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Breaking Beautiful - The Useful Mechanism In Patterns Of Cracks
High resolution photograph of cracks in thin layer of glass atop a silicon wafer. The colors come from optical interference between the thin wafer and the glass above. Image credit: Joël Marthelot (ESPCI). Rights information: Used with permissionBy:  Gabriel Popkin, Inside Science(Inside ...
By Inside Science
Researchers Watch Glass Flipping From One Structure To Another Under Pressure
Glass is ideal for applications that require resistance to thermal shock or to chemically harsh environments and manufacturers commonly use additives such as boron oxide to tweak its properties by changing the atomic structure of glass.Researchers have captured atoms in borosilicate glass flipping ...
By News Staff
Aerogel Monoliths Made Of Copper Nanowires And PVA Nano-Glue
Bending, stretching, twisting, folding, modern materials that are light, flexible and highly conductive are the future of products like artificial skin or electronic paper.  But these "aerogel monoliths" have required precious gold and silver nanowires, which keeps them squarely in the field ...
By News Staff
Will We Meet ET Microbes On Mars? Why We Should Care Deeply About Them - Like Tigers
Many of us care deeply about the possibility of tigers, lemurs and such like becoming extinct in the wild. I'd like to suggest that we care as much about the possibility of microbes on Mars and elsewhere in our solar system becoming extinct through human activities. So what's so special about ...
By Robert Walker
Generating Energy From Coffee Wastewater
A four-year project on coffee wastewater treatment, The Energy from Coffee Wastewater project by UTZ Certified, has found that is possible to generate energy and protect water resources by treating discharges from coffee mills - maybe it will even tackle climate change. The project started in 2010 ...
By News Staff
Antarctic Sea Level Rising Faster Than Elsewhere
A new analysis of satellite data from the last 19 years reveals that fresh water from melting glaciers has caused the sea level around the coast of Antarctica to rise by 2 centimeters more than the global average of 6 centimeters. Researchers at the University of Southampton detected the rapid ...
By News Staff
Zoning Plan For Earth: Optimizing Where Roads Should And Should Not Go
More than 15 million miles of new roads will be built worldwide by 2050, pushing back the frontiers of progress. Of course, progress may mean a loss of wilderness if it is not managed carefully, and authors have created a ‘global roadmap’ for prioritizing road building across the planet, to ...
By News Staff
Coastal Regions Need To Worry About Non-Climate Change Sea Level Rise Now
Coastal regions under threat from sea-level rise need to tackle the immediate threats of human-led and other non-climatic changes, according to a new analysis. It's an even more pressing concern than possible climate change sea rises because those changes are already happening. A team of 27 scientists ...
By News Staff
How We Tricked E. Coli Bacteria Into Making Renewable Propane
By Patrik Jones, Imperial College LondonConverting renewable energy into electricity is one thing; converting it into fuel is quite another. The vast majority of global energy demand is for fuel, and a renewable source could help us heat our houses and travel efficiently long into the future. It ...
By The Conversation
Bamboo Could Turn The World's Construction Trade On Its Head
Bamboo can also be a tasty snack. Credit: Chris Ison/PABy Dirk Hebel, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ZurichBamboo, a common grass which can be harder to pull apart than steel, has the potential to revolutionize building construction throughout the world. But that’s not all. As a raw material ...
By The Conversation
Human Breast Milk - The Magic In The Microbiome
Human breast milk is nutrition for infants but it also contains a large number of bacterial species, including some opportunistic pathogens of humans.  The existence of milk microbiome is assumed to be the result of co-evolutionary and co-adaptive interactions between the microbiome and human ...
By News Staff
E. Coli Strain Responsible For Food Poisoning Gets Its Genome Sequenced
A strain of E. coli that is a common cause of outbreaks of food poisoning in the United States has had its genome sequenced. E. coli strain EDL933 was first isolated in the 1980s but gained national attention in 1993 when it was linked to an outbreak of food poisoning from Jack-in-the-Box restaurants ...
