Sexual Harassment Insurance
From Neuroscience To AI: How Robots See
Defeating ISIS Is Good For The Environment
The Future Of The LHC
Another Nice Review Of "Anomaly!"
It was nice to find John Duffield's review of my book "Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab" in the Amazon site today. John, who is a reader and commenter of this blog, liked the book as he took it the way I wanted it to be taken - as an entertaining account of ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
When Ignorance Kills Human Progress, And A Petition You Should Sign
An experiment designed to study neutrinos at the Gran Sasso Laboratories in Italy is under attack by populistic media. Why should you care? Because it's a glaring example of the challenges we face in the XXI century in our attempt to foster the progress of the human race.What is a neutrino? Nothing ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Can Apophis Hit Earth In 2036? NO - ‘News’ In Tabloid Fish-Wrapper Is Google Nº 1
I have had lots of questions about this today because of a poorly researched Daily Star sensationalist article based on a many years out of date NASA press release. As usual with Google News this nonsense has gone right to the top of its search results. They really do need to fix this! Anyway ...
By Robert Walker
My Interview On Physics Today
Following the appearance of Kent Staley's review of my book "Anomaly!" in the November 2017 issue of Physics Today, the online site of the magazine offers, starting today, an interview with yours truly. I think the piece is quite readable and I encourage you to give it a look. Here I only quote ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
15,000 Scientists Sign Letter Urging More Action On Climate Change And Other Issues - This Is Positive - Not A Doomsday!
This is a story that's running at the moment - hugely sensationalized and made as pessimistic and gloomy as could be. in many of the papers, especially the sensationalist press, it's presented as a "Doomsday prediction". It's nothing of the sort.The number of scientists, 15,000 is correct, and ...
By Robert Walker
Antarctic Volcano Role In Warming Was Understated
There is additional evidence a mantle plume, basically a geothermal heat source such as a volcano, is below Antarctica's Marie Byrd Land and it explains a substantial amount of the melting that creates lakes and rivers under the ice sheet. Mantle plumes are thought to be narrow streams of ...
By News Staff
Palm Oil And Rainforests: Companies Are Abandoning Commitments, Says Group
A San Francisco activist group claims major candy and snack manufacturers have deceived consumers by promising to clean up their palm oil supply chains, but these promises have been delayed, revised or watered down.Palm Oil is a common vegetable oil, Nutella famously said their product won't be ...
By News Staff
The Homeopathy Beliefs About Neonicotinoids And Honey
If you read a headline declaring that scientists had discovered that up to 75 percent of human food samples were found to be contaminated with some scary-sounding substance, like arsenic, what would you think? (1)You'd be worried, and rightfully so. But if you then found many paragraphs into the ...
By News Staff
Alpha Zero Teaches Itself Chess 4 Hours, Then Beats Dad
Peter Heine Nielsen, a Danish chess Grandmaster, summarized it quite well. "I always wondered, if some superior alien race came to Earth, how they would play chess. Now I know". The architecture that beat humans at the notoriously CPU-impervious game Go, AlphaGo by Google Deep Mind, was converted ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Does Your Brain Naturally Feel God? Temp Lobe Feel Of Person Presence & Evolved Religion
There is an area close to the left ear, in the ‘temporal lobe’, that, when stimulated via strong magnetic fields, triggers religious feelings, visions of bright lights at the end of a tunnel, and, at a certain frequency, the feeling of the presence of somebody next to oneself, or somehow present ...
By Sascha Vongehr
Predicting How Plant Species Might Respond To Climate Change
Though CO2 emissions have plummeted in the United States, as developing nations achieve prosperity they will want air conditioners, sanitation and food - and those all require energy. They sure are not going to let already wealthy nations tell them they must be stuck with solar panels.So climate ...
By News Staff
Making Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Treatable Again
Transport proteins called efflux pumps, and their role in creating drug-resistance in bacteria, could lead to improving effectiveness of drugs against life-threatening diseases and perhaps even bring defunct antibiotics back to prominence.Some life-threatening infections do not respond to antibiotics ...
