part I think that you should be able to have a baby if your a man... Of course if you want to be a woman, go to the doctor, and get girls parts
    If there is such man can get preganant, thou no difference between a man and a woman ....
    Man is always a man.. they should not be a woman...

    OMG I feel exactly like Rob does (Lol I'm gay too). I don't want to be a woman at all. I am very happy with being a man. I just feel very out of balance with the fac that women do 90% of all work in reproduction. I would love to able to be pregnant and feel the beauty of having a child depend on me to grow and mature, to feel all the ups and downs, be delicate and over the top for 9 months, to feel like more than just one life. And most importantly, to not have to watch someone close go through it for me. If nature says that men can't experience all of that then I think nature is cruel, uncaring and should go get f*cked. Gender is something that transcends the mind, not the body.

    Omg.... Dude i feel the same way..... i so hope this is proven and possible within the next like 10 years.....

    I never know that it is possible for men to get pregnant before. It creeps me out to even imagine. I think I'm agree with Melissa, God must know what He was doing. He won't create women if men was meant to conceive. I'm not against homosexuality too, because I'm gay myself, but doesn't it feels wrong to saw a man with a bulking abdomen? For Jeremy and whoever-you-are-the-anonymous-who-also-replied-to-Jeremy's-comment, I think it's better if you adopt a child and help reducing the orphanage quantity than risking your life, conceiving with no guarantee that you or the baby will survive past the male pregnancy. What's the point of feel the beauty of having a child depend on you to grow and mature, to feel all the ups and downs, be delicate and over the top for 9 months, to feel like more than just one life, if in the end you can't survive and died? Save your live, man.

    there are lots of men with bulking abdomen. however, they're brought on by long-term beer consumption and usually don't disappear within 9 months.

    Why is it that I only ever hear men say that they think nature is unfair and cruel? Some people seriously need to stop having sour grapes or something. Earth is beautiful and genrous. It is so sickening that you can be so resentful to the planet just becaus you are jealous of the functions of the female body. Either get a sex change or, if you really don't want that, then get over it already!

    I Would Love to be able to do this, as soon as they manage a was to stop the body from hemorrhaging when they detach the placenta, sign me up.

    They should get working on this right now! This is what pro-lifers should be pushing for!

    If the woman doesn't want the baby, but the man does, HE CAN BIRTH IT!!! The ultimate choice!

    i think that God knew what he was doing. I'm definintely NOT against homosexuality or anything else, but, I do believe that it is meant for women to carry the babies. I mean how oddd would it be to see a man walking down the street waddling holding his back?! If God intended for men to have babies, then He would have made men from women instead of women from men.

    oh my god. I have a male friend, he's gay (so we cant be bf or gf). even though I never had or want children, my friend does badly tho he's jealous of me. I agree with jeremy tho mother nature is cruel, but i think diff reason it's because women HAVE to deliver, it's mens turn to suffer lol. I WILL NOT get a man until this is possible. a man who WANTS to deliver it FOR me. because I always told my mom I don't want children or men, (yah yah I'm soooooooo selfish, bla bla bla) but what I realy dont want is to suffer for 9 months then go thro all that pain. I'd hate it. I am so desperate and I'd do ANYTHING to have a kid without pregnancy or adoption. when (yes, I'm praying for when) this is possible and I'm a few yrs older I will find a straight man who l love and wants to get pregnant and I guess I'd have to donate an egg to him and he could get pregnant for me! and then after he screams from all that pain I missed out on, ( ha ha mother nature! your going down!) we'll go home and I will get a mans job and I will work and bring home dinner every night while he stays home and breastfeeds (yes, all men can breastfeed) and cleans the house! I mean, I love being a woman, but I can't wait til I'm older, this is possible and I can find a man who is straight and willing to do this! c'mon! my bilogical dad is tranny and is soooooooo desperate for pregnancy I'd bet he'd do this. mother nature can go suck it while my husbands giving birth and I sit in the nurses waiting room, thinking " nature isn't smart enough to win over everything! ha! " and I will get the life of my dreams!

    This is proof that feminists only care about women and not men.

    Sorry darlin', but women were born with the ability to have birth a kid. Not men. I'm not sayin' sex is all work and no play, I'm just sayin' that equality is possible without this abomination THAT YOU THINK will promote equality.

    Oh, and anyone who tries to use "but women were born with the ability to have birth a kid" against me because they think they're being logical need to take a step back and realize I've seen the same material millions of times before.

    Also, if the above "woman" is a troll, I guess we can just say 'GJ on your FAIL trolling".

    "oh my god. I have a male friend, he's gay (so we cant be bf or gf). even though I never had or want children, my friend does badly tho he's jealous of me. I agree with jeremy tho mother nature is cruel, but i think diff reason it's because women HAVE to deliver, it's mens turn to suffer lol. I WILL NOT get a man until this is possible. a man who WANTS to deliver it FOR me. because I always told my mom I don't want children or men, (yah yah I'm soooooooo selfish, bla bla bla) but what I realy dont want is to suffer for 9 months then go thro all that pain. I'd hate it. I am so desperate and I'd do ANYTHING to have a kid without pregnancy or adoption. when (yes, I'm praying for when) this is possible and I'm a few yrs older I will find a straight man who l love and wants to get pregnant and I guess I'd have to donate an egg to him and he could get pregnant for me! and then after he screams from all that pain I missed out on, ( ha ha mother nature! your going down!) we'll go home and I will get a mans job and I will work and bring home dinner every night while he stays home and breastfeeds (yes, all men can breastfeed) and cleans the house! I mean, I love being a woman, but I can't wait til I'm older, this is possible and I can find a man who is straight and willing to do this! c'mon! my bilogical dad is tranny and is soooooooo desperate for pregnancy I'd bet he'd do this. mother nature can go suck it while my husbands giving birth and I sit in the nurses waiting room, thinking " nature isn't smart enough to win over everything! ha! " and I will get the life of my dreams!"


    In all discussions so far involving the possiblity of a male human , becoming pregnant thru the use of his abdominal cavity seems to overlook the uniqueness of all human tissue on the human body known as the ever expansive / contractive "scotum"...and let's have a look as to why this placement might be a far better choice than the abdominal cavity. First is the issue of a blood supply being large enough to provide a suffient supply of nutrients and a portal for the removal of blood bourne waste that would be naturally occuring in the fetus.This feat is done on an going basis all the time in every males testicles all the time and completly unnoticed by him at all.The chief fear amongst most doctors is the complications involving the pregnancy being contained in the males abdomin as it is in the female.Let's go back to where life really begins...in a mans testicles.for approxiamatly 90 days a sperm is confined to, and feed by the testicles until they have achieved proper maturity for expellsion (birth) during sex.when said sperm is ejaculated it is a live-wiggling ,self determined, naturally guided aggressive being of temporary existence until it meets up with an egg.note how the mans sperm must have the wherewithall to inniate life. It is these same testicles that contain all the blueprints for making males and females alike...so a mans essences is he's the safekeeper of all human genitical possiblities from a genetic perspective...both xy(males) & xx(female) are indiginious in his make up as a male human being. Males...unlike females have (ONLY) the genitic ability to produce other females and no annate ability to produce males unless instructed genetically how to do so by a males sperm...males have the built in capacity to handle male and female live stock internally because all of humanity and all of its variantcies originate in the male. so any rejections of either sexes should not be a big issue as predicted. Secondly...the issue involving fluid-septics during birth would be greatly removed by the fetus taking root in the ever expanding scrotum area.if you really think about it the testicles are kind of treated by a males body as if it were a perminent tiny pregnancy of two identical twins that never (size wise) grow to term. Science has completely missed the boat on this one as to where to locate a fetal pregnancy...wherelse, but in the genital region, and on a male .This should never include the abdominal area, but instead some place much more warm and adjustable...his nut sac.

    NERD,, GEEK!!!!! GET A LIFE FFS!!!! GOD :L:L:L:L

    O.O wouldn't his balls explode?!? I mean just imagine how large the stomach area of a woman gets when she's pregnant, now imagine that in the balls :S What if he was playing soccer and someone kicked the ball into his nuts >.<

    Sperm arent alive. They do not have the ability to reproduce on their own.

    I'm sorry to do this but I have to make a silly reply to this comment.....

    That dude would have a really fat sack that most men would envy at first...and then run in horror from.

    Every man wants a big sack but this is stretching( pun intended ) it a little don't you think?

