Not All Geneticists Are Against GMO Labels
Bang!! 13 TeV
World Biodiversity Day
Morgellons: Disease Or Delusion?
Highest Energy Collisions ? Not In My Book
Yesterday I posed a question - Are the first collisions recorded by the LHC running at 13 TeV the highest-energy ever produced by mankind with subatomic particles ? It was a tricky one, as usual, meant to think about the matter.I received several tentative answer in the comments thread, and thus ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
NaSt1 - One-Of-A-Kind 'Nasty' Star
NaSt1, about 3,000 light years away, was discovered a few decades ago and identified as a Wolf-Rayet star, a rapidly evolving star that is much more massive than our Sun. Wolf-Rayet stars lose their hydrogen-filled outer layers quickly, exposing a super-hot and extremely bright core where helium ...
By News Staff
WISE J224607.57-052635.0, The Most Luminous Galaxy In The Universe
A remote galaxy shining with infrared light equal to more than 300,000,000,000,000 suns has been discovered using data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE. The galaxy, belongs to a new class of objects nicknamed extremely luminous infrared galaxies, or ELIRGs.The galaxy, known ...
By News Staff
Back To The Future: Skyscrapers Will Be Made Of Wood
Vancouver-based architect Michael Green was unequivocal at a conference at which I heard him speak a while ago: “We grow trees in British Columbia that are 35 storeys tall, so why do our building codes restrict timber buildings to only five stories?”True, regulations in that part of Canada ...
By The Conversation
5 Big Weather Myths Debunked
 Karin Heineman, Inside Science –  Predicting and analyzing weather is a highly sophisticated scientific endeavor these days. But, it is also peppered with a good deal of lore. We're here to debunk some popular weather myths.Myth #1: Heat lightning, or the distant flashes of lightning ...
By Inside Science
Tanzania's Disappearing Serengeti
Serengeti  means means “endless plains” in the Maasai language, but Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, which extends into Kenya towards the Mau Forest, the largest virgin montane forests of Africa, faces huge pressures from population growth.It's easy for western elites who already ...
By News Staff
It's A Brand New Planktonic World
When you mention rich ecosystems that are vital for life on Earth, people tend to think of rainforests, but ocean plankton are actually just as crucial. The microscopic beings that drift on the upper layer of the oceans are globally referred to as "plankton"; together they produce half of our oxygen ...
By News Staff
Crazy Crater On The Lake Bed
Anna Reusch, a doctoral student at ETH Zurich's Geological Institute, was making a routine research vessel run on Lake Neuchâtel when she noticed an unusual shape on the control panel screen. At a depth of over 100 mettrs, she found something no one had ever detected before: a crater measuring ...
By News Staff
Seeing Is Hearing: Blind Echolocators Use Visual Areas Of The Brain
Some blind individuals use echoes from tongue or finger clicks to recognize objects in the distance, such echolocation can almost be a radar 'replacement' for vision. Recent research showed that echolocation in blind individuals is a full form of sensory substitution, and that blind echolocation ...
By News Staff
Researchers Recovered A Dinosaur Foot From A Bird
A unique adaptation in the foot of birds is the presence of a thumb-like opposable toe, which allows them to grasp and perch. In their dinosaur ancestors, this toe was small and non- opposable, and did not even touch the ground, resembling the dewclaws of dogs and cats. The embryonic development ...
By News Staff
This Eye-Opening Parasite Can Get In Through Your Contact Lens
A recent eye infection suffered by 18-year-old Nottingham University student Jess Greaney is the kind of story that fills us with horror. Greaney had keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea, caused by Acanthamoeba castellanii, a parasite that was living and feasting on her eye.A. castellanii is ...
By The Conversation
Hesperornithiform: Cretaceous Birds Evolved To Go Fishing
A new study of some Hesperornithiform bird fossils from the Cretaceous shows how several separate lineages evolved adaptations for diving. They began to go fishing.Living at the same time as the dinosaurs,  Hesperornithiform has been found in North America, Europe and Asia in 65–95 million ...
By News Staff
The Case Of The Missing Booze: Brits Drink 12 Million More Bottles Per Week Than Previous Estimates
Many of us have a tipple on special occasions but including these drinks in official data has been found to increase England’s alcohol consumption by 12 million bottles of wine per week.According to a new study published in BMC Medicine, alcohol consumption figures account for only 60% of alcohol ...
By The Conversation
First Drug To Treat Radiation Sickness Approved
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Neupogen,  the first approved drug to treat the deleterious effects of radiation exposure following a nuclear incident. Radiation damages the bone marrow, and as a result decreases production of infection-fighting white blood cells. Neupogen ...
By News Staff
Include Men In Osteoporosis Screening Guidelines
Most people associate osteoporosis with women. But the truth is, one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bone as a result of this condition. That's more men than will have prostate cancer, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. A new paper is calling for men to be included ...
By News Staff
Telomerase Cancer Cell Mutation Mystery Solved
More than 500,000 people in the United States die each year of cancer-related causes and a new study has identified the mechanism behind one of the most common mutations that help cancer cells replicate limitlessly. Approximately 85 percent of cancer cells obtain their limitless replicative potential ...
By News Staff
'Natural' Sounds Improve May Improve Office Mood And Productivity
Playing natural sounds such as flowing water in offices could boosts worker moods and improve cognitive abilities in addition to providing speech privacy, according to a new study. An increasing number of modern open-plan offices employ sound masking systems that raise the background sound of ...
By News Staff
Mummy Madness In The Anatomical Record - All Open Access
If you like mummies (and who doesn't like mummies?) you are in luck: The Anatomical Record has a special issue with 26 articles devoted to them, all open access. You may not leave the house this weekend.The issue takes an "integrative anatomy" approach, looking at mummies from the inside and ...
By Hank Campbell
Seen And Clean: What People In Surveys Say They Want In Nutrition Labels
A new survey finds that 87 percent of Americans look at the Nutrition Facts panel on packaged foods and beverages and 56 percent actively seek out nutritional information and guidelines.67 percent favor groceries with fewer and simpler ingredients, while roughly the same percentage take nutritional ...
By News Staff
The Culturally Subjective Nature Of Good Acoustics
Acoustics would seem to be primarily science - make sure sound waves are not piling up on each other in strange places and that everyone can hear what they are supposed to hear -  but a new study says it is not so objective and the response of audiences and performers to acoustic characteristics ...
By News Staff
Many Women Buy Products Because Models Are Thin, But There's A Market For Normal
Fashion is a huge industry and they use thin models because creating an ideal - the belief that women will look like that if they buy the clothes - is a time-honored strategy.Yet as more American women become overweight and obese, and it becomes more difficult to create suspension of disbelief ...
By News Staff
AI: Trial And Error Empowers Reinforced Learning In Robot
Researchers have developed algorithms that enable robots to learn motor tasks through trial and error, using a process that more closely approximates the way humans learn. They demonstrated their technique, a type of reinforcement learning, by having a robot complete various tasks -- putting a ...
By News Staff
Rotating Or Mixing? Science Determines The Best Way To Slow Herbicide-Resistant Weeds
Though the popular imagery of farming is a small family operation on a tiny patch of land, that isn't really the case. Over 90 percent of American farms are run by families but they are high-tech operations. Farmers want yields to go up and costs to come down and that means having data.Because ...
By News Staff
Dance Festivals And Teenage Drug Use Linked
In recent years, the popularity of "electronic dance music" (EDM) and dance festivals has increased substantially throughout the US and worldwide. Even though data from national samples suggests drug use among adolescents in the general US population has been declining, targeted samples have ...
By News Staff
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