Defeating ISIS Is Good For The Environment
The Future Of The LHC
What's Worse: Censorship By Government Or Google?
Google News Overrun By Fake Astronomy
My Interview On Physics Today
Following the appearance of Kent Staley's review of my book "Anomaly!" in the November 2017 issue of Physics Today, the online site of the magazine offers, starting today, an interview with yours truly. I think the piece is quite readable and I encourage you to give it a look. Here I only quote ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Anomaly Reviewed On Physics Today
Another quite positive review of my book "Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab"  (which these days is 40% off at the World Scientific site I am linking) has appeared on Physics Today this month. The piece is by Kent Staley, a philosopher of science who knows ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Stephen Hawking - Predicts Earth To Glow Red Hot By 2600 Due To Population Growth - Could It?
Stephen Hawking tends to exaggerate, using hyperbole - exaggerations for emotional effect. In this talk he takes our exponential population growth and extrapolates it forwards to 2600 and predicts that human beings will cover the globe shoulder to shoulder and that our electricity consumption will ...
By Robert Walker
Things That Can Decay To Boson Pairs
Writing a serious review of research in particle physics is a refreshing job - all the things that you already knew on that specific topic once sat on a fuzzy cloud somewhere in your brain, and now find their place in a tidily organized space, with clear interdependence among them. That's what ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
15,000 Scientists Sign Letter Urging More Action On Climate Change And Other Issues - This Is Positive - Not A Doomsday!
This is a story that's running at the moment - hugely sensationalized and made as pessimistic and gloomy as could be. in many of the papers, especially the sensationalist press, it's presented as a "Doomsday prediction". It's nothing of the sort.The number of scientists, 15,000 is correct, and ...
By Robert Walker
Antarctic Volcano Role In Warming Was Understated
There is additional evidence a mantle plume, basically a geothermal heat source such as a volcano, is below Antarctica's Marie Byrd Land and it explains a substantial amount of the melting that creates lakes and rivers under the ice sheet. Mantle plumes are thought to be narrow streams of ...
By News Staff
Palm Oil And Rainforests: Companies Are Abandoning Commitments, Says Group
A San Francisco activist group claims major candy and snack manufacturers have deceived consumers by promising to clean up their palm oil supply chains, but these promises have been delayed, revised or watered down.Palm Oil is a common vegetable oil, Nutella famously said their product won't be ...
By News Staff
The Homeopathy Beliefs About Neonicotinoids And Honey
If you read a headline declaring that scientists had discovered that up to 75 percent of human food samples were found to be contaminated with some scary-sounding substance, like arsenic, what would you think? (1)You'd be worried, and rightfully so. But if you then found many paragraphs into the ...
By News Staff
Tapanuli: A Third Orangutan Species Exists
Move over, Bornean and the Sumatran orangutans. Scholars have identified a third orangutan species, the Tapanuli orangutan, that sits alongside the Pongo abelii, living on the island of Sumatra, and the Pongo pygmeaeus, endemic to Borneo, on the evolutionary tree.This third species was known since ...
By News Staff
Genetically Engineered Wheat Can Boost Food Security
Though genetically engineering food using science remains controversial in some circles, with concerns about genetically modified corn syrup in candy and claims that CRISPR can somehow be harmful whereas mutagenesis-derived foods can be labeled organic, progress marches on.We're on our way to 9 ...
By News Staff
The Insect Spreading Citrus Death
In recent years the citrus industry has suffered a dramatic decrease in production. The iconic Florida citrus industry is in a disease-induced decline, ravaged by a pathogen that has cut the production to half of what it was only a decade or so ago.Why is This Happening? This devastating decline ...
By Anne Schwartz
Genetic Quality Of Fathers Influences Gender Of Offspring
In determining the gender of offspring, fathers may be getting shortchanged. Because mothers can influence their offspring in a number of ways, from copulation to birth, while fathers have control over sperm only, it has long been assumed mothers are more important. In mammals, it is also ...
