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Ecomodernism Unites Politically Divided Moms
Fundamental Physics Measurements with LEGO
Testing Internet Food Claims With Citizen Science
Electric Fields Remove Nanoparticles From Blood
Engineers have developed a new technology that uses an oscillating electric field to easily and quickly isolate drug-delivery nanoparticles from blood.  Nanoparticles are generally one thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair and are difficult to separate from plasma, the liquid ...
By News Staff
Tiny, Ultracool Star Is Super Stormy
Our Sun is a relatively quiet star that only occasionally releases solar flares or blasts of energetic particles that threaten satellites and power grids. You might think that smaller, cooler stars would be even more sedate. However, astronomers have now identified a tiny star with a monstrous ...
By News Staff
Hitler's Supergun: V-3 And The Plot To Destroy London
The V-3 “supergun” was meant to win the war for Germany. In 1943, for the first time since World War II began, Hitler was on the back foot. Allied bombs were devastating German cities and the Fuhrer was rattled. His proposed V-3 cannon would be the biggest gun the world had seen.The V-3 was ...
By The Conversation
A New Era Of Boutique Chocolate
A team of Belgian researchers has shown that the yeasts used to ferment cocoa during chocolate production can modify the aroma of the resulting chocolate. "This makes it possible to create a whole range of boutique chocolates to match everyone's favorite flavor, similar to wines, tea, and coffee ...
By News Staff
No, Earth's Magnetic Field Is Not About To Flip
The intensity of earth's magnetic field has been weakening in the last couple of hundred years, leading some to claim that its polarity might be about to flip. But the field's intensity is coming down from an abnormal high rather than approaching a reversal. And despite Doomsday prophecies stating ...
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Would You Pay $11 For A Carbon-Free Holiday?
A carbon tax of just $11 would offset the CO2 emissions from tourism, according to a paper in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Every time people go on vacation, or journalists go off to climate conferences like the one in Paris, they are using fossil fuel energy. The total emissions from ...
By News Staff
Nature Can Grind Mountains Faster Than Nature Can Rebuild Them
Researchers have attempted to measure all the material leaving and entering a mountain range over millions of years and discovered that glacial erosion can, under the right circumstances, wear down mountains faster than plate tectonics can build them. A study of the St. Elias Mountains on the ...
By News Staff
Earth's Ancient Climate More Sensitive To CO2 Than Previously Thought
Ancient climates on Earth may have been more sensitive to carbon dioxide than was previously thought, according to an analysis of nahcolite crystals found in Colorado's Green River Formation, formed 50 million years old during a hothouse climate. Scientists found that CO2 levels during this time ...
By News Staff
Lactate For Brain Cells Boosts Brain Energy Metabolism
In comparison to other organs, the human brain has the highest energy requirements. Nerve cells cover their high energy demand with glucose and lactate and a new report shows for the first time in the intact mouse brain evidence for an exchange of lactate between different brain cells.  The ...
By News Staff
The Secret Behind The Power Of Bacterial Sex
Migration between different communities of bacteria is the key to the type of gene transfer that can lead to the spread of traits such as antibiotic resistance, according to researchers. While horizontal gene transfer - also known as bacterial sex - has long been acknowledged as central to microbial ...
By News Staff
Armor With Eyes
The armored shells of some marine mollusks have evolved to satisfy two conflicting design requirements, protection and sight, a new study shows. Although many biological tissues serve more than one purpose, rarely are tissues optimized to do multiple tasks well; doing one task efficiently typically ...
By News Staff
Acorn Worm Genome Shows Why Humans Can Swallow - With Gills In Between
The newly sequenced genomes of two marine worms shed light on the 570 million-year evolution of gills into the human ability to bite, chew, swallow and speak. The draft genome sequences (doi:10.1038/nature16150) of two species of acorn worm, which live in U-shaped burrows in shallow, brackish ...
By News Staff
ADHD Medication - A Prescription For Bullying
Kids and teens who take medications like Ritalin to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are also twice as likely to be physically or emotionally bullied by peers. At even higher risk were middle and high school students who sold or shared their medications--those kids were four-and-a ...
By News Staff
Wheelchair Users Far More Likely To Die From Car Impacts
Pedestrian wheelchair users in the US are a third more likely to be killed in road traffic collisions than the general public, and men's risk is five times higher than women's, according to a paper in BMJ Open. Every year nearly 5,000 pedestrians are killed and another 76,000 injured in road traffic ...
By News Staff
Fuzi: Natural Chinese Medicine Jeopardizes Cardiovascular Health
A paper in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology warns that the use of unvalidated natural "medicine" may lead to severe poisoning. A 45-year-old Chinese woman was diagnosed with a severe heart-rhythm disorder, bidirectional ventricular tachycardia (BVT), associated with aconitine poisoning. BVT ...
By News Staff
Aspirin's Role In Cancer Prevention
Aspirin has been linked to a decreased risk of colorectal cancer but the risk of side effects, including in some cases severe gastrointestinal bleeding, make it necessary to better understand the mechanisms by which aspirin acts before recommending it as a preventative.  In a study published ...
By News Staff
Hiding Cigarettes At Convenience Stores Reduces Risk Of Teen Use
Most people who take up cigarette smoking, and place themselves at greater risk of cancer and lung ailments, start when they are young. A new RAND Corporation analysis finds the answer may be as simple as hiding them.The scholars created a laboratory replica of a convenience store to examine whether ...
By News Staff
Want To Be A Happy Couple? Have Some Sex This Weekend
Sex will make for a happy couple, according to social psychologists, and you don't even need to do it all that often.Previous claims, and resulting articles and self-help books, have claimed that more sex equals more happiness but that isn't the case, says the new study hoping to result in ...
By News Staff
Buddhist Meditation Can Reduce Racism
A popular Buddhist meditation technique that's intended to create feelings of kindness can also reduce prejudice, according to a new psychology paper. The work in Motivation and Emotion says that just seven minutes of Loving-kindness meditation (LKM), a Buddhist practice that promotes unconditional ...
By News Staff
A Raisin Can Predict Toddler's Academic Ability
A simple test using a raisin can predict how well a toddler will perform academically at age eight, according to a new paper. Using just the piece of dried fruit and a plastic cup they have devised a test based on how long a 20-month old child can wait to pick up a raisin in front of them.  ...
By News Staff
Better Detection Of Concussion In Young Football Players
Researcher Christian Duval, PhD, and his team have developed a new, simple and non-invasive approach to create a biomechanical and cognitive profile of football players and more quickly and accurately detect concussions in these individuals. Christian Duval and his post-doctoral student Hung Nguyen ...
By News Staff
Pain Patients Benefit From High Frequency Stimulation
Due to disease-related changes in their brain, pain patients often suffer from an impaired tactile ability in their hands. In a pilot study conducted by scientists at the Ruhr-University Bochum, high frequency repetitive stimulation was investigated as a therapeutic approach for these patients ...
By News Staff
You Knew This: Half Of Children Reject Parents' Political Party Affiliation
Recently, the American actress Jennifer Lawrence said she could never be a Republican even though she was 'raised' Republican. To the American public, that was no surprise, it is quite common for kids to rebel in lots of ways, including in politics, and Republicans in the Hollywood community, where ...
By News Staff
End Racist Sexism At US Universities Now
More than half, namely 60% of college graduates are female. Is this discrimination against men? And is the currently loudly demanded (and at Missouri University apparently well received) number of 10% Black faculty reasonable, or is this rather racist anti-East-Asian anti-Semitic discrimination ...
By Sascha Vongehr
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