Searching For The A Boson
Newt, The NIH & Antibiotics
Why Are More Boys Born At The End Of Wars?
Post-Conviction Review Of Forensic Evidence
The Gene That Determines Cocoa Butter's Melting Point (And Why That's Important)
The discovery of a gene involved in determining the melting point of cocoa butter should lead to new varieties of the cocoa plant that could extend the climate and soil-nutrient range for growing the cropWhy does that matter? It's widely used in foods and pharmaceuticals and increasing the ...
By News Staff
Pictures Of March 20th Eclipse From Svalbard
I am presently in Athens for a few days, to give a seminar and meet the local group of CMS physicists. So I took the chance to visit yesterday evening the Astrophysics department of the University of Athens, where at the top floor is housed a nice 40cm Cassegrain telescope (see picture below). ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
It Shouldn't Be There: Henize 2-10 And The Cosmic Conundrum
What does it mean when a supermassive black hole exists in a place where it isn't supposed to exist? It's another puzzle of the early universe. Henize 2-10 is a small irregular galaxy that is not too far away, at least in astronomical terms: 30 million light-years. "This is a dwarf starburst galaxy ...
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It's Hubble's 25th Birthday But We Get A Present
The Hubble Space Telescope is almost old enough to buy its own health insurance! Tomorrow, April 24th, the Hubble Space Telescope will turn 25. For much of that time, it has been a few hundred miles away, providing a peek into the cosmos. It has long exceeded its mission life (good thing too ...
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Calbuco Volcano Erupts 7 Miles Into The Air
The Calbuco volcano, a 2,000 meter peak in southern Chile, sent a column of ash about 15 kilometers skywards twice on the night of April 22 and early the following morning. As the risk of deadly flows of ash and hot air was immediate, a 20 kilometer radius evacuation zone was declared.The ...
By The Conversation
Has UK Renewable Electricity Really Tripled?
Renewable electricity has nearly trebled under this government.said Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat energy and climate change minister, during an environment debate held by the Daily Politics show. Amid the climate of mistrust about claims made by politicians that tends to accompany election campaigns ...
By The Conversation
Warming Climate May Release Carbon In Arctic Soils
Everyone discusses ways to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere (or not) but less considered is that there is a massive storehouse of carbon that has the potential to significantly alter the climate change picture.  Ancient carbon, locked away in Arctic permafrost for thousands ...
By News Staff
High Mountains May Be Warming Faster
Higher elevations around the world may be warming much faster than previously thought, according to a paper which reviewed elevation-dependent warming mechanisms such as loss of snow and ice, increased latent heat release at high altitudes, low-elevation aerosol pollutants that increase the difference ...
By News Staff
New Guidelines For How To Treat A First Seizure
Following a first seizure, physicians should discuss with patients whether it is appropriate to prescribe medication to reduce risk of another seizure, according to new guidelines released at the latest American Academy of Neurology meeting.  About one in 10 people worldwide - including 150 ...
By News Staff
Why A Small Drop In Whooping Cough Vaccines Leads To A Case Upsurge
In 2012 the US saw a resurgence of pertussis (whooping cough) cases. the highest since 1955. Like in engineering, the reason a small increase in anti-science beliefs can lead to a big change in the number of cases comes down to degrees of freedom and the math of networks. A team led by Dr. Manoj ...
By News Staff
No Three-Parent IVF Needed: Genome Editing In Mitochondria Prevents Disease Inheritance
A proof-of-concept study in mice showed it is possible to prevent transmission of mitochondrial disease to children without resorting to controversial cytoplasmic transfer - "three-parent" IVF. Mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of the cell because they generate most of the cell's supply ...
By News Staff
Mosquito Bites Have A Genetic Component, Finds Twins Study
The likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes could be linked to our genes, according to a recent study. Previous papers have suggested that human attractiveness to insects is based on differences in body odor or diet but there has been no clear and consistent dietary explanation. Body odor ...
By News Staff
Abuse-Deterrent OxyContin Led To Fewer Overdoses
The introduction of abuse-deterrent OxyContin, coupled with the removal of propoxyphene from the US prescription marketplace, are getting the credit for decreasing opioid prescribing and overdoses in JAMA Internal Medicine. Those two changes led to a 19 percent drop in prescription opioid supply ...
By News Staff
Breast Milk Protects Against Necrotizing Enterocolitis In Preemies
The immune-boosting properties of breast milk have long been known and experiments in mice are beginning to show another way how. A team of scientists led by Johns Hopkins pediatric surgeon-in-chief David Hackam, M.D., Ph.D., says their experiments reveal how breast milk works to ward off the development ...
By News Staff
XactMice: 'Humanized' Mice Mean Better Cancer Immunotherapy Testing
Human tumors grown in mouse models have long been used to test promising anti-cancer therapies. However, when a human tumor is transplanted into a mouse, the mouse immune system must be knocked down so that it doesn't attack the foreign tumor tissue, thus allowing the tumor to grow. A University ...
By News Staff
How To Conduct A Personalized Pancreas Cancer Clinical Trial
After performing thousands of unsuccessful experiments in his attempt to perfect the light bulb, Thomas Edison famously remarked: "I have not failed, not once. I've discovered ten thousand ways that don't work." Australian leaders of an ongoing pancreatic cancer clinical trial known as the Individualised ...
By News Staff
Health Food Stores Recommend Body-Shaping Supplements To Minors, Despite Being Illegal In 49 States
Health food stores often regard science and evidence-based medicine as the tools of profiteering and greed so it is ironic that they continue to sell dietary supplements to children. Some even recommend them, despite clear warning labels that read "for adult use only."Though supplements are an ...
By News Staff
We Don't Hear Much About The 10,000 French Deaths At Gallipoli
With almost the same number of soldiers as the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) – 79,000 – and similar death rates – close to 10,000 – French participation in the Gallipoli campaign could not occupy a more different place in national memory. What became a foundation myth in ...
By The Conversation
College Rankings Under The Microscope
A Boston College expert in educational measurement is taking a look at the controversial college and university rankings lists that are promoted by schools hoping to lure full-fare students from out of state and parents and students who want validation for their choices. The rankings industry ...
By News Staff
The Evolutionary Psychology Reason Some People Will Be Anti-GMO
Scientists may get frustrated at Dr. Oz and The Food Babe and other people who are against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) while munching happily on organic strains created by mutagenesis, but if we care about cognitive science issues, the evidence-based world might want to be a little kinder ...
By News Staff
You Can't Exercise Through A Bad Diet
It's time to bust the myth that anyone, and that includes athletes, can outrun a bad diet, say experts in an editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Excess carbohydrates, not physical inactivity, are behind the surge in obesity. Regular exercise is key to staving off serious disease ...
By News Staff
Survey Finds People With Hepatitis B And C Suffer From Discrimination
If you have hepatitis B or C and feel like you are treated poorly by others due to it, you are not alone. As many as half of people infected with viral hepatitis say they have suffered discrimination and one-quarter admit that family members have avoided physical contact with them after finding ...
By News Staff
Trauma: Universal Donor Plasma Feasible, Can Save Lives
A recent randomized trial looked at the feasibility of 2013 guidelines issued by the American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality Improvement Project for trauma resuscitation and found that delivering universal donor plasma to massively hemorrhaging patients can be accomplished consistently and ...
By News Staff
Sensation Of Invisibility Created In The Lab
We've long been fascinated by but it has been fictional. Now a team of researchers has created a perceptual illusion of having an invisible body. You won't just 'feel' invisible like no one notices you in a crowd, you can actually feel invisible. The history of literature features many well-known ...
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