By News Staff
What Killed Dinosaurs May Kill Cancer Cells Too
The world’s second densest metal can be used to kill cancer cells by filling them with a deadly version of oxygen, without harming healthy tissue, according to a new paper.The metal, iridium, was in the asteroid with the strongest link to the extinction of dinosaurs. When combined with organic ...
By News Staff
These Minority Groups Have Alarmingly High Rates Of Obesity And Diabetes
Though there are often conversations about the health of larger minority groups such as African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans, smaller groups are a real worry for an increasingly overburdened government health care system.  Most health data only code participants into standard non ...
By News Staff
Wealthier Minorities Face More Discrimination And It's Being Blamed For Worse Health
Rich people are more likely to shop at Whole Foods, buy supplements, vote for a particular political party and...racially discriminate against minorities? That last part is according to a new sociology paper which will force some inconvenient questions about race and money in America.Though it ...
By News Staff
Cannabinoid Chronic Neuropathic Pain Treatment Gets A Patent
A cannabinoid neuropathic treatment that provided pain relief in rats for a period of eleven days after the oral administration of a single dose has received a patent and signed an intellectual property license with GB Sciences, Inc. Next up, they will work on formulations based on polymer ...
By News Staff
Holiday Drinking: What The Saints Believed
Each year the holidays bring with them an increase in both the consumption of alcohol and concern about drinking’s harmful effects. Alcohol abuse is no laughing matter, but is it sinful to drink and make merry, moderately and responsibly, during a holy season or at any other time? As a historical ...
By The Conversation
When The Missionaries Of Neoliberal Economics Knock, Bar The Door
The Foundation for Economic Education, with the inevitable acronym FEE, aims to “promote new content and distribution techniques for free-market ideas.” Fee has “distilled ‘economic thinking’ into 12 key concepts.”  Let’s pray that the “distribution” fails and these concepts ...
By Fred Phillips
The Sad State Of Entrepreneurship In America: What Educators Can Do About It
While responsible people work to stave off humanity’s ecological suicide, many young nerds write unimportant apps to do “things their mothers used to do for them.” The Elon Musks of the world – those who prepare for the long game while financing it with innovative products for today’s ...
By Fred Phillips
Google News Latest Fake 'Daily Doomsday' - Says Huge Planet Found By NASA In Galactic Bulge Could Unleash Apocalypse On Earth
This is yet another example of how outrageously bad Google News is when it comes to astronomy. I get asked this rather often, whether Earth is endangered by some distant planet or galaxy or black hole, by children or adults who have read stories in the sensationalist press that appear in Google ...
By Robert Walker
Relevance Of Race And G Factor Over Social Darwinism In China And General
Since writing on intelligence and race, many who know me and that I am capable of Aspergerian levels of critical thought, such as the boss of Science2.0, cannot understand how I, the quantum relativist unforgiving of any simplification, can be suddenly so naïve as to, for instance when discussing ...
By Sascha Vongehr
Will Position-Specific Football Helmets Reduce NFL Concussions?
By Chris Gorski, Inside Science -- Hard-shelled football helmets first emerged nearly 80 years ago to protect against catastrophic head injuries like skull fractures and brain hemorrhages, and they have evolved over the decades to offer better protection. Recently, public attention has increasingly ...
By Inside Science
Remarks On Game Theory About Race Mixed Society
These are remarks to the article "Game Theory on Race Mixed Society turning Lawless"Remark GoBu: Everyone feels as if good according to their own bunch of statements, and for non-self-contradicting bunches, being good would be a priori, because you add to your bunch only what you judge to be good ...
By Sascha Vongehr
Game Theory On Race Mixed Society Turning Lawless
Also on China, Jews, ‘game theory paradox’, Antifa, Trump supporters, gun laws…**Trigger Warning**Game theoretically, the left-right political divide is an understood phenomenon. Such polarization arises whenever power is distributed through repeated winner-takes-all elections. Smaller groups ...
By Sascha Vongehr
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