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Facebook has always been plagued with privacy issues, such as revealing to third parties personal information which may be used to sell you goods and services.  While to some, this may seem like an invasion, I like it when people try to sell me things, and I have no problem saying no.  However, there is>
Fantasy baseball as fans understand it today began in the 1980s but actual fantasy baseball, beyond kids trading baseball cards, began 50 years ago.   Hal Rickman, an accountant in New York City, started finalizing  work on something he had begun when he was much younger.   It was Strat-O-Matic Baseball>
This government petition to call for a second EU referendum in the UK has suddenly become very popular. The number of signatures has now reached over 10% of the total votes cast in the referendum and over 20% of the number of Remain votes cast. However the situation seems clear that having called this referendum,>
Unless you are a true baseball fan, you have probably never heard of Bob Feller.   Maybe you have heard of Nolan Ryan.   They were classic power pitchers.   They threw hard and they threw for strikes.Even if you are a baseball fan, unless you live and breathe the Detroit Tigers, you have probably never heard of>
There are benefits to being an emotionally deficient scientist. At least, there probably are. You can't prove a negative[1]. Anyway, there are definitely some drawbacks. One of which is the list of things that irritate you to no end, like getting credit for doing something absolutely useless. Like using a diaper service[2>
Ridicule might delay truth but it can't replace it. In recent weeks astonishing rumors have been spreading fast in science circles, and soon the wider public will be in the know. According to these rumors, despite all the denial and ridicule, planet Nibiru is real. Yes, you read that correctly. Nibiru is a fact. Science>