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Necessity may be the mother of invention, at least if war is a necessity. And perhaps it is.In the early days of humanity, survival was a combination of hardiness, keen engineering and intelligence - and nothing spurred on technological progress and vast social changes like the need to work together to kill other>
Forty-eight centuries ago, a bronze-age settlement flourished on the southern coast of Peloponnese, about 30 miles south of what would two thousand years later become the important town of Sparta. The city had a harbour facing east on calm waters, and had a few dozen buildings, roads, a burial site, and probably more>
Fantasies shouldn't be confused with wishes or behaviors. conrado/ShutterstockBy Christian Joyal, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR)Can we use unusual sexual fantasies to identify sexual deviancy? Is there a link between what people fantasize about and how they actually behave?>
Due to a loss of scientific relevance, which has led to scarcity of personnel and thus decreasing government funding, Italian natural history museums are on the verge of collapse.  A new paper in Zookeys proposes that the existing museums associate and collaborate to form a diffused structure, able to better>
This is a commonly used argument, indeed often taken for granted. We can simulate physics on a computer. So, the argument goes, what is to stop us eventually simulating your whole body including your brain? And if so, is it not just a matter of time, and increasing computer power before we have exact simulations of>