    That just would not be right for a man to get pregnant. He would not be able to produce breast milk. He would not look good being pregnant that way women do. Their bodies were just not made for the to get pregnant. It would be interesting. But sounds way to risky for both the man and the unborn baby.

    I think that a baby is a blessing, and carrying a that little person inside of you is one of the best experiences a person can go through......and yes i said person. If there comes a day when a man can carry a child, then why not .......i say go for it. The only voices that any of these people should listen to are those closely affected.......all the rest.........well they can go **** themselves.

    i want to know how THomas Beatie do his own, LIke the scientific proved about the abdomeninal pregnancy, i think they can try it on an animal like chimpanze or gorrilla to see the result.

    IM A LESBO!!!!!!!!!!

    my nme is sophia and i love ackeil hector i likd his cok and sat on it and went up and down. :D:D:D:D it was lurshhh

    I was born a male an I have a freezer full of brest milk mined,they work good.give me a shot at it.

    i think they can it will just b painful

    hello there well im a gay guy me an my partner are due to get married in july and we are desprate to have a child and i tell u somethink people can say yes u mite die but at the end off the day there is a bit of u in the baby . i jst wish i can have the opperunity to have a child thanx so if anyone has any suggestions or opinons or answers please reply back to me

    I agree with the anonymous gay guy. i too am gay and the one thing i want is to have a baby, and if there was a way i could have that baby myself i would jump at the opportunity. are there any labs or organisations that study this or are actually trying this out? if so, let me know, becuase i would love to look into it. and yes, there is the risk of death but as that guy said, a part of you will live on in that baby. if anyones knows anything about where or how or even if its possible to try this out, i would appreciate it very much of you let me know.

    Wow so this could be as simple as say... Sewing the embryo into a pouch of specially prepared skin with a good enough blood supply then taking the whole thing out at 9 month's?  
    I am transgender, let me say to my gay breatheren, that there would be more to getting pregnant that just the above.  To make a human body really ready to give live birth requires a body which has been through some changes. The kind of changes a young woman goes through at puberty.  What I am trying to say is... it's possible that you would have to end up going through a process not so different from a SRS free gender transition.  I mean, even a small amount of hormones could encourage breast growth.  My own grew by a cup size in response to a relative being pregnant, so if I actually was pregnant.... I'd end up needing breast reduction.  
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.
    Not to mention that men don't have the hips for child baring, a spninal alignment that can handle that sort of weight and pressure as good as a woman's can, and overall not a good enough upper body to get the job done correctly. Their body structure is simply not cut out for pregnancy.

    I can only imagine such systemic changes would have to be take place that they would be equal to a sex change when all is said and done.  Not to mention such men would end up expressing the universal feminine gender role in society.  Most gay men are pretty macho believe it or not... pregnancy could really mess with their minds. 
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.
    Don't think too much. With in vitro fertilization and ectogenese... We are in bussiness... Maybe in few decades, couples will follow that way to make children.

    Finally, women will obtain only 2 days of maternity leave... I feel really really cheapette !

    Might it be easier to make an artificial uterus/incubator outside of any person?

    With all Due respect to all previously mentioned opinions...

    Women and Men have been giving up on their normal, natural, (God given), rights for a long time that we need men to do things women are supposed to do and vice versa.

    Besides, Scientists should think about what they SHOULD do more than What they COULD do... Don't you think ?

    And if - God forbids - we've reached the point where we -Humans- can't propagate normally because of reasons of our doing ... then we deserve to extinct. Just make Sure that all your Food is organic and we won't get to this point :)

    Hi there,
    I am a trasngender and have been reading all these information about pregnancy where the babe grows in the abdomen. Since I don't have a womb nor eggs. Becoming aware of babes have grown in the abdomen area and read things about '' men's pregnancy '', I wonder if a transgender could go through that and have an artificial insemination? Is there a doctor or a clinician who could tell more information about that? Is there any studies on that also???
    Please do let me know...

    Well, feminists want equality. What could be more equal than if we eliminate the differences between gender? If we simply merge into a one gender species, then everyone will be happy. Right?

    i think this scientist must stop this bcos i dnt wnt to wake up one day to find myself pregnant

    As a mother, I have to say that all this talk about pregnancy sounds very selfish. Whether you are male or female, lets wake up to the fact that this is not about YOUR birthday. This is about somebody else's birthday...a child. News flash--it's NOT about YOU. What is best for a child is what you should all be asking... not "OOO, I'm just dying to feel the life growing inside me," etc., etc. IF male pregnancy becomes a viable and SAFE option for carrying a human life in the future, it should only be done in cases where it really is the only option. As with in vitro fetilization, which is only done for women who can't get pregnant the normal way.

    Whether you're male or female, wanting a pregnancy for reasons like the experience of it is way, way off the mark of what parenthood should be about. I know a gay couple who have adopted a child and are doing a great job of parenting. They are not bothered by the fact that the child didn't emerge from their abdomen.

    So to recap for those of you clouded by fantasy--giving birth is only the very first step of parenting, the real work starts AFTER you leave the hospital, and for the rest of your life. It's about raising another human being, which is still far, far harder and more challenging than creating one. If you're viewing pregnacy as a way to fill your desires, you've missed the BIG picture. If you can't wrap your head around that reality--please don't have children--whether you can birth one yourself or not.

    if a male could get pregnant, i'd be so happy. my sister and i are the only females in my family, well except for our mother, but we have the inability to produce. my older brother is gay and in his twenties and he has lots of friends that are female. he doesn't get jealous or angry if one of them ends up pregnant, he just feels... well, out of place because he's surrounded by friends that are pregnant. not only that, he wants to produce as well, he keeps saying 'well, it'll never be possible... sometimes i just...' but he won't finished his sentence, he just looks sad and then goes to his room for the rest of the day. if a male could get pregnant, i'd like to find out when because i want to tell my brother once i find out. i don't want to tell him now because it will get his hopes up. i hope they find a way, i really do hope so.

    Hey u guys, im 17 years old and male and I always wondered if men could have babies. My sister has been pregnant 6 times and aborted all her babies and it makes me wonder why.. i absolutely adore kids, i come from a family with a lot of money so money wouldnt be an option.. i always wanted my own child, like a child to raise on my own and live with me.. i know this wouldnt be possible if i found a girl to have a baby with because she would want to keep the baby because thats how it always is.. im going thru a bi sexual stage.. i think im turning gay though because girls are becoming less appealing to me so i would want my own child. everytime my sister found out she was pregnant, i would just be sad because i wanted that to be me to be able to carry this child. i would never abort or anything. my bestfriend is pregnant and alot of ppl from my school are pregnant and i want that so bad. My family and I arent as close as we should be and i dont really like people so i think a baby would make my day brighter because i know that there will always be someone there for me that i wont have to worry about leaving me that i could love unconditionally. I believe that when this becomes safe, i would want to have a child or 2. i dont wanna transgender myself though, i like my body as is..

    Despite what was said earlier what you want is not a greedy unreasonable thing or an abomination.  If we believe all life is sacred than any life God wills to exist is, weather it spends 9 month's in a womans womb or not.   The very fact that you would want a baby is admirable however I would have to warn you of a few facts. 
    1.) The body of a woman is suited from birth, then prepared at puberty to carry a fetus and nuture it in and out of the womb.  For example, women do not have breast and higher body fat because it jiggles and appeals to men.  They have those things so that they will have the stored nutrients for a fetus and to produce milk.

    2.) The body of a male can go through much of what a female does at puberty the result of this is a transsexual woman.  (Obviously this is not what happens with all transsexuals).  They too grow breast that can if prompted by hormones produce milk, and their body also stock piles nutrients in body fat deposits as if a baby were possible. 

    3.) Once a fetus were implanted in the abdomen of a biological male the placenta would emit hormones which would prepared the body of the male to sustain a pregnancy and to nurture the baby afterwards.  

    In light of the above would you be mentally ok with seeing your body go through some mighty changes almost equal to a sex change (Without the final operation) ?  I personally think most men no matter how maternal they may feel could not handle that.   While even a transsexual woman would think "Well I'm supposed to be a woman and this comes with the territory."   A gay man would think "Ahh what the hell is this thing doing punching my kidney's... OMG I have man boobs!!" 
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.
    Plan and simple this conversation is ludicrous. If "nature" Intended on man being able bare a child then it would be so. Because of science and such, man has made such things possible. This is where I draw the line. As a woman, i believe God made man as man and woman as woman for a specific purpose. I do not believe in Gay/ Lesbian relationships, but i will not judge. Heck I have a Gay buddy and he is awesome. I am not a feminist in the least. I believe women are made as helpers for man. Women bare the children and men protect and provide for the family. This is what i believe in a nut shell. I am pregnant and cannot wait to share the experience with my wonderful husband.

