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NSA, Snowden & Citizen Cryptology
Everything You Want To Know About On-Chip Topological Light
Topological transport of light is the photonic analog of topological electron flow in certain semiconductors. In the electron case, the current flows around the edge of the material but not through the bulk. It is "topological" in that even if electrons encounter impurities in the material the ...
By News Staff
IRC 0218 9.6 Billion Years Ago Is Farthest Lensing Galaxy Yet
Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have unexpectedly discovered the most distant galaxy that acts as a cosmic magnifying glass. Seen here as it looked 9.6 billion years ago, this monster elliptical galaxy breaks the previous record-holder by 200 million years. These "lensing" galaxies ...
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Anisotropic Resistance: A Physical Link To Weird Electronic Behavior
One of the baffling electronic properties of the iron-based high-temperature superconductor barium iron nickel arsenide is that, at sufficiently low temperatures, it becomes a better conductor of electricity in some directions than in others. The odd behavior, which has been documented in a number ...
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To Live And Die In Berkeley: Monitoring Schrodinger's Cat In Real Time
Schrödinger's cat is one of the famous examples of the weirdness of quantum mechanics   The thought puzzle is that you put a cat inside a box and make its life dependent on a random event, when does the cat die? When the random event occurs, or when you open the box?Obviously when the event ...
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Off The Grid: All-In-One Trigeneration System Offers Greener Power With Energy Storage
A trigeneration system fueled entirely by raw plant oils could have great potential for isolated homes and businesses operating outside grid systems. Combined Heat and Power units have been used by large businesses for many years, producing electricity from a generator, and running heating off ...
By News Staff
Ancient Mystery: European Mosquitos Trapped In Asian Amber
A comparison of Baltic Sea region amber with amber from Asia could be significant - rather than being found just in Mecklenburg, Poland or Belarus, European species have been found almost 10,000 kilometers away in Fushun, even though Europe and Asia were divided by the Strait of Turgay ...
By News Staff
Science 2.0: Big Data Shows Temperature Swings Are Here To Stay
One of the most promising aspects of a Science 2.0 future is not just being able to analyze trillions of data points or getting the public to help with biology, but making more accurate models using much larger data sets. Big data.This is not new in commercial physics software, where a Monte Carlo ...
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In The Arctic Ocean, Researchers Measure Waves The Size Of Houses
As the climate warms and sea ice retreats, the North is changing. An ice-covered expanse now has a season of increasingly open water which is predicted to extend across the whole Arctic Ocean before the middle of this century. Storms thus have the potential to create Arctic swell – huge waves ...
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Squid Lady Parts
This article was first published 31 July 2014 on Things We Don't Know. Reprinted here with permission.This bobtail squid is very surprised at the absence of squid gynaecologists! Image credit: NOAA OKEANOS Explorer ProgramI first saw squid pimples in 2006, on a research cruise in the Sea of ...
By Danna Staaf
Tooth Evolution Reproduced By Manipulating Embryonic Development Of Mice
Researchers have been able to experimentally reproduce morphological changes in mice which have taken millions of years to occur. Through small and gradual modifications in the embryonic development of mice teeth, induced in the laboratory, they obtained teeth which morphologically are very ...
By News Staff
Lucinids: 400 Million Years Of Symbiotic Survival
One of the most diverse families in the ocean today, marine bivalve mollusks - called Lucinidae or lucinids - originated more than 400 million years ago in the Silurian period, with adaptations and life habits like those of its modern members. About 500 lucinid species exist today, with by ...
By News Staff
Mouse Models Of Autism Show Insular Cortex Alterations
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviors. Diagnosis is solely based on behavioral analysis, biological markers and neurological underpinnings remain unknown, but the search ...
By News Staff
The Retinoblastoma Reason Brain Tumors Are More Common In Men
A paper in The Journal of Clinical Investigation helps explain why brain tumors occur more often in males and frequently are more harmful than similar tumors in females. Glioblastomas, the most common malignant brain tumors, are diagnosed twice as often in males, who suffer greater cognitive impairments ...
By News Staff
A Molecular Map For Eye Disease
Understanding eye diseases is tricky enough but knowing what causes them at the molecular level will help. University of Iowa researchers have created the most detailed map to date of a region of the human eye long associated with blinding diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration. The ...
By News Staff
Infants At Greater Risk Of Death On Commercial Airline Flights
Scholars at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies  &  Children's Hospital analyzed pediatric medical emergencies on flights worldwide between January 2010 - June 2013 and found 90 that percent of deaths occurred in children under the age of 2 - lap infants may be at greater risk for death ...
By News Staff
Artemisinin Resistance: Malaria Drug Changes Need To Be Made
Resistance to artemisinin, the main drug to treat malaria, has become widespread throughout Southeast Asia.Resistance among the Plasmodium falciparum (P. falciparum) parasites that cause the disease is likely caused by a genetic mutation in the parasites, but a six-day course of artemisinin-based ...
By News Staff
Anxiety Linked To Seizures Mistaken For Epilepsy
New research has revealed psychogenic seizures which could be mistaken for epilepsy are linked to feelings of anxiety. The team of researchers devised a set of tests to determine whether there was a link between how people interpret and respond to anxiety, and incidences of psychogenic nonepileptic ...
By News Staff
Like Modern Civilization? Thank Femininity
Modern humans began the first steps to what we might call culture some 50,000 years ago, 150,000 years after appearing in the fossil record. What changed?A new paper in Current Anthropology argues that more feminine faces and gentler personalities were the result of less testosterone. People ...
By News Staff
Bipartisan House Bill H.R. 5183 Will Reduce Costs Of Medicines For Chronically Ill
The current government in Washington, D.C. may be dysfunctional but they still get together on some things. H.R. 5183, the Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) for Better Care Act of 2014,could improve the health of patients with chronic illness while reducing what they spend on the medicines ...
By News Staff
Take That, Mom: We Should Talk To Strangers After All
An anthropological wave has taken place, first in Asia that has now spread worldwide - humans, the most social species on the planet, have begun to gather in groups and ignore each other while communicating wirelessly with people doing the same ignoring of real people elsewhere.The trend of sitting ...
By News Staff
The Great War Began 100 Years Ago Today: Here's History That Gets Ignored
The history of World War I - since there was no II then, it was simply The Great War - is well-known. Volumes have been written about why European monarchs, related to each other, nonetheless rolled "the iron dice" and sent millions of young men to their deaths. The technological and medical ...
By News Staff
Science 2.0: Network Modeling To Seek Out Misinformation Diffusion
If you read politics on Twitter, you would have recently seen that Republicans in the U.S. Congress are going to impeach President Obama if they get enough seats in November, so it is vital that Democrats win elections. Or you can read that living near a farm will give your child autism and ...
By Hank Campbell
Apple Vulnerabilities, Incomplete Fixes Allow IOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak
Security researchers at the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) have discovered a way to jailbreak current generation Apple iOS devices (e.g., iPhones and iPads) running the latest iOS software. The jailbreak, which enables circumvention of Apple's closed platform, was discovered by ...
By News Staff
Medicaid May Be Why So Many Mentally Ill People Are In Prison
In the 1800s, mentally ill people were in jail. Then they were put in more humane mental hospitals. But then mental hospitals got vilified in mainstream news stories and horror movies and they were closed and now mentally ill people are back in jails, 10 times as many as are in mental health facilities ...
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