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The BPA Paradox
A Disturbance In The Force: 'Giant' Charge Density Oscillation Discovered In Nanomaterials
In metals like copper and aluminium, conduction electrons move around freely, in the same way as particles in a gas or a liquid. But when impurities are introduced into the metal's crystal lattice, electrons cluster together in a uniform pattern around the point of interference, resembling ...
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Turn Sawdust Into Gasoline Additive
Researchers using a new chemical process have converted the cellulose in sawdust into hydrocarbon chains, building blocks for gasoline.  Cellulose is the main substance in plant matter and is present in all non-edible plant parts of wood, straw, grass, cotton and old paper.  These hydrocarbons ...
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Chillin' With The Coldest Matter In The World
Physicists have developed a new cooling technique for mechanical quantum systems by using an ultracold atomic gas, cooling a membrane down to less than 1 degree above absolute zero. Ultracold atomic gases are among the coldest objects in existence. Laser beams can be used to trap atoms inside ...
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Vermicompost Leachate: Liquid Earthworm Poop Improves Organic Tomato Growth
Want to improve tomato crop yields without using more fertilizer? Try  verimcompost leachate. That is a soil ameliorant, which is basically a fertilizer but made of an organic liquid produced by earthworm poop. If you are really organic, you can even make tea from it. A research project ...
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Australian Farmers Face Increasing Threat Of New Diseases
Honeybees pollinate a third of Australia's food crops. Losing them due to varroa might would cost the economy billions of dollars. David McClenaghan, Author providedBy Gary Fitt, CSIROA nationwide outbreak of foot and mouth disease; an invasion of a devastating wheat disease; our honeybees completely ...
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How To Make A Profit In The World's Driest Wheat Region
Take a spot that only gets 6 to 8 inches of rain per year, with erosion causing such blinding dust that there is zero visibility, and build a wheat farm.Wait, why would you do that? Washington State University researchers do it in the Horse Heaven Hills of south-central Washington to understand ...
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Ancient Buried Canyon In South Tibet Rules Out Tectonic Aneurysm
An ancient, deep canyon buried along the Yarlung Tsangpo River in south Tibet, north of the eastern end of the Himalayas, has been discovered by geologists who say this ancient canyon--thousands of feet deep in places--effectively rules out a popular model used to explain how the massive and picturesque ...
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In A Snowstorm, Do You Want Salt Or Vegetable Juice On Your Road?
Vegetable juice ice-melt?  Ice-free pavement? "Smart snowplows"?   Cold-climate researchers at Washington State University are clearing the road with 'green' alternatives to salt.Do they work? It depends on whether or not you are getting paid to work on them. Washington state has become ...
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Not Neonics: Parasites Are Bad For Honey Bees
For a short window, it appeared that bees were dying off. Environmentalist were quick to blame a new kind of pesticide, Neonicotinoids, known in short form as neonics, but then it turned out that the die-offs were in just one geographical area, which would not be the case if it were due to a pesticide ...
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Blind Scottish Centipede Reveals How Venomous Carnivores Evolved
Usually blind sages revealing the secrets of the universe are Asian. Scotland doesn't get enough respect that way but a centipede is defying the stereotype.Arthropods are one of Earth's real success stories, with more species than any other animal phylum. Genome sequencing has been skewed towards ...
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Strain 115 : The Killer Bacteria Inside Your Thanksgiving Turkey
While an alarming number of wealthy people think organic food contains no chemicals, the opposite is true. Not only is everything chemical, the most organic of organic Thanksgiving meals is stuffed full of mutagens and carcinogens, at least in environmental toxicology studies on rats.But in the ...
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Stachys Caroliniana: Rare New Species Of Plant Discovered
Sometimes you don't need to travel to the unexplored corners of the globe to discover a new species of plant. Sometimes they can be really close to home, you just have to spend 40 years of your life looking. University of South Carolina Professor John Nelson and alumnus Douglas Rayner have founds ...
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Postivie Early Phase 1 Results For AG-120 In IDH1 Mutated AML
Results presented at the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Symposium in Barcelona show "extremely promising" early phase 1 clinical trial results for the investigational drug AG-120 against the subset of patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) harboring mutations in ...
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El Niño Blamed For Stunted Growth Of Peruvian Children
Epidemiologists have linked El Niño, a recurring pattern where every 2-7 years warm waters in the Equatorial Pacific change the weather, to short stature, also known as stunting,  which is usually due to chronic malnutrition.The authors found that children born in coastal Peru during ...
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Invisible: Older Adults Missing In Sexual Health Research
Studies that deliberately exclude older adults from their samples render older adults' sexuality invisible. shutterstockBy Sue Malta, University of MelbourneThe Australian Study of Health and Relationships (ASHR), the latest findings of which were released recently, has much to commend it. Like ...
By The Conversation
GEDi: Genetic Test For Inherited Eye Disease Highly Accurate
The retina is the neural tissue in the back of the eye that initiates vision. It is responsible for receiving light signals and converting them into neurologic signals, which are then transmitted via the optic nerve to the brain so that we can see. Mutations that disrupt vision by damaging the ...
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Not Just The Wealthy: Feeling Like You Have Enough Drives Opposition To More Taxes
There is a perception that 'the wealthy' are opposed to more taxes and income redistribution in America. But the wealthy already pay an alarming amount in taxes and 47% remain loyal to tax-cutting politicians every election cycle.People have ideological reasons to oppose government redistribution ...
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More Social: Loneliness Among American Teenagers Declines
There has been concern about a lessening of social engagement, mostly created by older people who see young people behaving differently than they did (and do). Last decade it was noted that young people were less likely to join clubs, had fewer close friends, and were less likely to perceive others ...
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Relevance In Decline? Italian Natural History Museums On The Verge Of Collapse
Due to a loss of scientific relevance, which has led to scarcity of personnel and thus decreasing government funding, Italian natural history museums are on the verge of collapse.  A new paper in Zookeys proposes that the existing museums associate and collaborate to form a diffused structure ...
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Surveys Show Global Warming Belief Doesn't Change With The Weather
What will it take to convince skeptics of global warming that the phenomenon is real? Droughts, floods and heat waves will begin to change minds.But is attributing every weather event to climate change helping or hurting? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says media should not ...
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Random Walk Is Similar In Particles, Waves...and Ants
In a famous mathematical thought experiment, the goal is to make randomness deterministic by closed-form equation, so mathematicians tried to determine the path of a 'drunken sailor' staggering around a town. If there are street lamps, he will run into them, change his direction and keep ...
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Australia: Incomes Fell As Stressed Economy Continued To Struggle
Australia recently had an election where they asked for a dramatic departure from previous fiscal policies. The reasons were simple, in hindsight. Everyone wanted more money from an increasingly larger government but incomes were declining. Inflation is still happening, government employees ...
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Diversity Fatigue: Why Businesses Struggle To Close The Gender Gap
Diversity is listed at the bottom of priorities for human resources professionals in large firms yet many mangers still feel threatened by diversity policies.shutterstockBy Jennifer Whelan, Melbourne Business SchoolMany large organizations are now on their second or third wave of diversity and ...
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Bitcoin And Anonymity: User's Identity Can Be Revealed Much Easier Than Thought
Bitcoin calls itself the new money and says it can be minted and exchanged on the Internet, faster and cheaper than a bank. It's gotten a lot of attention but how anonymous is it? Not very, if you have computers and about $1,500.Several groups worldwide have shown that it is possible to find out ...
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