    God made a man and god made a women. man and women make baby. women has baby. this is how it how its suppose to be.

    Bonny Bonobo alias Brat
    So who made God?
    My article about researchers identifying a potential blue green algae cause & L-Serine treatment for Lou Gehrig's ALS, MND, Parkinsons & Alzheimers is at http://www.science20.com/forums/medicine
    God ALWAYS existed, remember God is The Supreme Spirit Being. My question back. How can planets and stars(the sun) be suspended in mid air with nothing holding them and turning around in perfect harmony, in what we believe to be the solar system??? The spirit world is far beyond mankind's understanding, we only understand what we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell, but, there is a six sense.

    Most scientist or science students will answer by "magnetic field", my question, are you absolutely sure of that without a shadow of doubt, how do you truly know?

    Ask him. Are you afraid he might actually speak to you? If you don't believe then what do you have to lose?

    If ever there were a gender to fear elimination, it's men, not women. You can kill off half the men in war, emasculate another 20 percent either literally or in effect, and still have enough alpha males left over to impregnate all of the remaining fertile females.

    And yes, women do have breasts and higher body fat, in part, because it jiggles and appeals to men. And we men tend to like jiggly women because the men of days gone by who didn't like jiggly women didn't tend to sire offspring. *tongue presses firmly into cheek*

    Ok. First of all, a man cannot physically get pregnant. Sexual intercourse must happen so a sperm cell can reach an embryo. The conversation is about BIOLOGICAL male reproduction. Not being a man with a penis, undergoing surgery, coming out practically a woman, giving birth and calling it "male reproduction". And vice-versa with being a woman, having a sex-change while pregnant and giving birth. If all the facts are added up, it's physically impossible to have sexual intercourse, undergo no sexual surgery and give birth. Btw I'm 14 years old and I was curious about male reproduction out of pure boredom. I am not gay, nor thinking about having a sex change. Please, I am asking politely to not get told I am young and immature, because I'm not, I'm just a kid always with a question.

    You forgot about INVITRO fertilization. Donor sperm are mixed with donor eggs outside the body. Then selected embryo's are implanted in some area of the body with sufficient blood supply and superfluous tissues. Then at the end of the term, the child is delivered by a cesarean section. The hard part is not getting the baby in, it's ensuring that the child could be delivered without killing the biological male it was tried in. The even harder part is justifying the procedure Ethically given the danger and the number of unwanted children looking to be adopted world wide.
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.
    Gerhard Adam
    The hard part is not getting the baby in, it's ensuring that the child could be delivered without killing the biological male it was tried in.
    I would submit that neither of those elements are the "hard" part.  The "hard" part is in knowing what role the female hormones play in ensuring the viability of the fetus until it gets to term.  The exchange of hormones across the placenta and all manner of other interactions that seem to be totally glossed over.
    Mundus vult decipi
    I'm a man, and I'd definately jump at the opportunity to carry my own baby. I want to have kids someday, but that doesn't mean that I want to get married or need to be in a committed relationship. Plus, I'd have the opportunity to truly create and nurture life in a way that only women can. I'd love to put my hand on my belly and feel my son or daughter kick inside of me!

    Gerhard Adam
    ... but that doesn't mean that I want to get married or need to be in a committed relationship...
    Not to pick on this post, but I find this statement baffling.  You don't get any more committed than having a child and yet people seem to treat it as if they were buying a puppy.

    Mundus vult decipi
    I'm pretty mutual about this whole ordeal, however, reading all this comments amused me and some even managed to irritate me. To really think that people make a whopping fuss over things like this when really, we already done things far more badly. Really, it doesn't even surprise me that scientist are trying to make a male pregnant. Next thing we know, women are going to be producing their own semen, but that’s just hypothetically speaking.

    And really, If a man chooses to get supposedly ‘pregnant’ than who are you to stop them? No one. Let’s be honest, it’s not natural. But who cares? Half of the things we do are not natural. Heart transplants, liver transplants and even blood donations are NOT natural yet we do them.

    This is totally out of the blue but,

    In truth, I barely comprehend why some women have such low self-esteem. Why are women assuming that just because a man- theoretically speaking-can acquire a pregnancy, mean they are no longer needed? Anyone mind answering this? Please.

    I am surprised how threatened some people feel by the discussion of a possibility, not any suggestion that it should actually be tried.

    I found the concept interesting but would not be interested in the reality.

    I am a transgendered woman and desire to be pregnant and be a mother and wife and raise a family with a wonderful man. I would certAINLY FEEL COMPLETE and whole as the woman I know I am. Being mother and wife would truly make my life aND and experience full!!!

    I would like to volunteer my husband to have our next baby.
    He didn't see what the big deal was when I carried our two children so I would like him to see what its really like.
    Maybe it would change his mind?

    Okay Never mind I'm man and I'm 30 Years OLD - so I wanted to get Pregnant - Lest do it , I wanted to give Birth day Gift to my wife to get pregnant :) lol

    omg i can't believe men can really be pregnant my dad always toold me that men can't get pregnant and now i am hearing it from u i am really confused...

    In some places, female foeticide is a common phenomenon, because of which the Female:Male ratio is declining. If this continues, females will be extinct and Male in order to propagate their race will have to depend on their own pregnancy with stored eggs. 
    A guy walks into a bar, sits down next to another guy and immediately notices the guy has a very large Bic cigarette lighter.

    The first guy says “Wow, that’s a huge lighter…where did you get it?”
    The guy replies “A genie from this bottle granted me one wish.”

    “Great, can I try it?”

    The first guy rubs the bottle and the genie appears. “You are granted one wish” says the genie.

    The guy says, “I want a million bucks!”
    “Done” says the genie and disappears.

    A few minutes go by and suddenly the bar door swings open and pouring in come ducks. Thousands and thousands of ducks falling all over each other through the bar door.

    “I can’t believe this,” says the guy who had just placed his wish, “I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks!”

    The second guy then says, “Do you really think I wished for a 12 inch Bic?”

    I think it would be great if there was a safe way for men to carry a child. Especially when it comes to gay couples; considering that the main issue most people have with gays is the fact that men and women were supossedly made to mate and reproduce with each other. If men were able to have children, then this statement would become completely irrelevant.

    i have to agree with courtney on this one.

    As someone said before.. the hard part is finding a place for the baby to successfully grow in the male body.. hormones come in pills and injections.. it's not that hard to visualize. Some of these posters are so pressed and sound like idiots. You have no more of a medical background than any of the rest of us. There isn't much under the sun that can be considered "impossible"..

    And yes, I think it would be great if men could carry babies if they WANT to.

    Hi, My name is Brittney. I am a 21 year old female. I dont have a uterus and I also dont have an ovary. I do have one ovary so I do have boobs and everything so thats nice. I was just wondering after reading this article could this happen to me? My doctor said I cannot get pregnant. Im guessing its due to the fact that sperm wouldn't have anything to travel in for me to get pregnant. I have known this for about 5 years,so when I was 16. At that age they didnt tell me too much so I dont know all the specifics. Ive also moved out since then so I dont have health insurance anymore so I haven't been to the doctors. I have a boyfriend I have been with for 4 years now and we do have unprotected sex. Should I start using protection to avoid this or do you think I would be ok?

    If you could just get over the fact that from being one year old on you always heard that men do not give birth to children, I think everyone will realize its possible. and its explaines very well since it isnt written in all this scientific nonsense.

    I want to get pregnant I would be a tester and carry one

    This is very interesting, I'm amazed on how this is possible, To the men who are intersted, its a wonderful feeling to have a lil one growing in you and the birth is even more so, so bravo for considering it !!!

    Isn't it nice... All those men who want to help experimenting with being pregnant. Doesn't enyone think about all those babies who will be lost during the experimental phase?

    how is that possible

    how is that possible

    This is so funny! Men want to get pregnant. Hilarious. I understand why you guys would think grass is greener on the other side. Pregnancy is complicated enough for a woman. I think perhaps you guys should start with something that most women have to start with, like menstrual at age 12 or even 10. I think it would be absolutely fantastic if men can have period and cramps every month, oh and something to simulate ovulation cramps as well! And why stop there? I think it would be egually fantastic if men penis can dilate during pregnancy so that they can experience true birth. Men should have menapause too, they should be infertile after age 50.

