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Last night was the premiere of "Food Evolution", a documentary on the science in our dinner, and I saw it with a large audience for the second time.Wait, premiere? Second time? Which is it?It's both. And that is how it became a tale of two cities. And maybe even a metaphor for the two Americas we now live in>
We power humanity mostly by burning fossil fuels, thereby turning chemical energy into heat that ultimately gets radiated into space. In doing so we achieve some results deemed useful: we cook food, we keep our homes and offices at comfortable temperatures, we watch television, listen to music, take hot showers, generate>
Though the trend has been to listen to environmental claims about the benefits of trees in cities, in science they have a well-established dark side: in urban cities, they produce a lot of ground-level ozone, the very thing environmentalists spent decades lobbying against.During hot days, trees emit compounds>
Twenty years ago Mary Schweitzer found herself the closest that anyone has ever been to a living dinosaur. As she examined a thin slice of a T. Rex bone fragment under a microscope, she realized she was looking at what appeared to be preserved red blood cells- cells which had no place in a 65 million year old fossil>
A recent BBC docu-drama called 'Atlantis' recreated the last days of the Bronze Age civilisation on the island of Thera (now known as Santorini), that I've meant to blog about for a while now.  This program, along with a more traditional 'Timewatch' documentary, argued that the eruption in roughly 1600 B.C.>
The Anatomy Of A DiscoveryPetermann Glacier Ice Tongue Calving is a science site.Now, I could blabber and bluster about how I once advised Margaret Thatcher1.  Which I did.  In a private letter which was answered by the Iron Lady herself in her own handwriting.  I had further communication with>