The Ghosts Of 10,000 B.C.
Organic Movement: Forget Science For Ebola
The Resource Curse: Science Cities Suffer
Ebola Transmission Via Public Transport
Is It Possible To Build A Spacesuit Or Spaceship To Travel Through The Sun With Future Tech? - Just For Fun.
Have you ever wondered if any spaceship could ever travel through the sun with future technology? What if it is as big as Mercury or larger? Nothing material will work that we know of.  The sun's temperature of 26 million degrees is far too hot, and the most refractory substances we know of ...
By Robert Walker
Does Max Tegmark Kill A Daughter In A Parallel World ?
The popular description of virtual particles “borrowing” energy and popping in and out of existence all the time is very misleading. There are no such processes “really happening” in the way of a naïve, classically mechanistic physicalism. Instead, all potential partial processes consistent ...
By Sascha Vongehr
The Organic Smog And Ozone Created By Cleaning Your House
An organic compound called limonene provides the pleasant smell of cleaning products and air fresheners but some byproducts of these sweet-smelling compounds could be adding to the air while they remove germs and odors.By cleaning your house, you could be adding smog and ozone to it.  ...
By News Staff
Supersonic Laser-Propelled Aircraft Get A Step Closer
Aircraft propelled by beams of light rather than fuel? Laser-propulsion just got a step closer thanks to a new method for improving the thrust systems developed by physicists Yuri Rezunkov of the Institute of Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering and Alexander Schmidt of the Ioffe Physical Technical ...
By News Staff
Cyclone Nilofar Looks More Like A Comet
Tropical Cyclone Nilofar is closing in on the border between Pakistan and northwestern India and NASA's Terra satellite caught it while it passed overhead from space. Wind shear continued to affect the storm and from their image it looks more like a comet than a tropical cyclone. The MODIS or ...
By News Staff
Deforestation And Industrial-Scale Farming Could Lie Behind Ebola Outbreak
Ebola: EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, CC BY-SABy Richard Kock, Royal Veterinary CollegeThe still growing Ebola virus outbreak not only highlights the tragedy enveloping the areas most affected but also offers a commentary on they way in which the political ecology in West Africa allowed ...
By The Conversation
Where Did All The Oil From The Deepwater Horizon Spill Go?
Damage assessments from environmental hazards are always a challenge because of the competing constituencies pulling on science and the fuzzy nature of estimates. After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration was editing science reports to reflect its goals ...
By News Staff
Culling The Population Is Not A Realistic Environmental Solution
In the 1960s and '70s, population bomb reality was said to be as settled as climate change is today. No less than Dr. John Holdren, current Obama administration Science Czar, co-authored a book called Ecoscience, which argued that forced sterilization and mass abortions might  be necessary ...
By News Staff
Cytokinesis Lite: Cellular Division, Now With No Cells!
Cell division is central to life and the last stage, when two daughter cells split from each other, has fascinated scientists since the dawn of cellular biology. The name given to this process by those early biologists, cytokinesis, translates as "cell movement" and captures the sense of a highly ...
By News Staff
Scared Out Of Your Mind: Halloween, Fear And The Brain
Larger than life or small time? Herval, CC BYBy Kira Shaw, University of SheffieldChildren and adults alike are digging out those spooky costumes ready for a celebration. We’ve reached that time of year again: Halloween. October 31 is dedicated to remembering the dead.We’ve all experienced ...
By The Conversation
The Way Architecture Imitates Life, Biology Meets Geometry
Biology can be inspirational.  The spiral ramps in multistory parking garages, the way they are stacked and connecting parallel levels, are replications of helical structures found in a ubiquitous membrane structure in the cells of the body - Terasaki ramps in an organelle called the endoplasmic ...
By News Staff
Mini Human Stomach Created In The Lab - Using Adult Stem Cells
Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) became the target of researchers a decade ago due to restrictions on federal funding for human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). While media reports were claiming biology was dead if President Bush didn't violate President Clinton's Dickey-Wicker law, researchers ...
