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A European team is working on the world’s first W-band wireless system -  millimeter wave technology for high speed wireless mobile and fixed point Internet - as part of a £2.8 million TWEETHER project.Millimeter waves - found in the spectrum between microwaves and infrared waves - are considered the most>
When it comes to math, people mis-characterize themselves quite often. About 20 percent of the people who say they are bad at math score in the top half of tests while about 33 percent of people who say they are good at math score in the bottom half.>
Televisiom programs such as "The Dr. Oz Show" and "The Doctors" have attracted massive followings, primarily due to having charismatic hosts who clearly mean well, coupled with a public desire to know the science basis for how we function. But in the quest to have new content so often each week, the perception among>
Unless you are a true baseball fan, you have probably never heard of Bob Feller.   Maybe you have heard of Nolan Ryan.   They were classic power pitchers.   They threw hard and they threw for strikes.Even if you are a baseball fan, unless you live and breathe the Detroit Tigers, you have probably never heard of>
Jacob and Wilhelm were Grimm. Wikimedia CommonsBy Marguerite Johnson, University of NewcastleFairy tales have a tumultuous and fragile history. They originated as tales told by “folk”. They were passed down over generations to while away long winter nights, to provide entertainment at special occasions and for>
Good Needlwork magazine shows you how to get better bosoms. Image: Dave WhattBy Jo Brewis, University of LeicesterWhen my good friend and long-term collaborator Sam Warren was given a pile of women’s magazines from the 1930s by her grandmother Jane Frampton, we found among them 11 Christmas issues of Good Needlework>