By News Staff
Double Mastectomy Doesn't Bring Better Breast Cancer Survival Rates Over Lumpectomy
For breast cancer patients, there are three common surgical interventions: bilateral mastectomy (the removal of both breasts), unilateral mastectomy (the removal of the affected breast), and lumpectomy (the selective removal of cancerous tissue within the breast) plus radiation. Bilateral  ...
By News Staff
The Diet That Works: Eat Less And Keep Doing That
There is a sure-fire way to lose weight; if you eat two cheeseburgers at McDonald's, eat one. You don't need to read any books, slow cook, give up gluten, give up dairy, fats, carbs or booze; those can all help in the short term, because you are shocking your body and it mobilizes to deal ...
By News Staff
Handsome Face Linked To Lower Semen Quality
It has generally been believed that more attractive men had better semen quality.Male facial attractiveness has been considered an important predictor of female mating preferences because of genetic benefits for offspring - facial traits may signal several quality factors (indirect benefits), such ...
By News Staff
Sickle Cell Is Still A Killer But This 50 Cent Test Could Change That
A simple solution to a persistent problem. Credit: Ashok A. KumarBy Ashok A. Kumar, Harvard UniversityEvery year, 300,000 children are born with sickle-cell disease, primarily in Africa and India. It is a genetic disorder that causes some blood cells to become abnormally shaped. The result is that ...
By The Conversation
Tax And Spend Policies Could Make You Eat Healthier
Scholars from Tufts University, Harvard University and Boston Children's Hospital are calling for the implementation of taxes and subsidies to improve dietary quality in the United States.  They want special levies on all packaged foods which would then be used to make healthier foods ...
By News Staff
How To Get Women To Participate More In Biology Classes
Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields used to be considered the domain of white men, especially in academia, and that has changed, but universities are criticized because of the pace of change - researchers with tenure cannot just be fired and replaced.Change is instead ...
By News Staff
Misogyny Wins With Hacking Of Intimate Celebrity Pictures – But You Can Choose Not To Look
Jennifer Lawrence at the 83rd Academy Awards. CC BY-SA 2.0By Emma Rees, University of ChesterAutonomy is patriarchy’s supreme foe. It suggests self-determination, power, and control, and the “selfie” is a culturally ubiquitous iteration of autonomy. The release onto the internet of hundreds ...
By The Conversation
Racial Disparities In Shootings - It's Easier To Shoot White People
Given the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and the highly charged claims of racism, it is no surprise that a Washington State University study of deadly force found that there is bias when it comes to skin color and being willing to pull a gun trigger on someone.What is a surprise is that ...
By News Staff
Weak Core Linked To More Missed Days For Baseball Pitchers
It's the home stretch of the professional baseball season and that means players are more likely to be tired or sustain an injury. New research suggests that a stronger core might help. In the study, 347 pitchers were assessed for lumbopelvic control during spring training. Pitchers with more ...
By News Staff
21st Century Toasters - Why Utilities Want You To Buy That Electric Car
Why would anyone bake bread and then turn around and toast it?I lived in a Pennsylvania house heated by wood. The idea of using our manual labor, in the form of wood, to toast bread was silly - but we owned an electric toaster. Somehow, being removed from the direct labor equation made toasting ...
By Hank Campbell
Battery-Less Pacemaker Works Like An Automatic Wristwatch - Powered By Heart Motion
A new battery-less cardiac pacemaker is based on the automatic wristwatch concept - it is powered by heart motion. The prototype device  presented at ESC Congress 2014 by Adrian Zurbuchen from Switzerland does not require battery replacement. Zurbuchen is a PhD candidate in the Cardiovascular ...
By News Staff
New Cancer-Hunting 'Nano-Robots' To Seek And Destroy Tumors
Nano-robots have cancer in their sights. Credit: StephenMitchell/Flickr, CC BY-NC-NDBy Dr. Jason Liu, Monash UniversityIt sounds like a scene from a science fiction novel – an army of tiny weaponized robots traveling around a human body, hunting down malignant tumours and destroying them from ...
By The Conversation
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