    I do not protest against men been able to get pregnant, but all I am saying is that it should be the FULL experience.

    I almost wet myself laughing at your comment :) It is so true though. Best comment I've read so far :D

    I think this is all a joke, but if it ever is possible the only way I'd do it is if my girlfriend couldn't carry. Then I might very reluctantly give it a go, but I sure would hate it and it would be a one off performance because it would probably kill me. Just imagine what your body would look like afterwards.The kid might have mum left but it sure wouldn't have dad, he'd be in the graveyard.

    this is truly amazing...i wonder in 20 years what will be possible...i think if a man can get pregnant and have a healthy child and not either him or the baby die in the process its a beautiful thing! I learned about what a woman or man who is a transexual goes through psychologically. I applaud them because I could not go through that myself. Myself I was born a woman, still am a woman and I had a miscarriage & DNC when I was only 18. Now I am 32 and still have a fear of becoming pregnant partly due to my mental disorder and the medication I take that does not recommend one becoming pregnant. I would go crazy without my meds and being pregnant I would have to be off my meds so I fear ending up in the psyche hospital. Also another huge part why I can't get pregnant is because of my spouse who has ED. If I could get pregnant with him and risk my mental state I would because life is a precious thing and I would love to experience motherhood if my situation improves. So I applaud any man or woman that has a baby I envy you!

    It's just occurred to me, with all this men carrying the baby business, isn't there a danger, in the future, of some big time career woman saying to her husband 'Well dear, my schedule is rather full for the next nine months, I haven't even got the time to go to bed with you, besides that's a beastly habit anyway, but I'll arrange to leave an egg at the hospital then you can pop round and fertilise it and they can pop it in to you so you can bring it to term, oh and by the way you'll have to use the bus because I need the car.' Then if you tell her to get lost she'll divorce you on the grounds of cruelty and claim half of everything you've got. The way things are going I can seriously see this coming.

    What a spiritually dirty idea, to go against the natural order that God has set in place for HIS purposes.
    "Oprah Winfrey" that says it all really.
    If you don't think there is a conspiracy out there why don't you read Psalm 2, that's a conspiracy....waht????
    Nah you ppl dont have brains, I betta spell it out for ya.

    2:1Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
    2:2The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

    This is to do with losing moral conviction in accordance with the premise of the knowledge of God.

    You know what? Anyone who is disagreeing with this is absolutely stupid. I mean did you actually read the article? Sure it's dangerous but YOU DO NOT NEED A UTERUS TO GET PREGNANT, a woman can have a baby completely develop in her abdomen, do you know why? Well it isn't because she has a uterus that's for sure, her uterus is completely out of the picture! It's because she's alive and has organs that the embryo can attach to where the embryonic cells form the placenta, umbilical cord, and ultimately the baby. And here's the thing, MEN ARE ALIVE AND HAVE ORGANS! Huh, go figure that a living being would have organs, it's crazy! But seriously, all that needs to happen is a doctor needs to implant the embryo somewhere in the abdominal cavity and BOOM life. There is no gender mixing when you put an egg in a man, do women become men when they shoot their sperm into us? No, we don't. So maybe you people who are disagreeing should shut up and actually read the article before you start putting people down and telling them they're wrong when in actuality its YOU that is wrong.
    Oh and another thing, all you people that claim to be all "holier than thou" with your religious arguments, what is wrong with you? If you're so religious then why are you on a purely scientific website? If you're so religious then why are you sinning right now? And don't tell me you aren't, you are indeed sinning, you are breaking the eighth commandment "thou shalt not kill" by making these people feel like less than they are and killing their dreams of creating life, you are breaking the eighth commandment "thou shalt not steal" by stealing these peoples hopes and dreams, you are breaking the ninth commandment " thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour" because you are lying to them by telling them that this act is an impossibility when it has just been blatantly proven that it is not! Think about what you're saying before you say it for goodness sake! And if you must know yes I am a catholic so I do know what I'm talking about.

    Who's the biggot? What, I'm not allowed to have different ideas than you just because I believe in God? I'm not allowed to have an interest in science because I believe in God? I believe that God created everything and therefore all of the natural laws that go along with everything. All science can do is observe, it doesn't answer any questions! It can only pose more questions based on what is observed! I believe you are wrong for being gay, or for wanting to become a woman! Thats my right to believe that way just like it is your right to want those things. Your wrong, I'm right, Deal With It! You don't have to believe what I believe but its your life, gamble with it if you like! Don't tell people they can't take an interest in what is being said on this site just because you are uncomfortable with a different belief than your own!

    Gerhard Adam
    You may have a right to believe whatever you like, but you don't have a right to express it.  So, let me be clear on this.  If you insist on posting comments that continue to be off-topic by focusing on your own particular gay issues, you will be deleted.

    So stop your bluster, and either comment on something that is pertinent or take your bias someplace else.  I don't think anyone is actually interested in what you believe.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Gerhard Adam
    Anyone who is disagreeing with this is absolutely stupid.
    Sure ... and if an egg gets fertilized in a petri dish are you going to claim that the dish got pregnant?

    A man CANNOT get pregnant.  A man can have all manner of things implanted in him (including an embryo), and made to grow, but he cannot now nor ever get pregnant.  Why is it that nobody has a problem recognizing that some women can't get pregnant and yet when it comes to men everyone suddenly runs off on this speculative nonsense.
    There is no gender mixing when you put an egg in a man, do women become men when they shoot their sperm into us?
    What does gender mixing have to do with anything?  A baby requires female hormones which a man lacks.  So you're simply being silly here.
    And here's the thing, MEN ARE ALIVE AND HAVE ORGANS! Huh, go figure that a living being would have organs, it's crazy!
    What's crazy is that you would make such a ridiculous comment and think that it is relevant.  Do you think that merely possessing "organs" is sufficient?  If so, then why not implant an embryo in a dog (it has organs).  Geeze, there's no limit to the number of places one could implant an embryo.

    You should also learn something about the ten commandments and stop your goofy rant by abusing the terminology simply to make your point.  To use "kill", "steal", and "lie" in this context is disingenuous and ridiculous. 
    And if you must know yes I am a catholic so I do know what I'm talking about.
    Well, that explains it.

    Mundus vult decipi
    Being pregnant is simply the act of carrying, have you never heard the term "clouds being pregnant with rain"? And technically yes, you could implant it in a dog, that would be slightly unethical but it is technically possible, in order to live and grow all a fetus needs is embryonic cells and living tissue in which it can obtain sufficient nutrients.. And as for your comment about my being catholic I simply mean I know my way around the ten commandments and what they mean, not everything biblical is straightforward and blunt, there are many metaphors and deeper meanings. I'm not saying I'm right because I'm catholic. What I'm trying to say over all is that while its very dangerous and can be fatal, and it seems unrealistic, and it really shouldn't make sense, it would technically work. I'm not saying that this scientist has come up with a world saving hypothesis or anything, I'm just saying that a man could technically carry a baby to term inside of his abdomen, the end, that's all my point is.

    Hey Gerhard,
    Don't hate on Catholics! I'm Catholic and I realize that this whole idea is simply stupid. NO man can EVER get pregnant. Not to mention if that person was really a Catholic they would be anti-male-pregnancy (er, the idea of it) because it's like slapping God in the face. He created man and woman, and he didn't make a man capable of having a child. Even with current medical treatments that's foolish and dangerous. Does anyone consider the effect on the fetus? They're CHILDREN not PETS! Biologically male pregnancy is NOT POSSIBLE. Stop playing God.

    Gerhard Adam
    I certainly don't hate Catholics, and I have friends that are very religious and I respect them a great deal because they actually try to live their lives according to their beliefs. 

    My comment was only aimed at the individual that claimed that merely being Catholic carried with it the "authority" to declare that they must know what they are talking about. 
    Mundus vult decipi
    Gerhard Adam
    ...technically yes, you could implant it in a dog, that would be slightly unethical but it is technically possible, in order to live and grow all a fetus needs is embryonic cells and living tissue in which it can obtain sufficient nutrients..
    Perhaps it's time to study a bit more biology before you make comments like this.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Okay mr. I know everything, then you tell me what a fetus needs to survive other than the cells from which it grows and being attached to something that can supply it with the nutrients and such required for survival, because obviously you know more, isn't that right?

