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Five New Charmed Baryons Discovered!
Opt Out Of State Testing?
NYU Journalism Dept Scandal Grows
Predicting Methane Rise, Using A Hydroxyl Radical Estimate
In the late 2000s, after natural gas uptake caused American carbon dioxide emissions to plummet, panicked environmentalists began to scramble for new ways to campaign on ending so-called fossil fuels. Methane, with 23X the warming power of CO2, was ideal, but they had just spent a decade insisting ...
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Starbursts In Virgo
Starburst galaxies are where stars are forming at such a breakneck rate that the galaxy is eating up its gas supply faster than it can be replenished. There are several different factors that can lead to such an ideal environment in which stars can form at such a rapid rate. Crucially, there has ...
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Waiting For Jupiter
This evening I am blogging from a residence in Sesto val Pusteria, a beautiful mountain village in the Italian Alps. I came here for a few days of rest after a crazy work schedule in the past few days -the reason why my blogging has been intermittent. Sesto is surrounded by glorious mountains, ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Accelerating Universe Expansion Without A Need To Invoke Magical Dark Energy
The umbrella term for the 68 percent of the universe that we can't detect and know nothing about has been given the umbrella term "dark energy." Like wormholes 30 years ago, it is more MacGuffin than science. You could call it aether or magic or any deity name and be just as valid.But inference ...
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More Ways Forests Prevent Global Warming
Everyone knows the value of trees in the cycle of atmospheric life. They consumer carbon dioxide (CO2), the target of regulations for the last few decades.But that's not the only way they keep us cool. Trees also impact climate by regulating the exchange of water and energy between the Earth's ...
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Consumption Vortex And The Terrifying Mathematics Of The Anthropocene
Here are some surprising facts about humans’ effect on planet Earth. We have made enough concrete to create an exact replica of Earth 2mm thick. We have produced enough plastic to wrap Earth in clingfilm. We are creating “technofossils”, a new term for congealed human-made materials – plastics ...
By The Conversation
Why Vegetable Farmers Aren't On Board The No-Till Train
No-till farming uses cover crops to conserve soil and suppress weeds but many vegetable producers haven't embraced it yet. The reason is simple; small-seeded vegetable crops struggle to emerge through thick cover crop residues. A recent program sought to see how it might work better with string ...
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When We Didn't Have Enough CO2 And Oxygen, Snowball Earth
We think we know the perfect balance of gases in the atmosphere, and it involves a time before there was any industry, when the human population was tiny, when almost all of the planet was covered in plants. Basically, the dream of environmental groups today (with their members being the few allowed ...
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Kuphus Polythalamia: Giant Sulfur-Powered Shipworm Is The Stuff Of Science Fiction
A newly named species, a giant, black, mud dwelling, worm-like animal, doesn't seem to eat much, instead it gets its energy from a form of sulfur. The public is often confused what 'discovery' means in science. It means it is being identified as a new species, not never seen before. The three ...
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When Fathers Are Involved, Parental Care Gets A Lot More Elaborate
Let's be honest, most human dads do less work raising the kids than human moms. That's not true in all species, though. In a few, fathers care for their developing embryos more than mothers, and biologists speculated that this paternal devotion had evolved from ancestors entirely lacking parental ...
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The Redundancy Of Freud's Divide Between Psychiatry And Neurology
Neurological and psychiatric conditions both involve the brain, but are treated very differently. Put simply, neurologists are trained to deal with the “brain” and psychiatrists to deal with the “mind”. Neurologists and psychiatrists formally parted company in the late 19th century. Ever ...
By The Conversation
Cystic Fibrosis And The Mechanism Of Mucus
People with cystic fibrosis suffer repeated lung infections because their airway mucus is too thick and sticky to keep bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from causing chronic infection. How mucus becomes abnormal in cystic fibrosis airways has never been fully understood, but a new study ...
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Glutamine Deprivation As Therapy For Cancer? Not So Fast
Since cancer tumors are thought to depend on  large amounts of glutamine to achieve rapid growth, some have speculated that glutamine deprivation is a therapeutic approach.A new study casts doubt on that. Numerous studies have indicated that tumore cannot survive without glutamine, and ...
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How To Control The Opioid Epidemic In The US
The opioid epidemic has exploded into the national consciousness in the last two years. While anti-medicine groups seek to lay blame on pharmaceutical companies and doctors who give out prescriptions too easily, other groups wonder why the crack epidemic, which was far worse, got less attention ...
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Massachusetts Health Care Expansion Increased Thyroid Cancer Surgeries
Health care expansion in Massachusetts, which became a model for the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) caused a surge in surgeries for thyroid cancer.What that means depends on who is doing the framing. One side can argue that surgeons now had the state government ...
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Truvia Doesn't Kill Houseflies, They Starve To Death
Activist groups have continually perpetuated claims about artificial sweeteners, without noting that they are in animal models - and a billion rats have been killed by chemicals found in every food - and that to get similar risk in humans, you would need to drink 7,000 diet sodas per day.But animal ...
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Ancient Ways Humans Kept The Dead From Rising Out Of The Grave
Vampires, ghouls, zombies, they have become part of Western burial imagery even though they originated elsewhere. Yet concern about the dead rising from their graves was evident long before tales arrived from Romania or Haiti. From the 11th to 14th centuries AD, medieval people in England likely ...
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Like Your Nose? Thank Climate Changes
A new paper claims the size and shape of your nose evolved in response to local climate conditions. The nose is one of our distinctive facial features. It conditions the air we breathe so it is warm and moist when it reaches the lungs, which helps prevent infections. And that may be why  ...
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Draining The Junk Science Swamp
President Trump says he came to Washington to “drain the swamp,” and now his administration is looking for wasteful programs to cut. A great start would be pulling the plug on numerous federal “research” programs that, frankly, have been captured by Washington special interests.In fact ...
By Angela Logomasini
The Expression Of Scientific Certainty By Expert Witnesses In American Jurisprudence
An expert witness is a person authorized by a judge to share professional opinions in a court of law about subjects in which the expert was found to be sufficiently knowledgeable and competent.  During criminal or civil litigation, the permission granted to expert witnesses to give their opinions ...
By John Collins
Government: There Is More To Science Than Government-Funded Jobs
For the better part of this century, the federal government has promoted the notion that only government-funded science is real science, and the private sector is the icky kind that, let's face it, the kind of people who overwhelmingly prefer to stay in academia dislike. (1)Then we get into a problem ...
By Hank Campbell
Bee Science Could Help Dismantle Terrorist Networks
A new bio-inspired algorithm seems to use the social behavior of bee colonies, which allows them to attack in an optimal way, could help dismantle social networks linked to organized crime, jihadist terrorism, or facilitate the design of vaccination strategies capable of containing the spread of ...
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SourceWatch: A Website For Political Conspiracy Theorists
In today's hyper-politicized culture, honest disagreement is a challenge. Social media, which has become a sewage pipe of blatant political partisanship and unscientific propaganda, has accelerated this disturbing trend. If two otherwise intelligent people disagree on something, accusations of ...
By Alex Berezow
No Science Distorting Populism For High Trust Society
The prospect of a peaceful right wing revolution from the heart is no more but an April fools’ day joke to those high on hate such as Andrew Anglin. I would not be surprised if, as the hole at the other end of Ezra Levant’s dildo also suspected, such is supported by (((groups))) interested ...
By Sascha Vongehr
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