The Shame Of America's "Public Health"
Crazy Joe Mercola Behind The Times
Mechanism To Delay Aging Identified
New 3-Sigma Signals From LHCb & ATLAS
Urine Is Not Really Sterile
Urine is commonly believed to be sterile until it reaches the urethra but that has led to numerous misconceptions about what can and should or should not be done with it. Drinking urine is a bad idea, for example, because even though it is sterile it contains urea and other substances that ...
By News Staff
Antibacterial Plastic: Just Add Egg Whites
Bioplastics are used in medical applications such as wound healing dressings, sutures, catheter tubes and drug delivery and bioplastics made from protein sources such as albumin and whey have shown significant antibacterial properties.They could even be used for food packaging, according to a recent ...
By News Staff
Another One Bites The Dust - WW Cross Section Gets Back Where It Belongs
Sometimes I think I am really lucky to have grown convinced that the Standard Model will not be broken by LHC results. It gives me peace of mind, detachment, and the opportunity to look at every new result found in disagreement with predictions with the right spirit - the "what's wrong with it ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
The Stars May Be Singing
The study of fluids in motion – now known as hydrodynamics – goes back to the Egyptians so it has been involved in a lot of experiments but now it has provided something new; experimental evidence that stars may generate...sound.When examining the interaction between an ultra-intense laser ...
By News Staff
Methane-Generating Microbes In Arctic Lake Sediments Will Increase Production With Warming
A new study finds that in scenarios of increasing global temperatures, methane-generating microbes, found in thawing lake sediments may ramp up production. Though methane stays in the atmosphere for far less time than CO2, it is 25X more potent during that period. Concerns about methane have risen ...
By News Staff
NRDC Says Your Xbox Is Causing Global Warming - But It Isn't
A day after Playstation announced that their players are finally getting an update which will allow them to quickly switch from Rest Mode to powered-up, a feature already available on Xbox, the National Resources Defense Council announced that Xbox players are killing Gaia.The “Instant On” ...
By Hank Campbell
Yawunik Kootenayi - Lobster With Two Sets Of Eyes From 500,000,000 B.C.
What do butterflies, spiders and lobsters share in common? Yawunik kootenayi, a marine creature with two pairs of eyes and prominent grasping appendages that lived 250 million years before the first dinosaur.The fossil recently identified is the first new species to be described from the Marble ...
By News Staff
What Happens When An Antarctic Iceberg The Size Of A Country Breaks Away?
You never forget the first time you see an iceberg. The horizon of a ship at sea is a two dimensional space and to see a three dimensional piece of ice appear in the ocean is quite something. But, in truth, the first iceberg you see is likely to be small. Most icebergs that make it far enough north ...
By The Conversation
Learning In Action: 'Lightning Bolts' In The Brain Imaged
Researchers have captured images of the underlying biological activity within brain cells and their tree-like extensions, or dendrites, in mice that show how their brains sort, store and make sense out of information during learning. In a new study, neuroscientists tracked neuronal activity ...
By News Staff
Fasting Might Make Cells More Resilient To Stress
Intermittent fasting (also called alternate day fasting) has become a popular diet.In most versions of intermittent fasting, people fast or eat very little a few days each week and then eat normal amounts during the remaining days.Fasting is something that human beings have practiced throughout ...
By The Conversation
Sci-Fly: How Lifeforms Know To Be Just The Right Size
Shakespeare said "to be or not to be" is the question, and now scientists are asking how life forms grow to be the correct size with proportional body parts. Probing deeply into genetics and biology at the earliest moments of embryonic development, researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital ...
By News Staff
Herpes: Cytomegalovirus Hijacks Human Enzyme For Replication
More than 60 percent of the world's population is infected with a type of herpes virus called human cytomegalovirus, which replicates by commandeering the host cell's metabolism, but the details of this maneuver have been unclear. Researchers have discovered that cytomegalovirus manipulates a ...
By News Staff
Detecting Toxic Drugs Faster
By Ben Stein, Inside Science - Testing whether a drug is safe and effective usually takes many years and millions of dollars. Now, researchers have discovered a surprisingly simple method that could quickly and inexpensively weed out many toxic drugs early in the testing process. The test simply ...
By Inside Science
Human Respiratory Tissue Model For Toxicity Of Inhaled Pollutants
A 3-dimensional model of human respiratory tissue has been shown to be effective for measuring the impact of chemicals, like those found in cigarette smoke or other aerosols, on the lung.  More effective lab-based tests are required to reduce the need for animal testing in assessing the toxicological ...
By News Staff
Science From The Year In Space Mission Could Help Your Grandparents
NASA has sent an astronaut to the International Space Station to stay there for a year. Though Russian cosmonauts have achieved this feat before, the mission aims to help us to better understand how humans adapt to the spaceflight environment and the effects of countermeasures such as drugs and ...
By The Conversation
So Much For Branding: 1 Percent Of You Can Draw The Apple Logo
If you see a chicken, you know that's a chicken. If you see a cartoon of a chicken, you know that's a chicken.But can you draw a chicken from memory?Most people cannot draw anything that looks anything like a chicken, but is it because branding is not quality, our memories are poor, or we ...
By News Staff
Confirmation Bias: Why The Moon Gets Blamed For A Lot
In ancient times, attributing effects to the moon made some sense. If it could change tides, which everyone except Galileo recognized it did, why not cause effects in people? Today, we know better, and yet beliefs persist. The reason is confirmation bias, which makes conservatives and liberals ...
By News Staff
What Is The Best Measure Of Depression Severity?
It's no surprise to most that Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who crashed the plane into a mountain, killing all of the passengers and crew, had been treated for suicidal tendencies. While publications such as Slate rush to declare that depression is not linked to suicide ...
By News Staff
Sometimes Attention Is The Deficit
Writers, athletes and athletes can tell you that sometimes being too focused in a bad thing. You need to relax a little, especially if, as the old saying goes, being focused causes you to lose sight of the forest among all those trees.If you are coming out of a New York City subway one late afternoon ...
By News Staff
Why It Took Big Humans To Populate Europe
One of the dominant hypotheses of evolution is that our genus, Homo, evolved from small-bodied early humans to become the taller, heavier and longer legged Homo erectus that was able to migrate beyond Africa and colonize Eurasia. Not so, according to a new anthropology paper. Small-bodied ...
By News Staff
Intelligent Neuroprostheses: Brain-Controlled Devices Mimic Natural Motor Control
Researchers have tested a range of neuroprosthetic devices, from wheelchairs to robots to advanced limbs, that work with their users to intelligently perform tasks.They work by decoding brain signals to determine the actions their users want to take, and then use advanced robotics to do the work ...
By News Staff
High-Intensity Exercise Is Best Before That High Fat Meal
It's not always about burning calories after the fact, sometimes it is better for overall health to plan before that high fat meal.Current recommendations for young people are moderate-intensity exercise because tests had not really been done to know what kind of exercise is better. A new study ...
By News Staff
25 Percent Of High School Seniors Try Water Pipes
Cigarette smoking is down, thanks to fines and taxes on cigarette companies that fund anti-smoking campaigns - but hookah (water pipe) use is up. A new paper in Cancer Causes and Control worries that almost one in four high school seniors may try smoking hookah and 78,200 youth are current water ...
By News Staff
Aggression And Violence Against Doctors: Almost Everyone Is Affected
Verbal abuse, aggressive behavior, criminal damage to objects are expected in certain professions but hardly anyone includes doctors, although they are exposed to such incidents - and not just in dictatorships or the developing world.  Florian Vorderwülbecke and colleagues writing in Deutsches ...
By News Staff
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