    Gerhard Adam
    Just a brief example:
    Channels of hormonal communication between the embryo and the mother are established early in the conceptual process. The preimplantation embryo exerts local uterine and systemic effects on the maternal organism to provide a suitable environment for embryonic development, to enable the development of a receptive endometrium for implantation, and to maintain corpus luteum function. In primates, implantation can be induced with progesterone alone if the proliferative effects of estrogens on the endometrium have already been achieved; estrogens may have a priming effect for progesterone on the endometrium, but it is not obligatory for implantation. Progesterone secretion from the corpus luteum is essential for the maintenance of early pregnancy until the placenta takes over the major role of steroidogenesis. This luteo-placental shift is completed at about the 50th day of human gestation. Withdrawal of progesterone effects by the administration of the competitive progesterone antagonist, RU 486, within 24 days after conception will terminate 85% of human pregnancies. Other nonsteroidal functions of the corpus luteum have been recently suggested. Relaxin and prorenin are peptides secreted by corpus luteum of pregnancy but their role remains putative at the present time.

    Another one relating to the thyroid:

    or just general pregnancy information:

    In short, you've completely failed to recognize that one of the most common symptoms women experience are the hormonal changes that accompany their pregnancy.  A male has no such mechanisms nor pathways for delivery of such changes.  In addition, the male body produces hormones in different quantities (which is what makes them male).  To alter this to the point of where it would result in a viable pregnancy would raise the question of whether the individual can truly be considered a male any longer.

    After all ... we aren't growing bacteria, so to suggest that an embryo simply behaves as if it were some tumor attached to the abdominal wall is clearly incorrect.  While the gist of this article was that with significant medical intervention it might be possible for a male to carry a pregnancy, your simplistic response demonstrates that you understand nothing about the process.

    I'm also not clear about whether you actually read the article or not, because it would be hard to miss this statement.
    Abdominal pregnancy is considered a “life-threatening condition” because of the placental connection that the embryo must set up between itself and the body within which it lies.
    Mundus vult decipi
    I do believe that I mentioned earlier the danger of it, and just so you know I'm fifteen so I'm sorry if I'm no biology prof. Considering my age I still believe that I have a firm grasp of how the body works, so maybe I'm wrong, and this is indeed impossible; is it not more important to await the results of tests and trials than to sit here and argue amongst ourselves? Yes I realize I am still arguing...I'm trying to end our pointless disagreement that in actuality won't bring us at all ahead in society. This thread is truly insignificant when you consider the vast amount of medical testing that is possibly being done at this very moment on this very topic. So I myself think you and I should figuratively shake hands and walk away from this. You seem quite intelligent but neither you nor I know absolutely everything on this topic so argument is pointless when we cannot fully prove our point. So fellow debater shall we truce and let this go like grownups or will we continue to openly disagree like a pair of school children? You are indeed the eldest (a probable assumption on my part given that most people my age would be uninterested in such a topic) so I believe it is you're call and I shall respect your decision completely.

    *cough* admitting defeat *cough cough* trying to act like the bigger man *cough cough* woman *cough* only 15 and looking up male pregnancies *cough burp cough* using big words for 15 year old *cough clear throat* sorry i had something in my throat


    i would love to have my own kids someday...btw i am a man. ifeel that if it is your choice then you could do what you want. and for all you people here saying it is wrong and pregnancy is for women and nto men... if you dont want to do it SHUT UP, simply stated, and for the rest of us hopefly scientist will figure it out! :)

    I'm a male and I understand that male pregnancy is not scientifically feasable right now. Even so, I love the idea of being able to carry my own kids. If this were to become possible in the time I'd be willing to bring children into the world, I'd sign up in a heartbeat.

    To those who say "A man cannot get pregnant!" Guess what? You're wrong! There IS a pregnant man, as part of a scientific project to see if a man can successfully carry a baby to full term. His name is Lee Mingwei, annd his baby bump is more than just a bump. It's HUGE. And he's very straight (that is, heterosexual). He will be part of a documentary coming on television soon. In vitro fertilization and hormones were used as part of the process, of course. And his health is quite normal. www.malepregnancy.com has more information on him :)

    ...This is part of my personal High School Research Project for my Biomedical Ethics class ^_^

    Gerhard Adam
    A variety of documentary evidence was provided to allow visitors to track the progress of Mr. Mingwei's pregnancy, but in fact all of the evidence was false.



    Perhaps it's time to get a new High School Research Project and probably do a bit more research before claiming that others are wrong.  It's a hoax, it's been known for years, and you're a bit late to this particular party.
    Guess what? You're wrong!
    Nope... guess again....
    Mundus vult decipi
    I am

    im twelve, gay, and have dreams of one day being pregnant but still dont understand how?

    I hope one day a "man" can become pregnant. Mainly because I have a very close friend that is MtF. I do admit to being afraid of what all science can lead us to, but maybe respect for life will win out. And just to say, it doesn't matter how you start life, or what you start life as. You are what you make of yourself. Male, female, or something in-between. We all view and interpret this world differently from each other. And there is so much more to life than just gender and the roles they play. The fact that we have "unisex" in our dictionary should be proof of this.

    I always want kids. As a male I would like to become preganant and give birth to a child.It would be great to be a mother and father mostly a mother.

    Wow...this discussion is more interesting to read than the actual article :D

    If you arent gay then why would you care if gay men can get prego? Just askinn' like really if your not the one that is getting prego then why do you care? Its not hurting you any if a guys gets prego. I meann. I bet the child if it came out okay would get made fun of every day of her/his life because it is being raised by 2 men. That would be the only bad thing about two men having a kid. I just had to let all that out because it was reallly messing with me because all you guys care so much about a freaking baby that a man gave birth to. You never know. The people deliving the baby could just give them a cecection (i knowbi spelled that wrong>). Dang. Chilll out no one care why you think that a man cant have a baby. Im only 14 years old and i am a girl. And i love gay people. You should no like someone just because they like the same sex. Like forreal. Who gives a fuck.

    Gerhard Adam
    Well, then as a 14 year old girl, perhaps you need to watch your mouth, and pay attention before you make comments.  The issue isn't about being gay, or about same-sex couples raising a child.

    The question is simply whether there is a biological mechanism and safe process by which a man could get pregnant and deliver a child.  Despite all the wishful thinking, it simply isn't biologically possible without significant medical intervention.  In addition, with the huge medical risks involved it seems like a tremendous amount of resources would have to be used for someone to simply be able to indulge themselves in a fantasy about having a child.

    No man has ever delivered a baby.  The individual mentioned in the article was still a woman (i.e. with female organs), so to pretend as if this were a man is simply incorrect.  It has nothing to do with being gay or anything else about the person.  A uterus is NOT a male organ and never will be.

    Even the points about a female having an abdominal pregnancy are irrelevant since a man cannot produce an egg.  So the only way this could happen is with medical intervention.  So call it what you like, but if a man can't produce an egg, then it can't be fertilized, and it can't implant itself anywhere.  Therefore a man can't get pregnant.  It really isn't any more complicated than that.  However, too many people want to argue about whether they should have a right to get such a procedure performed medically which may be worth discussing philosophically and ethically, but it is no longer biology.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Since when are you my father? Oh wait.. NEVER. So stop acting like it. An why do you even care so fucking much about if a man can have a baby? Goshh. Just leave it alone. Your so negitive. Damnnn. Just get a life. Clearly everyone on here disagrees with you. So why do you keep putting all this shit up here?

    Gerhard Adam
    Oh, you're quite right.  I'm not your father.  I'll bet he'd be so proud to see the wise-mouth on his daughter, the disrespect she shows others, and her lack of spelling ability.  Yep ... he'd be proud.
    Mundus vult decipi
    And im sure glad your not my father. And the reason some of my words arent right is because im on my phone. And i type fast. So yeahh. I spell things wrong. Im human. You spell things wrong to. So how about you get over it? I like tht idea(: and im not disrespectful to others. You are the one hurting people feelings. If they want to belive that they can maybe one day have a baby of his own.. Then why dont you just let them keep thinking that and not ruin there dreams? I bet you have hurt alot of people when they saw what all bull shizz you have to say about them.

    Gerhard Adam
    It's interesting that you think people are hurt by my comments.  You think people are basically stupid and won't mind being lied to simply because it will make them feel good about their "dreams".  So, you've concluded that if people's feelings are hurt because of the truth, then its acceptable to tell them whatever fairy tales make them feel better, no matter how much it will hurt them later when they've discovered the lie.

