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Rhythmic drum patterns with a balance of rhythmic predictability and complexity may influence our desire to dance and enjoy the music, according to a new paper by music scholar Maria Witek from the University of Oxford and colleagues. >
A new study suggests that early humans living thousands of years before Neanderthals, were able to work together in groups to hunt and slaughter animals as large as the prehistoric elephant.University of Southampton archaeologist Dr. Francis Wenban-Smith discovered a site containing remains of an extinct straight>
Kids know it is wrong to steal stuff - they also seem to know it's wrong to steal an idea. They just discover it a little later.University of Washington psychologist Kristina Olson and colleagues discovered that preschoolers often don't view a copycat negatively but by the age of 5 or 6, they do. It holds true>
Federal appointees do not report to the public. They are political picks chosen to advance the agenda of their administration. Since they are picked to influence issues of science, politics comes first, and science might come second — but, more often than not, last. That explains how institutions such as the EPA>
Baird : The Wonder Of TelevisionThe following article was scanned by me from "The Wonder Encyclopedia For Children"Odhams, 1933.Apart from minor adjustments to layout and removal of page references it is verbatim.I present it here as a view from the past, when television was a brand new scientific achievement being>
Jan Hendrik Schön, if you have heard the name, will either fascinate or enrage you.   His ability to progress from ridiculous fibs to world-class deception as a 31-year-old physicist working at Bell Labs in New Jersey is certainly impressive.How did fellow scientists let him get away with possibly the worst case>