MiR-25 Shuts Down Overworked Hearts
Good News/Bad News In FAP
Dignity, Impudence & General Relativity
Immortal Unbounded Universe
Red Stars Have Big Bulges: How Black Holes Shape Galaxies
The universe we can see is made up of billions of galaxies, each containing anywhere from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of billions of stars. Large numbers of galaxies are elliptical in shape, red and mostly made up of old stars. Another (more familiar) type is the spiral, where arms wind out ...
By News Staff
It's A Bubble, Jim, But Not As We Know It
SensaBubble is a chrono-sensory mid-air display system that generates scented bubbles to deliver information to people using different senses. The bubble-based technology creates bubbles with a specified size and frequency, fills them with an opaque fog that is optionally scented, controls their ...
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Meteoroid Caught Free-Falling On Video ? No, A Stone In The Parachute Pack
A meteor caught on film during its non-luminous free fall at terminal velocity ? Or an elaborate hoax ? Or something else ? I must admit that when I saw the video posted in the internet a few weeks ago I was intrigued, and operated a willful suppression of disbelief. The footage showed a free-falling ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Liquid Spacetime - The Fluid Flow Of General Relativity?
Quantum mechanics is able to effectively explain three of the four fundamental forces of the Universe - electromagnetism, weak interaction and strong interaction - but it does not explain gravity, which is currently only accounted for by general relativity, which is classical physics.Identifying ...
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Now That's Warming: 50 Million Years Ago, Antarctica Was Like California
Think global warming might change things a little? You haven't seen anything compared to 50 million years ago.Though Antarctica is year-round one of the coldest places on Earth, and the continent's interior is the coldest place, with annual average land temperatures far below zero degrees Fahrenheit ...
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The Slow Decline Of Biofuels - Corn Stover Inclusion Won't Help
Biofuels - ethanol - were trumpeted as being a renewable alternative to fossil fuels for decades. Finally, in 2005, it got the mandates and subsidies environmentalists insisted were necessary to make inroads against a mature industry like petroleum.Immediately, what scientists knew became evident ...
By News Staff
Earth Day Travel: 5 Green Hotels In 5 Biophilic Cities
By News Staff
No-Till Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Claims Questioned
During the 20 year span of global warming policy debates, climate scientists have used an estimate of soil organic carbon sequestration rates suggesting that soil organic carbon can be sequestered by simply switching from moldboard or conventional tillage systems to no-till systems. More accurate ...
By News Staff
Human Neural Stem Cells Transplanted Into Primate Brains Survive Long-Term - And Differentiate
Researchers have transplanted human neural stem cells (hNSCs) into the brains of nonhuman primates and assessed cell survival and differentiation. The results: After 22 and 24 months the neural stem cells had differentiated into neurons and did not cause tumors. The hNSCs were labeled with magnetic ...
By News Staff
What Do You Do With 1 Million Feral Camels?
Feral camels in the Australian outback are reviled as pests. Yet they thrive, totaling some one million strong.How did they go from historic helper to overbearing invader? As usual, numbers make the difference.  The deserts of the Australian outback are a notoriously inhospitable environment ...
By News Staff
New Electric Knifefish Species Discovered In Brazil's Rio Negro
Researchers report that they have discovered a new genus and species of electric knifefish in several tributaries of the Negro River in the Amazonia State of Brazil. Professor Cristina Cox Fernandes at UMass Amherst, with Adília Nogueira and José Antônio Alves-Gomes of INPA, describe the new ...
By News Staff
Cuckoo Mafia: Birds Raise The Young Of Others To Avoid Retaliation
We are all familiar with the Mafia. In China, it is the Triads, in Italy it is La Cosa Nostra. You pay for protection or disaster is sure to befall you.It happens in the bird world too, according to a new report. A bird will lay an egg in your home and you will raise the hatchling or pay the price ...
By News Staff
10 Edible Chinese Flowers That Work As Well As Any Other Antioxidant
The latest fad in implied health benefits that can slip under the regulatory radar are edible flowers from China. Why implied? Because they are rich in phenolics and have good antioxidant capacity.  What will that do? No one knows. Antioxidants haven't been shown to help anyone at ...
By News Staff
ActiPatch - Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial Significantly Relieves Knee Pain
Preliminary results of a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial on osteoarthritis of the knee using ActiPatch Therapy have been announced.BioElectronics Corporation says the initial interim analysis showed statistically significant results for the primary and secondary outcomes measures ...
By News Staff
XBiotech Announces Phase I/II Study Results Of Xilonix Anti-tumor Therapy
XBiotech, a company involved in commercializing biological therapies, has published the results from its Phase I/II oncology study conducted at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The study describes the outcome in 52 advanced cancer patients treated with their Xilonix™ non-cytotoxic ...
By News Staff
This Cell Is The Source Of Most Cases Of Invasive Bladder Cancer
A new study conducted in mice has implicated a single type of cell, in the lining of the bladder, as responsible for most cases of invasive bladder cancer. The study is the first to pinpoint the normal cell type that can give rise to invasive bladder cancers and the first to show that most bladder ...
By News Staff
Controlling Your Kids: Cut Up Their Food And They'll Calm Down
Modern Western parents spend a lot of time trying to figure out new ways for kids not to be kids and to force their behavior into narrow ranges. Then modern Western spend a lot of time filling out surveys saying they want their kids to be intelligent, creative and independent. If you are a ...
By News Staff
The Supreme Court Undermines Racial Preferences For College Admissions
In Science Left Behind I wrote a segment about a national discrimination issue that was eroding not only science, but the very notion of fairness in our culture.No, it wasn't the lack of Republicans in faculty jobs at universities. It was instead that, for decades, schools had been using skin color ...
By Hank Campbell
For Earth Day, Do Your Part: Fly Somewhere To Talk About Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Apparently the EPA has not yet discovered how to do a video conference.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced that Administrator Gina McCarthy will promote President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to cut carbon pollution, slow the effects of climate change and leave a cleaner ...
By Hank Campbell
The Impact Of A False-Positive Mammogram On Women's Well-being
Anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of women who undergo routine screening mammography during a ten-year period will experience a false-positive mammogram. They then suffer anxiety while they undergo additional testing, sometimes involving a biopsy, to confirm that cancer is not present. Researchers ...
By News Staff
High School Athletes: 2.5 Million Basketball Injuries In 6 Seasons
Basketball is a popular high school sport in the United States with 1 million participants annually. A recently published study by researchers in the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital is the first to compare and describe the occurrence and distribution patterns ...
By News Staff
32 Percent Of Canadian Adults Say They Were Abused As Kids
Canadians may seem polite to outsiders, that maple leaf on a backpack says pacificism all over the world, but they are apparently quite hard on their kids.A Canadian Medical Association Journal articles says that almost one-third of adults in Canada have experienced sexual abuse, child abuse ...
By News Staff
A New Scout Code: Time For An Update, Beaver!
By Greg Critser
Speed-Reading Apps Impair Reading Comprehension
Are you on the go a lot? Is your time so limited even moving your eyeballs is putting you behind?If so, there is an app for that. If not, app developers are looking to create a market for that kind of personalized optimization, so they have devised speed-reading software that eliminates the ...
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