By News Staff
When Pharmacy Experts Take Medical Histories, Medication Errors Drop 80 Percent
When pharmacy professionals — rather than doctors or nurses — take medication histories of patients in emergency departments, mistakes in drug orders can be reduced by more than 80 percent, according to a recent paper.Injuries resulting from medication use are among the most common types of ...
By News Staff
What Killed Dinosaurs May Kill Cancer Cells Too
The world’s second densest metal can be used to kill cancer cells by filling them with a deadly version of oxygen, without harming healthy tissue, according to a new paper.The metal, iridium, was in the asteroid with the strongest link to the extinction of dinosaurs. When combined with organic ...
By News Staff
These Minority Groups Have Alarmingly High Rates Of Obesity And Diabetes
Though there are often conversations about the health of larger minority groups such as African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans, smaller groups are a real worry for an increasingly overburdened government health care system.  Most health data only code participants into standard non ...
By News Staff
Wealthier Minorities Face More Discrimination And It's Being Blamed For Worse Health
Rich people are more likely to shop at Whole Foods, buy supplements, vote for a particular political party and...racially discriminate against minorities? That last part is according to a new sociology paper which will force some inconvenient questions about race and money in America.Though it ...
By News Staff
Threat Via Emoji - The Law Does Not Consider Them A Joke
Nearly everyone is familiar with emoji, those popular icons that appear in text messages, emails and social media platforms. Emoji are often used as light-hearted adjuncts to text, or to soften the blow of a message.Emoji can be viewed as overly simplistic in some contexts. For example, government ...
By The Conversation
For The British, Bans Increase Happiness
In 2007, there was a ban that increased happiness for married women, but not men, according to the British Household Panel Survey.That ban was on smoking. According to the World Health Organisation, smoking is directly linked to 6 million deaths every year worldwide leading to diseases like ...
By News Staff
Online Myth: 90 Percent Will Shop In Retail Stores This Holiday Season
It surprises most millennials to learn that only about 10 percent of all retail purchases are actually made online. Each semester, when I ask hundreds of undergraduate business students to estimate, they consistently guess that between a quarter and half of all retail spending happens on the internet ...
By The Conversation
Holiday Drinking: What The Saints Believed
Each year the holidays bring with them an increase in both the consumption of alcohol and concern about drinking’s harmful effects. Alcohol abuse is no laughing matter, but is it sinful to drink and make merry, moderately and responsibly, during a holy season or at any other time? As a historical ...
By The Conversation
Liza Gross And The Credibility Hole Science Media Must Crawl Out Of
ABC News recently suspended Brian Ross (four weeks without pay) for fabricating an unsubstantiated story that matched his ideological beliefs about Republicans and President Donald Trump and which caused the Dow Jones Industrial Average to plummet. This was not the first time he had turned his ...
By Hank Campbell
Relevance Of Race And G Factor Over Social Darwinism In China And General
Since writing on intelligence and race, many who know me and that I am capable of Aspergerian levels of critical thought, such as the boss of Science2.0, cannot understand how I, the quantum relativist unforgiving of any simplification, can be suddenly so naïve as to, for instance when discussing ...
By Sascha Vongehr
Why We Are Safe From A ‘Black Star’ Sending Earthquakes From A Distance On Sunday - It's Fake News & Fantasy
This is another silly story that is scaring people including very young children and giving them panic attacks. The claim is a fantasy story that a 'black star' (??) at the far side of the sun is going to somehow send powerful earthquakes to Earth on Sunday 19th November from a distance of over150 ...
By Robert Walker
Will Position-Specific Football Helmets Reduce NFL Concussions?
By Chris Gorski, Inside Science -- Hard-shelled football helmets first emerged nearly 80 years ago to protect against catastrophic head injuries like skull fractures and brain hemorrhages, and they have evolved over the decades to offer better protection. Recently, public attention has increasingly ...
By Inside Science
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