    Do you like it when people lie to you?  Having someone say they like you when they don't just so you aren't told the truth?  Being told you're good at something while they laugh at you behind your back, because they don't want to tell you the truth?  You think this is a good way to do things?

    Do you think it would be good if someone went to some doctor someplace that promised them they could get pregnant and then they die because of complications, because no one wanted to tell them the truth about such risks?  There are hundreds of thousands of children that need adoption that would benefit from many of the people posting here.  If they want children, there are numerous opportunities.  If the only point in getting pregnant is for some self-indulgent fantasy reason ... then I have no sympathy because it isn't about having children, it's simply to satisfy some selfish urge in themselves.

    If you think I'm wrong, then demonstrate it with arguments.  If your only point is that people may have their feelings hurt, then that will only occur when they choose to believe fantasies over reality.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Wowwww, your coooool. Ahaha, i dont hae time for this. I hae a lifeee. Byee

    Gerhard Adam
    Of course you do, and I think it's important that children should be allowed to be children.  So, by all means go play while the adults continue their conversation.
    Mundus vult decipi
    hey mate id like to start off with in a way that 14 year old was on a right path some dreams arent ment to be shatterd what keeps us believing whats life without hopes and dreams im sure as a young child you heard about santa clause and what not my point is at that stage how did it effect you when you were told or if you found out. everyone has their beliefs its only human of us to believe in something instead of having some arrogant prick/bitch tear them from us some believe in god some dont some believe in aliens some dont doesnt mean you go around trying to prove everone wrong leave it to their imagination or better yet for them to find out..............

    Gerhard Adam
    As I've said elsewhere ... an individual can believe whatever they like and harbor whatever dreams they like.  However, when you want to come onto a scientific site looking for endorsement of those ideas, or attempt to make those dreams become "facts" then you will experience disappointment.

    I find it interesting that so many people think that it is more important to lie to people than to inform them. 
    ...better yet for them to find out..............
    Which they can't do, because you're willing to lie to them about it.  Good circular argument.
    Mundus vult decipi
    again to to disagree and argue bout things im just curious what kicks does a person get to argue everything into the ground why cant you let it be and let people believe what they want to is it really your job to destroy there dreams why cant people just leave it be id like to know what your beliefs are (not scientific) eg. god

    I am amazed of what I've read in the last 4 hours comments after comments.. I do believe that there could be complications in the procedure of any man giving birth to a child but alot of men are not thinking about the aftermath of what could be. Don't get me wrong I am all for it even as a former male model I would jump to the oppertunity to getting pregnant that is something I've also thought about for awhile. Before and after my divorce I always wondered could it really happen so if there are any scientist or organizations that want to test this idea I'd be more than happy to help sign me up :)

    People forget how dangerous and life threatening pregnancy is to women.
    It simply is.
    Before medical advancements, 1 in 3 women died from pregnancy complications.

    I think this would a great experience for men.

    Before medical advancements, 1 in 3 women died from pregnancy complications.
    That figure is completely made up.
    gay men should definitely take this risk in the name of gay science. burn in aids gay boys

    Didn't you know? Homophobia is SO last decade.

    Do keep up, would you?

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH U??? It is specifically designed for a WOMAN to get pregnant not a man. Its disgusting and pathetic and health-risky for a man to get pregnant. Whoever wants to get pregnant with a penis,ya'll are absurd. Ure not supposed to have a baby. DONT U KNOW U COULD EVEN POSSIBLY DIE! Not that u guys cae. U guys say u r willin to risk it all just to b a father of your own...the risk might b DEATH!!! U might never even get 2 b a father...such stupid idiots!

    They will risk THEIR lives to have a child of their own now that says something!!! And on my comment I just made it will prove you wrong here I'll even post it here!!!

    "I am offended entirely... Whats wrong with being gay ya so what if "god" doesn't like homosexuals?!?! According to the bible you are NOT suppose to treat your body like a temple! In deuteronomy A marriage is only valid if the woman is a virgin and she is to be executed if not!! And if you commit adultery you are to be stoned to death! In Mark!! DIVORCE is prohibited! Leviticus is a holy code written 3000 years ago!!!! AND also includes prohibitions on round haircuts, tattoos, working on the Sabbath, wearing garnments of mixed fabrics, eating pork or shellfish, getting your fortune told, and playing with a skin of a pig and guess what that means??? FOOTBALL! Look the bible states all these things but how many people have went aggainst it?!?! SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH HOMOSEXUALS?!?! Go ahead and prove me wrong on this shit!! I am a full fledged christian! But I, myself, am BISEXUAL which is interest in females and males! I am happy the way I am!! AND I AM NOT GOING TO LET ANYONE TELL ME WHO THE HELL I CAN'T BE!! And to people supporting gay couples and homoexuals sorry for my language!"

    Now try to prove me wrong about homosexuals let them do as they please!!!!!!!! If they want there own child that bad they will risk there lives its like say you got a severe illness and you get pregnant would you risk your life to have that child be born??? Think about that I think people who put their religion in everyday life is a little obsessive so let them be and let them make there own choices i mean they might not even be christian so why does this religion go all out in full force! :3

    tomas beatie was a woman..he just took male hormones so she looked male..so she has a uterus to get pregnant..a man cannot get pregnant because he doesn't have eggs and a uterus..it's not possible..

    There are multiple examples of homosexuality in nature, from insects, to primates, to birds. And studies have shown that a homosexuals brain is physically different than a heterosexuals, as well as various other physical characteristics are common among homosexuals. So it may be natural genetics. But like some other genetics it may be triggered by environmental or social stimuli. Historically homosexuality has always existed it is not new, or increasing or a chemical the government put in the water. Personally i could give a damn! And to me this arguement is what is ruining society, and basing any arguement or movement on this issue is counter productive and really stupid, so take the high road and focus your energy on something that matters.

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    Ok hete is the issue god looks over us and he dosent controll us we have free will but are speices are made by evolution by thousands of years for a male to like a female but if a male likes a male it can be a mental illness or a choice the illness is there when you are born but gayness can be learned have gay or staight parent does afect the child when he or she learn while the child grows up as far as children goes we dont need more we are already overpopulated because of everybody gays adopt a child straits also adopt so our poulation goes down a litte without war just peace

    Darwinism was self-applied. Anonymous (the gay basher) has washed out his mouth with buckshot, and as a consequence, will no longer make posts on this site. (Hey, a gay guy can dream, can't he?)

    hi i am a male crossdresser i would like to get pregnaut i will take full responceabillity if i can be used as a test to try this

    I used to love when old movies did that; the hero of the piece would show up and suggest some outrageous, risky course of action and say "I will take full responsibility' and the police/army/whoever would be all 'Okay, but it's on your head!' and I guess that meant something then.  Today, no one has to take responsibility for anything and so they can't. There is no amount of informed consent that would pass a judge when it came to impregnating a man.
    Gay or Straight People are entitled to their own opinion. Alot of you all are saying you understand when you really don't because if you did you wouldn't be judging them and like I said in December I still defend that idea no Thomas Beatie don't count as the first man to get pregnant or give birth because he was born a girl and a women before transitioning to become a man. I for one like to see new shit happen ..yes I agree with Sheogorath "Gay people should be able to dream," But why stop there I think it would be really cool to see an actual man give birth despite the risk because who hasn't taken a chance or high-risk before. That is one of the reasons I would volunteer myself because I am a risk taker and I aint scared to face shit so to all the ones throwing religion into this subject there is no need because at the end of the day man will do whatever the fuck he wanna do and get off the gay people yall are just jealous that they believe in something much bigger than the subject .

    Gerhard Adam
    This is a perfect example of why I have a problem with this:
    ...I am a risk taker and I aint scared to face shit...
    This isn't just about you.  You're also volunteering the risk to an unborn life that you want to be carrying.  Everyone seems to talk about this as if it were the same as going to get a pet.

    If the child has developmental problems because of the male pregnancy, then what?  If you die and leave a child parentless, then what?  Get over yourselves, and think beyond your own selfish desires.
    Mundus vult decipi
    ok i was reading this and alot of people seem to be having their own child "within themselves that is" if that makes sense its abit emarassing for me to say...but i never believed that men can be pregnant...BUT! would it be a problem if your stomach keeps bloating? i cant think of the word lol i sometimes get stomach pains and such but i doubt that theres a kid in there...should i be seeing a doctor if theres something wrong there ? lol

    either that or im just fat lol i'd like to know others opinions thanks

    i dont care who thinks its wrong im a man and i want to have my own baby...!!

