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Facebook has always been plagued with privacy issues, such as revealing to third parties personal information which may be used to sell you goods and services.  While to some, this may seem like an invasion, I like it when people try to sell me things, and I have no problem saying no.  However, there is>
While most people associate the mathematical constant π (pi) with arcs and circles, mathematicians are accustomed to seeing it in a variety of fields. Two University of Rochester scientists have found it lurking in a quantum mechanics formula for the energy states of the hydrogen atom. "We found the classic 17th>
More than half, namely 60% of college graduates are female. Is this discrimination against men? And is the currently loudly demanded (and at Missouri University apparently well received) number of 10% Black faculty reasonable, or is this rather racist anti-East-Asian anti-Semitic discrimination?  >
Unless you are a true baseball fan, you have probably never heard of Bob Feller.   Maybe you have heard of Nolan Ryan.   They were classic power pitchers.   They threw hard and they threw for strikes.Even if you are a baseball fan, unless you live and breathe the Detroit Tigers, you have probably never heard of>
Since spot weather events are once again proof of global warming, reversing the trend of 2007 to 2011 when we were told that local weather was not evidence against global warming, it's time to think about the upcoming Ice Age - because we are having a big storm in the northeast, weeks later than when we had a giant>
There was a big development in science this year, yet most people missed it.   It wasn't induced pluripotent stem cells or global warming or Barack Obama securing 99% of the scientist vote despite his belief that vaccines cause autism, which caused even heterosexual scientists to disregard Jenny McCarthy.  No, it>