BPA In Seafood - Is It Safe?
The Arctic Apple's Hard Science
A Slow-Motion Particle Collision In Anomaly!
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No-till farming uses cover crops to conserve soil and suppress weeds but many... Read >
    The Six-Month Cycle Of The Experimental Physicist
    Every year, at about this time, the level of activity of physicists working in experimental collaborations at high-energy colliders and elsewhere increases dramatically. We are approaching the time of "winter conferences", so called in order to distinguish them from "summer conferences". During ...
    By Tommaso Dorigo
    Zika Linked To Miscarriages, Thin Brain Tissue In Babies
    Zika virus can cross the placenta, intended to protect the developing fetus, and appears to lead to a high percentage of miscarriages and to babies born with thin brain tissue and inflammation in brain cells, at least in mice.Mice are not little people, of course, or every disease would have been ...
    By News Staff
    The First Known Deuterostome?
    A few days ago I read an article in the Telegraph Humanity’s earliest known ancestor discovered - and it looks like a ‘wrinkled old sack’, featuring this creature:     namely Saccorhytus, a newly discovered microfossil from the Lower Cambrian of Shaanxi province, China, making ...
    By Robert H Olley
    Hype Or Health? Sitting Is As Bad For You As Smoking
    Sitting has been branded the “new smoking” for its supposed public health risks, especially for people with sit-down office jobs.Over the past 15 years or so sitting has been linked with cancer, heart disease and diabetes and even depression. This has led to a surge in media stories on the ...
    By The Conversation
    A Critical Review Of Flawed Claims Made In AIM Declaration On EDCs
    On February 9, the International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM) released a declaration on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in which the association implores the EU Commission to take a very conservative approach to identifying and regulating chemicals ...
    By Gregory Bond
    False Positives Make Women More Likely To Delay Next Mammogram
    Women who received a health scare in the form of a false positive result from a screening mammogram were more likely to delay or even forgo the next mammogram than women who had a correct negative result.A false positive result from a screening mammogram often leads to emotional, physical, and ...
    By News Staff
    12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Found
    The Dead Sea scrolls used to be revered as holding some special insight, perhaps we were only now mature enough to understand it. More recently, it's clear these were errors and cast-offs that were given a proper burial, but have no real benefit.To archaeologists, it's instead just science,  ...
    By News Staff
    Advanced Racism For Dr Duke And Prof Slattery: Why Hate Jews?
    Never compare between only Blacks (B) and others for example, or only Caucasian Whites (CW) and B. One should consider at least three together instead of only two. For example, consider also the North East Asians (NEA). Why? Without considering NEA, B and CW are merely two different regions in ...
    By Sascha Vongehr
    Basic Connection Between Neutrino Flavor and Geometry: Absolute Masses and CP-Violation Model ...  more »
    There is no correct moral theory. All morality is politics. People do not act on the basis of...  more »
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    The Amery Zig-ZagsCracks in the Amery Ice Shelf show a prominent zig-zag form.  This is a...  more »
    In what seems like a scene from the movie Groundhog Day, another rat study has come out of the...  more »