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The greatest hurdle before committing suicide is the fear of dying and death as well as the fear of hurting people we care about. In order to assist suicide, Suicidal Philosophy alleviates these fears rather than stoking them like traditional Philosophy of Suicide does. Suicidal Philosophy is much more science than>
This is a particularly silly story about Nibiru, published today (in the Daily Telegraph): The end of the world now predicted for December say doomsday groups: "Terrifying stuff. Apparently, the planet due to collide with us is often visible, you may have seen it already. If you spot a blob next to the sun when>
In hydraulic fracturing - fracking - a mixture of sand, water and chemicals is injected into deep wells to release fossil fuels. This has led to environmental corporation claims that the reduced emissions from natural gas are being offset environmentally by surfactants.A surfactant is basically a detergent. It>
You know this already - given sufficient forward speed, a bicycle pushed sideways will not fall over. Since the bicycle was invented, scientists have postulated various reasons as to why a bicycle is self stable above a certain speed.  The consensus has been that a bicycle's stability is related to two factors>
From 2009 to 2013, ESA’s Planck satellite took measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), radiation that originated approximately13 billion years ago, around 380,000 years after the Big Bang. Due to the expansion of the universe, this light is still observable today at microwave wavelengths across the>