How To Become A Researcher
Mind The (Risk Perception) Gap On BPA
Michael Pollan, Denier For Hire
The Status Of HEP After ICHEP
KIC 8462852 models that fit Kepler observations...
Funny as it is always the usual suspects. ALEPH had a reputation for anomaly chasing in the past, and apparently members of the collaboration, although nowadays dispersed in other experiments, continue to show the clear signs of bump-happiness that distinguished them in the LEP era.What am I talking about ? ALEPH>
Do you have a ten year old daughter who asked you "can we build a bomb shelter?" and who has nightmares about the world ending? Have you watched a count down timer count down the hours and minutes to what you believe to be the end of the world? Have you stared at the sun, knowing that it could damage your eyes, to>
So the kids fell asleep late last night after finally crashing from their Halloween sugar high. There are smashed pumpkins out on the street, toilet paper in the trees, and still 3 to 5 pounds of candy remaining per child. The pumpkins and toilet paper can be cleaned up… but what do you do with all that candy? You>
'Project Calliope' will have a nearly circular polar low-earth orbit... but what does that actually mean?  Here's a brief mini course in orbital mechanics.Any orbit requires 6 elements to specify the position and motion fully.  Since we live in 3-D space, it's equivalent to 3 spatial dimensions and 3 velocities>
Galileo merged the fields of cosmology and astronomy, thanks to his telescope, which gave scientists a more accurate way to observe and define the heavens. His telescope helped shift authority in the observation of nature from men to instruments. From backyard astronomers to the Hubble Telescope to the Vatican Observatory>