Defeating ISIS Is Good For The Environment
Sexual Harassment Insurance
The Future Of The LHC
From Neuroscience To AI: How Robots See
On The Qualifications Of Peer Reviewers For Scientific Papers
Peer review is the backbone of high quality scientific publications. Although the idea that only articles that are approved by a set of anonymous nitpickers can ever see the light of publication on "serious" journals is old and perfectible, there is currently no valid alternative to identify verified ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Glyphosate Doesn't Cause Cancer - Neither Do More Toxic Organic Pesticides
It's been well-established by now but owing to a discredited International Agency for Research on Cancer claim, which environmental groups insist remains valid despite finding that a member of the Working Group had financial conflicts of interest (consulting for environmental groups) and signed ...
By News Staff
List Of Total Solar Eclipses Through 2075
In the United States, we just had another Supermoon, and at the end of this month we will have a Blue Moon (the second full moon in a month) with a lunar eclipse, which is pretty special. Though doomsday prophets like to make a lot out of those natural phenomena, the rest of us want to plan our ...
By News Staff
Christmas Homework
Scared by the void of Christmas vacations? Unable to put just a few more feet between your mouth and the candy tray? Suffocating in the trivialities of the chit-chat with relatives? I have a solution for you. How about trying to solve a few simple high-energy physics quizzes? I offer three ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
The Center Is Giving Way, The Left Is Driven In - Germany Abandons Emissions Goal
German Chancellor Angela Merkel had unkind things to say about America after the country declined to participate in a new agreement, the Paris accords, knowing full well that China had been given unlimited emissions and was not even going to discuss it again until 2030.Now they have abandoned their ...
By Hank Campbell
Exploding Stars: How Atmospheric Ions Cloud Climate Change Studies
Cosmic rays from supernovae can influence Earth´s cloud cover and how that influences climate could be useful for making better models.A new study shows how atmospheric ions, produced by the energetic cosmic rays raining down through the atmosphere,help the growth and formation of cloud condensation ...
By News Staff
The Supreme Court Could Make The Endangered Species Act The Most Powerful Law In America - By Doing Nothing
The definition of "endangered" is vague but in no dictionary does it mean an animal that does not even live in a state must be placed there, with private landowners footing the bill for $20 million, in order to keep a creature from declining in population.Yet so far a series of court decisions ...
By Hank Campbell
15,000 Scientists Sign Letter Urging More Action On Climate Change And Other Issues - This Is Positive - Not A Doomsday!
This is a story that's running at the moment - hugely sensationalized and made as pessimistic and gloomy as could be. in many of the papers, especially the sensationalist press, it's presented as a "Doomsday prediction". It's nothing of the sort.The number of scientists, 15,000 is correct, and ...
By Robert Walker
Yes, We May Have No Bananas, But Monoculture Wasn't So Easy To Avoid
In 1923, Frank Silver and Irving Cohn published a song that became a major hit for the Billy Jones Orchestra, with the signature line “Yes, we have no bananas; we have no bananas today.” It turned out to be sadly prophetic as, in the 1950s, the banana trees that supplied ...
By Steve Savage
John Birch Society Water Beliefs Renewed By San Francisco Progressives
A new "raw" trend has made its way into the paper of record for anti-science woo and miracle vegetable fads - the New York Times.Along with articles about astrology and acupuncture, they have now given us a look at the "raw water" craze, which is to say they have basically created the craze by ...
By Hank Campbell
Alpha Zero Teaches Itself Chess 4 Hours, Then Beats Dad
Peter Heine Nielsen, a Danish chess Grandmaster, summarized it quite well. "I always wondered, if some superior alien race came to Earth, how they would play chess. Now I know". The architecture that beat humans at the notoriously CPU-impervious game Go, AlphaGo by Google Deep Mind, was converted ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Does Your Brain Naturally Feel God? Temp Lobe Feel Of Person Presence & Evolved Religion
There is an area close to the left ear, in the ‘temporal lobe’, that, when stimulated via strong magnetic fields, triggers religious feelings, visions of bright lights at the end of a tunnel, and, at a certain frequency, the feeling of the presence of somebody next to oneself, or somehow present ...