    Gerhard Adam
    Doesn't particularly matter.  It's dangerous and can't really be done.
    Mundus vult decipi
    It can't be done now, but who's to say what can and can't be done 20 or 30 or 50 years into the future? Science advances rapidly. Every day new discoveries are made. It's quite possible that this could be done in the future. Maybe not in our lifetime, but decades from now? It's a possibility.

    I mean, seriously, look at all the messing around we do with out bodies right now? Some of the things people do are insane, and even a decade ago people would have thought them completely impossible. You never know what the future holds, y'know?

    I'm a woman, by the way, and really don't have an opinion outside of "if it makes you happy and doesn't harm anyone, go for it" either way.

    Gerhard Adam
    It's entire possible that such medical technology will exist in the future.  However, let's take your premise even farther and suggest that why should medical technology even bother, when it's much more likely [and probably safer] to simply create an artificial uterus, so that the baby doesn't even need to be implanted for a live delivery?  Would you object to that?

    If that technology is available, then perhaps we could use donors and actually allow people to "order" their children instead of conceiving them.  We could genetically create the best possible combinations, grow them in an artificial uterus, and then deliver them after nine months of development.  Would you object to that?

    Perhaps we could even take the genetic material from dead relatives, like grandparents, parents, or even siblings, and produce relatives?  In case you think that's too extreme, this is already being done [or at least proposed] where parents can harvest the sperm or eggs of a child that has been killed for the express purpose of having grandchildren.  Would you object to that?

    Now from the philosophical perspective, the question that begs to be asked, is ... which of these scenarios is actually about the kids versus about the individual desiring them?   So from my perspective, the overwhelming majority of these posts are self-centered with little or no consideration for the children themselves.  It's always about fulfilling something in themselves.

    So, whatever technology can do in the future, I only hope that for the sake of future generations, we don't get to the point of where our children become little more than pets that we acquire for our own adornment or satisfaction.  Now you could certainly argue that most people already do this and don't think about their children, but then my response would simply be whether we should be using such technology to continue to advance such attitudes or try and do something better/different?
    Mundus vult decipi
    Well all I ave to say is nobody ask's to be born and their sexual preference happens at the time of conception. It's not hereditary or a choice. You are born that way, and I guess how you choose to live your life and know what you want is totally up to you. So all you people out there that are against homosexuals, Grow Up!

    Whoever did the research did not really look into what the really do. They LEAVE the placenta in the abdomen. It is way to dangerous to remove the person would almost certainly bleed to death. When you leave the placenta in it is reabsorbed by the body. It does not detach in there and rot, it is reabsorbed.

    I think this type of reporting is very very irresponsible and is a scare tactic to discourage interest and research on this issue.

    Gerhard Adam
    Wow, do you have an interesting view of anatomy and physiology. 
    When you leave the placenta in it is reabsorbed by the body. It does not detach in there and rot, it is reabsorbed.
    If it makes you feel better to say that, then you can.  However, there is no such thing as "reabsorption".  If something "dies" or ceases functioning it will either lead to infection or the body will break it down [i.e. it will ROT] and attempt to use it or break it down as waste.  More often that not it will manifest as an internal infection.  I'm sure you've had those before, and this would be no different, except it would be far worse. 

    The placenta can't be left inside a woman to be "reabsorbed".  Such a structure certainly couldn't be left in a man.
    Normally after the placenta is delivered, your uterus contracts down to close off all the blood vessels inside the uterus. If the placenta only partially separates, the uterus cannot contract properly, so the blood vessels inside will continue to bleed.

    If the third stage is managed and delivery of the placenta takes longer than 30 minutes after the birth of your baby, your risk of heavy bleeding increases substantially (Magann et al 2005). Heavy bleeding in the first 24 hours after birth is known as primary postpartum haemorrhage (PPH).

    If small fragments of placenta or membrane are retained and are not detected immediately, this may cause heavy bleeding and infection later on. This is known as secondary PPH and happens in just under one per cent of births (Hoveyda and MacKenzie 2001).
    Mundus vult decipi
    As a 'fully functional' woman... I have never had the desire to be pregnate. But if you want to... I donate my uterus to you if need be..... just be sure that the resultant child has as happy and healthy a childhood as possible. There is enough negativity in the world without adding to it.

    Please, with my blessing (if it is worth anything to you personally) go forth and procriate, but in the name of all that is good and just (dare I say 'holy') treat the child right!


    It's funny that no-ones mentioned the fact that the only thing that is all powerful and older and more ancient is earth itself. Nature is god. One thing nature seems to do is be completely spontaneous and unpredictable. Homosexuality is a fact of nature whether we like it or not and whether its wrong or right is up to the beholder. But I know one thing for sure and that is the human race as a species is slowly overpopulating the planet and that maybe if every living person procreated the way every good Christian thinks they should we would facing an even bigger problem of mass pollution and sucking this planet dry of its non-renewable resources. I welcome homosexuality and it is a practise just as old as the bible. We are just a little blip in the scope of how old and ancient this world really is. We know nothing!

    Wow. Homophobic people are nuts lol. I'm a happy lesbian, and I can't seem to make myself angry over the homophobia in some of these comments. Wanna know why? We're winning. Hell, if you want to look at the history of progress for minorities who are/have been oppressed, we've already won. Once a fight for rights gets to this point, where it has become so accepted by so much of mainstream society, it doesn't turn back. What we are hearing from the homophobes on this thread and elsewhere, are the frightened howls of the side that knows they're about to loose the war. It's one last desperate attempt to push back against the victors who surround them. Historicallrs in these wars, who fight to maintain oppression, never accept that they've lost. They will maintain that someday things will go back to the way they were, back to "normal," but they are always wrong. Always. "We are the champions, we are the champions..."

    Sorry about my typos, was typing fast on my phone lol.

    I have a family members who are gay males and never would they disrespect females by asking to carry a child. There are plenty of men, gay and straight who would like to experience pregnancy but they wouldn't actually do it because they know how special it is to females. And as for the gay guy who said about not needing a female body, guess what? You'll still need a females egg won't you. Men will never be able to have children naturally get over. There are plenty of things I can't physically do like males because I'm a female and I'm fine with that. Lets just keep this a female thing. Thanks.

    This is insane! Men are not meant to give birth, the human body is clearly not designed to work that way. Just because something is possible doesn't mean it should be done. I understand the value of scientific research, but there is simply no reason to do this. Now, if you could turn a man fully into a woman complete with ovaries and uterus, that's fine and I would understand why a transgendered person would want that, but men giving birth? Why? But there is no room inside of the male body for a fetus. Why are we wasting money on junk science? Go to an adoption agency. Giving birth to a child doesn't make you a parent. If it did, every child would have parents.

    I didn't see anything in the article about anyone being gay, nor about God and the moral implications of men becoming pregnant. This article was about the science of it, and it's really quite interesting from a medical standpoint. Think about how far we've come in our understanding of the human body. Why does any one person's personal aganda or moral stance have a place in discussing medical knowledge? Appreciate the knowledge being shared for its own right, and if you have moral, religious or anectodal input to share, why not write your own articles to discuss them with people who might be on the page to hear about them (and let these comments be about the science)?

    This is my thoughts, if anyone really cares. God is our father which makes us his children, A parent loves their children no matter what they do, so therefore God loves us all no matter what choices we make RIGHT or WRONG! He gave us free will and sent his only begotten son to die for our sins..........So all the things that we do in life will be forgiven if we ask. So i feel that if a man wants to be with a man or a woman wants to be with a woman that we a society has no right to judge, unless you yourself can say you are perfect! If it is wrong to love a person of the same gender then God will decide that who are we to say otherwise? As for men having babies...if it is what they really want to do, and it can be done,UN-natural and weird as it seems i say go for it!

    Well i would like to say this to all people out there concerning this issue... Evey single person on this planet is different and no body knows what goes on inside the human mind, how we feel, what we see.... Is being gay natural? No clearly not, But every soul is here to experiance something unique in a way not even yourself will truely understand. God loves you no matter what... you are his child and he feels what you feel and knows what goes on in your mind... at the end of the day we cannnot judge.... we do not know what goes on inside peoples minds.... I wouldnt call it a disease or illness, wanting to be gay, i would say" hey that soul is on HIS journey" .... you wouldnt understand if you not going through it.... you could never understand... the mind is a complex thing... at the end of the day dont we want a world where people are happy????? if being gay and coming out clean and open is what makes that person happy, good for him... who are we to look down and assume what ever we assume.... we are living on this planet and we dont really know why we are here, one day we will die and our spirit will be freed from our Human Body... god knows who we will be before we are even born and loves us no matter what.... i will admit sometimes it makes me uncomfortable seeing gay people.... but i have to remind myself that its only becuase its something i cannot understand... please every one out there learn to accpet people for who they are and embrace it....