By News Staff
Aging Brains Aren't Necessarily Declining Brains
It's not all bad news for older brains. Credit: ShutterstockBy Angela Gutchess, Brandeis UniversityFor years, conventional wisdom held that growing older tends to be bad news for brains. Past behavioral data largely pointed to loss in cognitive – that is, thinking – abilities with age, including ...
By The Conversation
Mediterranean Diet Linked To Better Kidney Health
More than 20 million US adults have chronic kidney disease but a new study found that a Mediterranean-style diet may significantly reduce the risk of developing it. Every one-point increase in a Mediterranean diet score was associated with a 17% decreased likelihood of developing chronic ...
By News Staff
Now That People Are Thinking About Ebola Vaccines, Pay More Attention To Measles
Measles is one of the most contagious of vaccine-preventable diseases, with the average person with measles capable of infecting 12-18 people if susceptible, and the contagiousness of measles infection highlights gaps in vaccination in the United States that have appeared over the last decade ...
By News Staff
The Risks And Rewards Of Two Popular Gastric Bypass Procedures
A recent study compared two of the most commonly performed bariatric surgery procedures.There are tradeoffs between the two surgical approaches in potential risks and benefits and so there has been an ongoing debate about which can achieve weight loss, with conflicting results in systematic ...
By News Staff
Cui Bono? B-corporations And The University
California and Arizona recently began registering ‘benefit corporations.’ A small California non-profit university with which I’m acquainted has commenced the transition to for-profit, b-corp status. At the same time, according to Education Dive , the Arizona for-profit Christian institution ...
By Fred Phillips
Vermont GMO Labeling Law Exempts Herbal Supplements Made By Initiative Sponsors
During the 1920s, the cartoonist Rube Goldberg became immensely popular churning out cartoons that depicted devices that performed simple tasks in impossibly indirect and convoluted ways. In 1931, the Merriam-Webster dictionary even adopted the word “Rube Goldberg” as an adjective describing ...
By Jon Entine
Coulrophobia: Are Clowns Scary? Ha Ha Aaaargh
In the realm of pop culture, 'killer clowns' have really proliferated and fostered coulrophobia – the fear of clowns. Mark CrossfieldBy Fiona Gregory, Monash UniversityWhen Australian singer and TV personality Mark Holden appeared as a clown recently on Channel 7’s "Dancing with the Stars" ...
By The Conversation
Affordable Care Act: Playing Politics Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
Proponents of the Affordable Care Act are getting exactly the cultural result they wanted. They are able to declare victory because of a decrease in health care costs but don't mention it is because there has been a decrease in people using their insurance because of high out-of-pocket costs.In ...
By Elaina George
Information-Theoretic Security: Creating 21st Century Cryptography Standards
Most modern cryptographic schemes rely on complexity for security - they can be cracked, but that would take a prohibitively long time, even with enormous computational resources. Information-theoretic security, in which even an adversary with unbounded computational power could extract no useful ...
By News Staff
How Understanding The Heterogeneous Topocracy Of Twitter Can Help The Future Of Science 2.0
To gain followers on Twitter, some supposed social media and SEO "experts" claim that a lot of volume and following a lot of people is the road to popularity. Not really. The most effective strategy is to already be famous. Due to its imbalanced structure, Stephen Hawking is going to ...
By News Staff
Game Theory: When Are Groups Social? Or Insufferable?
Humans are primarily social creatures - Thoreau may have pretended he wanted to sit among nature by himself and write a book but he was in a house built by someone else, paid for by someone else, with clothes made by someone else, and writing a book that would be published by someone else.People ...
By News Staff
Lithotomy: A Painful Operation Inspired The 18th-Century Equivalent Of A Horror Movie Soundtrack
A surgeon performing a lithotomy on a patient, c. 1747. Wellcome Library, CC BY-SABy Pam Myers, University of West LondonYou don’t have to be a horror fan to be well acquainted with some of the 20th century’s classic slasher movie music. Even if you’ve never sat through Psycho, you could ...
By The Conversation
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