Will Aspartame Critics Now Be Less Bitter?
The Science Behind Distillation
How To Make Cancer Drugs Affordable
New Results From The LHC At 13 TeV!
High Z: Metal Foams Shield X-rays, Gamma Rays And Neutron Radiation
Lightweight composite metal foams are effective at blocking X-rays, gamma rays and neutron radiation, and are capable of absorbing the energy of high impact collisions, and a new finding means the metal foams hold promise for use in nuclear safety, space exploration and medical technology applications ...
By News Staff
It's Misleading To Compare Exoplanet Kepler-452b To Earth
NASA’s announcement of the discovery of a new extrasolar planet has been met with a lot of excitement. But the truth is that it is impossible to judge whether it is similar to Earth with the few parameters we have – it might just as well resemble Venus, or something entirely different.The planet ...
By The Conversation
Kepler 452b - Things That Could Go Wrong With Habitability & If It Is - Could We Detect Intelligent Life There?
There is so much over enthusiastic hype about this planet today, I thought could do with a bit of more sober reporting of the results, interesting though they are. Much of that speculation derives from just one phrase in the press release I think, where they say:  "Today, and thousands ...
By Robert Walker
Dead Galaxies In Coma Cluster May Be Packed With Dark Matter, According To A Computer, Anyway
Galaxies in a cluster roughly 300 million light years from Earth could contain as much as 100 times more dark matter than visible matter, according to an Australian study. The research used computer simulations to study galaxies that have fallen into the Coma Cluster, one of the largest structures ...
By News Staff
Residential Tourism Increases Earthquake Risk, Says Sociologist
Antonio Aledo, Professor of Sociology at the University of Alicante, warns that "because of real estate speculation and the management of public budgets based on income from the real estate business, seismic risk has been forgotten." As an example, he used the town of Torrevieja, where one of the ...
By News Staff
Greenhouse Gas Emissions From African Rivers
Researchers have completed a large-scale research project conducted over a five-year period on the African continent to compile the first greenhouse gas budget of African rivers. Covering 12 rivers spread across the entire continent of Africa, the study shows that greenhouse gas emissions from ...
By News Staff
BP Oil Spill 5 Years Later: 10 Key Questions And Answers
On April 20, 2010, BP's Deepwater Horizon (DWH) drilling rig experienced a failure resulting in the discharge of gas and light sweet crude oil from a depth of approximately 5,000 feet. Discharge continued for 87 days until July 15, 2010, five years ago this week, when the well was capped and the ...
By News Staff
400 Million Year Old Penis And 4 Other Bizarre Fossils That Changed Science
From trilobites to tyrannosaurs, most fossils are of creatures with hard shells or bones. These materials don’t easily biodegrade and sediment has time to build up around them and turn them into a record of the creature that is still with us millions of years after it has died. Soft-bodied organisms ...
By The Conversation
Grasping How The Brain Plans Gripping Motion
With the results of a new study, neuroscientists have a firmer grasp on the way the brain formulates commands for the hand to grip an object. The advance could lead to improvements in future brain-computer interfaces that provide people with severe paralysis a means to control robotic arms and ...
By News Staff
Sleep Makes Our Memories More Accessible
Sleeping not only protects memories from being forgotten, it also makes them easier to access, according to new research which suggest that after sleep we are more likely to recall facts which we could not remember while still awake. In two situations where subjects forgot information over the ...
By News Staff
Biomarkers Higher In Binge Drinkers
A biomarker found in the blood of alcohol users is significantly higher in binge drinkers than in those who consume alcohol moderately, according to a study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The biomarker, called phosphatidylethanol (PEth), could be used to screen young adults ...
By News Staff
Why The Y Chromosome In Polar Bears Matters
Scientists have reconstructed part of the male chromosome in polar bears. They were able to assign 1.9 million base pairs specifically to the polar bear Y chromosome and show that more than 100,000 years ago, the male polar bear lineages split and developed in two separate genetic groups.The polar ...
By News Staff
New Method To Halt The Advance Of Liver Cancer
A new study by researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP), the National Cancer Institute, and the Chulabhorn Research Institute has found that blocking the activity of a key immune receptor, the lymphotoxin-beta receptor (LTβR), reduces the progression of liver cancer ...
By News Staff
Spines Of Boys And Girls Differ At Birth
Looking at measurements of the vertebrae - the series of small bones that make up the spinal column - in newborn children, investigators at Children's Hospital Los Angeles found that differences between the sexes are present at birth. Results of the study, now online in advance of publication in ...
By News Staff
Promising Prognosis: Cancer Deaths Continue To Fall
The rate of Australians dying from cancer is on a steady, downhill trajectory, thanks to powerful advances made in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. New data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows a promising outlook for those diagnosed with cancer.Deaths from ...
By The Conversation
How Did Mexico Eliminate Breast Cancer Deaths?
In Mexico, breast cancer has been adequately controlled, and is no longer considered a risk of death when it’s diagnosed. The disease is more common among women in the capital and the northern states, and is first in incidence of malignant neoplasms in females. It represents 11.34 percent of ...
By News Staff
Chimpanzees Binge On Clay To Detox
Wild chimpanzees in the forests of Uganda are increasingly eating clay to supplement the minerals in their diet, according to a long-term study published in PLOS ONE. The paper led by the University of Oxford describes how the researchers observed wild chimpanzees in the Budongo forest eating and ...
By News Staff
Teens With Medical Marijuana Cards Much Likelier To Say They're Addicted
A new University of Michigan study finds that teens using marijuana for medical reasons are 10 times more likely to say they are hooked on marijuana than youth who get marijuana illegally. The study is the first to report on a nationally representative sample of 4,394 high school seniors and ...
By News Staff
Varying Animal Research Standards Are Leading To Bad Science
Scientific research sometimes requires the use of animals. It’s a fact. And as long as that is the case, we need to do everything in our power to minimize the distress for laboratory animals. This is not just for the sake of the animals, but also for the sake of science itself. We know that the ...
By The Conversation
Selfishness Lasts A Lifetime
Researchers studying wild banded mongooses in Uganda have discovered that these small mammals have either cooperative or selfish personalities which last for their entire lifetime. The researchers investigated the selfish behavior of mongoose mate-guarding - where dominant males guard particular ...
By News Staff
Object Recognition For Robots
John Leonard's group in the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering specializes in SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, the technique whereby mobile autonomous robots map their environments and determine their locations. Last week, at the Robotics Science and Systems conference, members ...
By News Staff
3D Printed ‘Smart Cap’ Can Detect Spoiled Food
3D printing technology can now include electrical components, such as resistors, inductors, capacitors and integrated wireless electrical sensing systems, and researchers have put that concept to the test by printing a wireless “smart cap” for a milk carton that detected signs of spoilage using ...
By News Staff
Bomb-Proof Lining Contains Explosions In Aircraft
A bomb-proof lining called the  Fly-Bag has successfully contained blasts in a series of controlled explosions in the luggage hold of a Boeing 747 and an Airbus 321. Using this technology, tests show plane’s luggage hold may be able to contain force of an explosion if a device hidden ...
By News Staff
Kenya Example: How Re-Analyzing Scientific Research Data Can Change The Findings
Science, many people believe, is kept in check by scientists reviewing each other’s work. This has recently extended to re-analysis of data to see if results can be replicated, and has overturned important findings in medicine, economics, and sociology.We re-analyzed an influential randomized ...
By The Conversation
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