    Being gay is wrong, it just is, Adam was in the garden of Eden, God saw that he was lonely so he made him go into a deep sleep, so God took a rib out of Adam and made a WOMAN, not a man a woman, because... he made the woman the suitable partner for the man not another man, so being gay is wrong on the grounds that a man is ment for a woman not a man, and being gay is a mockery to God for what he has created!

    You are a homophobic asshole! There's nothing wrong with being gay but there is in fact something wrong with you judging people. YOUR NOT GOD TO BE ABLE TO SAY WHAT'S WRONG OR WHAT'S RIGHT! If you must know God created all those people your calling gay & God loves everyone of his children no matter who they love. I'm also pretty sure that your okay with women being lesbians because that turns you on like it does most guys. So everyone just
    needs to stop being such hypocrites about men being gay when there waking it off to a girl on girl scene. Please if your going to talk about God and how wrong it is to be gay you should take a look at your self first I'm pretty sure you aren't a saint and you have sinned before so save your "Being gay is wrong" crap for someone who really cares.

    P.S: The article is about if male pregnancy is possible it doesn't say if your a homophobic comment on what you think about homosexuality.

    Gerhard Adam
    Being gay is wrong
    What a flaming hypocrite.  How dare you quote the Bible, when one of the primary teachings is to "judge not, lest ye be judged".  You should be ashamed and go back and study much more diligently before you open your mouth in such a hateful, irresponsible manner.

    Who do you think you are to interpret right or wrong on God's behalf? 
    ...being gay is a mockery to God for what he has created!
    I wonder what word God has for those that think they know better them him what he means.  Your job is to pay attention to your own life and your own sins.  It is NOT part of your mission, nor that of the Bible to criticize others, or how they live.  So take your self-righteous ass back to your church and beg your priest or pastor for forgiveness, because you are a jerk.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Prove to me from the bible that gayness is right, remember Sodom and Gomorah when those too men went to Lot's house, and the men outside found out they were there so they asked bring the men out so we can have sex with them, well In the meantime Abraham was praying to God so he would save Lot, and God told Lot to go with everything he owns and leave this wicked city so that he might be saved when he destroys this wicked city, he did they ran but his wife looked back and God said not too because that means she loved the wickedness of that city so she turned to sulfur but Lot made it back alive. You should fight being gay and turn back to God. Prove to me from the bible that gayness is right!

    Gerhard Adam
    Prove to me from the bible that gayness is right!
    No one owes you proof of anything, and how arrogant can you be to think that your religious beliefs are the basis for judging anything; even sin.  Crawl back into your hole and ponder your own sins before you look to others.  Such self-righteous nonsense is simply annoying and doesn't deserve any answers.
    Mundus vult decipi
    You people should really study your bibles more ( except for anonymous ) and he wasn't judging you, He said being gay was wrong he can say that right, also like I can say to a murderer killing is wrong, that's not judging, that's confronting for a sin.

    im bisexual and i find it absolutely hilarious some of the comments ive seen on this that have nothing to do with the actual article itself and also some of the ignorant people on here just completely and utterly discust me

    Im 11 and I think this WHOLE fight is STUPID! None of these comments have something to do with the article. What I wanna know is, if u don't beleive in gay ppl why go to this article in the first place? Why argue and tell ppl that being that being guy is a mental illness, not natural, messed up etc. And even if being gay is a mental illness, that does not mean we can't respect the person will the illnes or spreading hate on the internet. You see me? Im calm and cool not being rude or cussing or anything. And I think there is nothing wrong with being gay. Until I hear the news say "Scientists have recently proved that gay is a medical comdition that needs to be treated immediatly!" I won't beleive it. And don't even think about replying with mean hateful comments, CUZ I AM AN 11 YR OLD CHILD AND I DO HAVE PARENTS. So let this be a lesson taught from your friendly neighborhood me. If some of you ppl out there don't like gay ppl, keep it to yourself or say it in a nice friendly way. And if you don't like gay ppl don't go to articles like this. I mean seriously it's common sense..some of you ppl might be trolls. Ok anyway no more fighting go home and enjoy tacos. P.S. Yeah we need less ppl on earth before we have to move to Mars. P.P.S God may not like what gay ppl do BUT we still need to respect them. Peace out :)

    I am offended entirely... Whats wrong with being gay ya so what if "god" doesn't like homosexuals?!?! According to the bible you are NOT suppose to treat your body like a temple! In deuteronomy A marriage is only valid if the woman is a virgin and she is to be executed if not!! And if you commit adultery you are to be stoned to death! In Mark!! DIVORCE is prohibited! Leviticus is a holy code written 3000 years ago!!!! AND also includes prohibitions on round haircuts, tattoos, working on the Sabbath, wearing garnments of mixed fabrics, eating pork or shellfish, getting your fortune told, and playing with a skin of a pig and guess what that means??? FOOTBALL! Look the bible states all these things but how many people have went aggainst it?!?! SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH HOMOSEXUALS?!?! Go ahead and prove me wrong on this shit!! I am a full fledged christian! But I, myself, am BISEXUAL which is interest in females and males! I am happy the way I am!! AND I AM NOT GOING TO LET ANYONE TELL ME WHO THE HELL I CAN'T BE!! And to people supporting gay couples and homoexuals sorry for my language!

    Ha I love trolls

    Well you are referring to the old law, about some of that stuff, like football, and killing if not a virgin, as it says in the new testement " the old order of things has passed away..." Yes u shouldn't deal with fortune tellers and stuff like that, you shouldn't have tatoos as It is forbidden, but the shellfish and pork that's part of the old law, working on the sabbath is wrong, and wearing clothing of mixed garments or whatever is also the old law so it's fine now. All those things probihited in the old testement is the old law which was for the jews God's old testement people, but now has passed away when Jesus Christ came down so it had changed so the old order of things has passed away. ( what kind of christian are u Michelle-Nokoma )

    Execpt for the 10 commandments we still have to follow them as Jesus Christ commanded us too.

    Gerhard Adam
    LOL ... so you simply decided that the 10 commandments are NOT part of the "old law" and are therefore still necessary despite claiming that none of the other "old laws" apply to us.

    Where exactly is this described in the bible?  Or are you just making it up?

    Mundus vult decipi
    I don't know what kind of bible you have but... Yes the 10 commandments still apply, why you are asking, because Jesus Christ told us too obey them, by the way if I made it up why would I bother argueing this, clearly I can tell you don't go to a good church or not at all because you have not studied the bible at all, you don't know anything, before you respond maybe you should study your bible for 10 years like I have.

    Gerhard Adam
    You're the one that claimed the Old Testament didn't apply, before you conveniently pulled out the ten commandments again.

    I guess it always works out better when the "bad" stuff can be brushed aside.  After all, who wants to argue that adulterers should be stoned to death, or that witches should be put to death. 

    Mundus vult decipi
    Your still not getting it, some of it still applies because that's what Jesus taught us!!

    Gerhard Adam
    Oh I'm getting it alright.  The fact is that all the inconvenient bits have been dropped.

    People drag out the parts about homosexuals when it suits them, just as with every other "moral" lesson they wish to enforce.  So, I take it that [other than the 10 commandments] anyone quoting from the Old Testament is simply wrong?
    Mundus vult decipi
    Dude your not getting it, do you have a disorder, no its whatever Jesus instructed us to do is what we have to obey now!

    Gerhard Adam
    ...do you have a disorder...
    Oh, is that how Jesus taught you to speak?  In any case, the point is that Jesus never said anything about homosexuals, but I'm sure you can twist what he did say to make it mean whatever you like.

    The point remains the same.  Cherry picking the bible doesn't make it true.
    Mundus vult decipi
    If I can't get through to you fine, but when Jesus Christ comes back on the clouds of heaven he will judge the living and the dead just remember that, and turn to Christ.

    The probability of a woman giving birth to a child without aid from man should not be ruled out as more advances are made in the study of the root of cell ,chromosome, dna,stem genesis.

    Can they breastfeed?