By Sascha Vongehr
Sugary Drink Consumption Has Declined While Obesity Has Gone Up
Between 2003 and 2014, consumption of sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages declined and yet obesity has continued to rise. Yet governments seeking new sources of revenue are looking for reasons to place sin taxes on soda are saying it's for public health.When even Harvard T.H. Chan ...
By News Staff
Vaping Is More Popular Than Opioids Among Young People - And That's A Public Health Win
Too much caffeine is bad for you. It's very risk to buy powdered caffeine for that reason. But it's addictive and people do it. Likewise, too much nicotine is bad for you and you can't shouldn't buy undiluted optically pure nicotine and start inhaling it. But young people will do risky things ...
By News Staff
When Pharmacy Experts Take Medical Histories, Medication Errors Drop 80 Percent
When pharmacy professionals — rather than doctors or nurses — take medication histories of patients in emergency departments, mistakes in drug orders can be reduced by more than 80 percent, according to a recent paper.Injuries resulting from medication use are among the most common types of ...
By News Staff
What Killed Dinosaurs May Kill Cancer Cells Too
The world’s second densest metal can be used to kill cancer cells by filling them with a deadly version of oxygen, without harming healthy tissue, according to a new paper.The metal, iridium, was in the asteroid with the strongest link to the extinction of dinosaurs. When combined with organic ...
By News Staff
The Global Age Of The Algorithm Manifested In Communist China's Dystopian Social Credit System
The Chinese government’s ongoing attempts to create a social credit system aimed at rating the trustworthiness of people and companies have generated equal measures of fascination and anxiety around the world. Social credit is depicted as something uniquely Chinese – a nefarious and perverse ...
By The Conversation
Gluten Intolerance Is Mostly An American Thing
In Canada, even people with Celiac disease don't really think of it as a disease, so it's no surprise the more subjective gluten "intolerance", which food marketers have used to create a $5 billion industry south of the Canadian border, is basically unknown. Efforts to manufacture concern ...
By News Staff
Half Of Women In STEM Have Experienced Gender Discrimination
A new Pew Research Center survey examining people’s experiences in the workplace and perceptions of fair treatment for women provides just the results you would guess; half of women say they have been subjected to gender discrimination.The survey was 4,914 U.S. adults was conducted from July ...
By Hank Campbell
Corporate Funding Is The Future Of Academic Science
With tax cuts in 2018, the federal government is going to either increase the deficit or cut spending. And conservatives argue spending should be cut.Will that impact science? It certainly will, but science was also not helped by the Obama administration, which focused on solar panels and healthcare ...
By Hank Campbell
The title of this post is the password code required to connect to my wireless network at home. The service, provided by the Italian internet provider Fastweb, has been discontinued as I moved to Padova from Venice, so you can't really do much with the code itself. On the other hand, it should ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Winter Olympics Talks - Korean Hopes For Reunification - US Can't Attack Without Warning US Civilians In South Korea
North Korea is going to send a team to the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The news is looking promising with a significant thawing of relations between the two Koreas in advance of the Winter Olympics. High level talks have begun already between North and South Korea. with the main focus ...
By Robert Walker
Random Walk Between Limits Versus Here And Now In Many World/Mind Zen Gambling
The most crucial to happy gambling generally (apart from being prepared for losing, since you create a losing copy of yourself with certainty) is your Happy-Enough-Ceiling, where if you reach it, you leave with your winnings. The trivial example is entering the casino with three dollars and ...
By Sascha Vongehr
Many World/Mind Zen And Gambling: Large Bets And Happy Enough Ceiling
Mental Health Warning: Many World/Mind (MW/M) descriptions may aggravate mental conditions; suicidal ideation has been recognized as a pitfall along the path of Zen-like wisdoms by a wide range of authors as diverse as to include Carlos Castaneda. (Suggesting potential public health benefits of ...
By Sascha Vongehr
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