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You find yourself sitting in your doctor’s surgery. It’s only been a few days since your initial visit to check on these pounding headaches you’ve been waking up with, along with some dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and a general drowsy and disconnected feeling.>
The first cases of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (often referred to as electro-hypersensitivity or even EHS) were studied in the 1970s and yet decades later few people are even aware of the condition. We living human beings are more than just flesh and blood; we are also a highly complex electromagnetic system>
 In a head-to-head trial between VPRIV and Cerezyme(R) (imiglucerase), only patients treated with VPRIV experienced statistically significant improvement in lumbar spine bone mineral density at 9 months  Shire plc today presented new data that show VPRIV(R) (velaglucerase alfa for injection), the company's>
At Cairo museum, on Queen Hatshepsut’s tomb in Deir el Bahari,it shows the chief Parihou with his wife Ati, Queen of Punt, (an area not still geographically established: Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan?) while they offer gifts to the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut (1516-1481 BC). A naval expedition to the mysterious>
The hip fracture risk of farmers is lower than the general population , according to a study in Sweden, one of the few countries which tracks hip fractures through a national registry, making it possible to assess how hip fracture risk across the country according to occupation, economic status, level of>
If you have to have light at night, a new study suggests that the color can make a big difference in how (un)healthy it is - and the answer is counter-intuitive.Though the color blue is believed to have a calming effect, a study involving hamsters found that blue light had the worst effects on mood-related measures>