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Are you in the target market to eat insects? The easiest uptake will be by a young male who claims to care more about the environment, believes they are progressive and adventurous about food, and already doesn't care about meat. Matching those criteria, the likelihood that this type of person is willing>
Infinity was invented to account for the possibility that in a never-ending universe, anything can happen. Life on other Earth-like planets, for example, is possible in an infinite universe, but not probable, according to a scientist from the University of East Anglia. The mathematical model produced by Prof>
Jack The Ripper is famous - everyone in the Western world has heard of the unsolved case of the Whitechapel serial killer who preyed on prostitutes for a few months in 1888.There were only five (or six) of those murders almost 130 years ago yet today there are 17 different grisly tours in London's East End about them>
The world's fastest sprinters have unique gait features that account for some of their ability to achieve fast speeds, according to two new studies which indicate that the secret to elite sprinting speeds lies in the distinct limb dynamics sprinters use to elevate ground forces upon foot-ground impact.The new findings>
George Clooney used to copy my haircuts.People who knew me in the 1990s always marveled at my classic, parted-on-the-side, immaculately coiffed style. It was retro, just like the term "marvelous' is today. Prior to that, I had a classic Caesar no-part look. He showed up in the television show "E.R." sporting that>
You wouldn’t know it by current world events, but humans actually evolved to be peaceful, cooperative and social animals.- ‘Man the Hunter’ theory is debunked in new book, February 18, 2006, By Neil SchoenherrSo begins a discussion regarding humans as a prey species rather than predators.  It isn't>