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Visible blood in urine is the best known indicator of bladder cancer but new research  finds that invisible blood in urine may be an early warning sign of bladder cancer.  Scientists at the University of Exeter Medical School found that 1 in 60 people over the age of 60 who had invisible blood in their>
Wockhardt Limited announced that two of its drugs, WCK 771 and WCK 2349, received the coveted Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) status from U.S. Food&Drug Administration (FDA). QIDP status is granted to drugs which act against pathogens which have a high degree of unmet need in their treatment and are>
Frogs, dogs, whales, snails can all do it, but humans and primates can't. Regrow nerves after an injury, that is — while many animals have this ability, humans don't. But new research from the Salk Institute suggests that a small molecule may be able to convince damaged nerves to grow and effectively rewire circuits>
Baby Boomers, a trend in births that happened when soldiers returned home from World War II, started off their lives being critical of American culture and having a sense of entitlement about how the world should reshape itself to suit them. But now, compared to Generation X and Millennials, they may be the last>
If you have to have light at night, a new study suggests that the color can make a big difference in how (un)healthy it is - and the answer is counter-intuitive.Though the color blue is believed to have a calming effect, a study involving hamsters found that blue light had the worst effects on mood-related measures>