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Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, with other members of his unit. Credit: Germany Army.By Ingrid Sharp, University of LeedsThe idea of a war hero is still strong in the UK and in the other Allied countries. War memorials are a central feature of the regular commemoration services, Churchill is regularly>
The social sciences have simultaneously become increasingly specialized and over-lapping. A new field calls itself Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research and it studies the remains of prehistoric human settlements which are now submerged beneath coastal waters. Some of the now-drowned sites are tens of thousands>
Heartbreak is more than just an emotional defeat; to some the pain is very real. At one point or another, everyone must experience this mind numbing feeling (unless you confine yourself to a house and never interact with even a pet) but that's not the norm and you're probably not reading this article if you've had>
Naomi Klein: To fight climate change, we have to end capitalism. Mariusz Kubik, CC BYBy Matthew Nisbet, Northeastern UniversityEarth is “f---ed” and our insatiable growth economy is to blame. So argues Naomi Klein in her intentionally provocative best-seller This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.>
A Brief History of the English Language Part 3The historical development of English is an excellent model of how a grammar naturally develops.  I am trying to capture some of that history in this short series.  Part of the problem of understanding how language works evaporates completely if one can see the>
How much risk can health workers be asked to take on? Mike Segar/ReutersBy Catherine Womack, Bridgewater State UniversityTaking care of sick people has always involved personal risk. From plague to tuberculosis to smallpox to SARS, health-care workers have put themselves in danger in the course of fulfilling their>