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HUMANS have actively changed the coats of domestic animals by cherry-picking rare genetic mutations, causing variations such as different colours, bands and spots, according to a new study. Although the study was carried out on pigs, the results can explain the evolution in the coat colors of all domesticated animals>
Modern Western parents spend a lot of time trying to figure out new ways for kids not to be kids and to force their behavior into narrow ranges. Then modern Western spend a lot of time filling out surveys saying they want their kids to be intelligent, creative and independent. If you are a parent who wants to>
I have seen creeping into recent discussions of the TV show ‘Cosmos’ the idea that we scientists, because of our greater knowledge and understanding of how the natural world works, will somehow be intrinsically better when it comes to dealing with matters of ethics, politics or religion.  I beg to differ.>
Baird : The Wonder Of TelevisionThe following article was scanned by me from "The Wonder Encyclopedia For Children"Odhams, 1933.Apart from minor adjustments to layout and removal of page references it is verbatim.I present it here as a view from the past, when television was a brand new scientific achievement being>
So the other day Julia Galef and I had the pleasure of interviewing mathematical cosmologist Max Tegmark for the Rationally Speaking podcast. The episode will come out in late January, close to the release of Max’s book, presenting his Mathematical Universe Hypothesis (MUH). We had a lively and interesting conversation>