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How To Become A Researcher
EPA Again Delays Report On Safety Of Glyphosate
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    Another Stone On The Diphotonium Grave
    Last December, when the ATLAS and CMS experiments gave two bacl-to-back talks at the end-of-the-year LHC "physics jamboree" in the CERN main auditorium, the whole world of particle physics was confronted with a new question nobody had seen coming: could a 750 GeV particle be there, decaying a sizable ...
    By Tommaso Dorigo
    Stickney Crater: How A Martian Moon Came To Look Like The 'Death Star'
    Mars' largest moon, Phobos, has captured public imagination because the dominant feature on its surface (22-kilometers across) is Stickney crater (9-km across), a mega crater that spans nearly half the moon. The crater lends Phobos a physical resemblance to the planet-destroying Death Star ...
    By News Staff
    Proxima Centauri May Be More Sun-like Than Thought
    The nearby star Proxima Centauri hosts an Earth-sized planet (called Proxima b) in its habitable zone but the star seems nothing like our sun. It's a small, cool, red dwarf star only one-tenth as massive and one-thousandth as luminous as the sun. However, new research shows that it is sunlike in ...
    By News Staff
    An Astronaut Gardener On The Moon - Summits Of Sunlight And Vast Lunar Caves In Low Gravity
    You may have heard that the Moon is hopeless for gardening and for growing crops, and that Mars is the "go to" place for a prospective astronaut gardener. But is it? As it turns out, the Moon has some advantages over Mars, especially if you can plant your garden in a habitat or greenhouse on its ...
    By Robert Walker
    Biological Mystery: Why Would Replacing Diet Beverages With Water Help Diabetic Patients Lose Weight?
    In a recent paper, of 81 overweight and obese women with type 2 diabetes who usually consumed diet beverages and were on a weight loss program, those who substituted water for diet beverages after their lunch for 24 weeks had a greater decrease in weight (-6.40 vs. -5.25 kg) and body mass index ...
    By News Staff
    Simulations Point To A Promising Compound That Could Reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms
    A novel computational approach to design has created a new compound that in laboratory studies has reduced deficits and neurodegenerative symptoms that underlie Parkinson’s disease.In their study, the researchers describe how their compound, dubbed NPT100-18A, prevents the binding and accumulation ...
    By News Staff
    Phosphoethanolamine Shows Again Why There Are No Miracle Cures Being Blocked By Drug Companies
    The story of phosphoethanolamine (PHOS) in Brazil, which set off a widely publicized scientific debacle about the dangers of taking unproven compounds as medicines, shows once again that just because some miracle cure is touted in a foreign country doesn't make it real.This fact is in defiance ...
    By News Staff
    The Social Psychology Of Online Trolling, Part 1 Of 3
    Psychology studies the individual, and sociology studies the group. Social psychology studies the relation between the individual and the group, and for me that’s where all the action is. I study perception and the subjective organization of meaning ... In Trolls Just Want To Have Fun ...
    By Alex Durig
    Our University President Was Sooo Stupid….
    How stupid was he? He shut down the Center for Groundwater Research. I quote him: “You don’t need to grind water. It’s a liquid.” He closed our renowned Digital Signal Processing program. He was then unable to process, when faculty flashed him a certain digital signal. Next to go was ...
    By Fred Phillips
    Over the years, people like Bostrom, Smoot, Kurzweil and many others, have claimed that...  more »
    Last August 27 a full-day outreach event was held in the nice small town of Veroia, in northern...  more »
    Nonzero Theta13 and Neutrino Mixing Deviation from Bimaximal Geometric Symmetry &nbsp...  more »
    About five phones out of 2.5 million replacement Samsung Note 7's caught fire according to Samsung...  more »
    Cornell students want to "debate" GMOs tomorrow, and while finding anti-science activists is easy...  more »