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Even while the Roman empire was in decline, precious substances, such as frankincense, were being transported to its furthest northern outpost in Britain.Archaeologists writing in the Journal of Archaeological Science used molecular analysis of materials previously thought to be of little interest, debris>
What rising sea level? Peter, CC BY-SABy Mark Maslin,University College LondonThere are many complex reasons why people decide not to accept the science of climate change. The doubters range from the conspiracy theorist to the skeptical scientist, or from the paid lobbyist to the raving lunatic.>
Do you know the name of the first computer game?   I confess I didn't and I learned programming on a Univac 1100/62 so I am a lot closer to the origination date of computer games than most people who will read this.I assumed it was a kind of punchcard-loaded word game, like a 1960s Leather Goddesses of Phobos>
Jan Hendrik Schön, if you have heard the name, will either fascinate or enrage you.   His ability to progress from ridiculous fibs to world-class deception as a 31-year-old physicist working at Bell Labs in New Jersey is certainly impressive.How did fellow scientists let him get away with possibly the worst case>