The Resource Curse: Science Cities Suffer
Science Left Behind 2014 Update
Hidden Star Formation Found In A Protocluster
No Light Dark Matter Yet
Data Transmission Gets A New World Record
Fewer cords, smaller antennas and quicker video is the goal of a microwave circuit that has set a new world record for data transmission. As we all know, watching a film clip on a tablet or phone us a lot more than pressing 'play' - the data must reach us quickly via a long series of devices ...
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New Tractor Beam Can Repel And Attract
A long-distance optical tractor beam can move tiny particles - one fifth of a millimeter in diameter - a distance of up to 20 centimeters, which is almost 100 times further than previous experiments.The hollow laser beam is bright around the edges and dark in its center and it can be used to attract ...
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Attention Cute Robots And Satellites Of Mars: A Comet Is Coming
Image: NASABy Monica Grady, The Open UniversityAs every good marketing manager knows, value for money is a major driver for the success of a product. Being a bargain is not usually a feature of space projects, but planetary scientists will get two for the price of one on October 19 when instruments ...
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IPTF13bvn: Hydrogen-Deficient Supernova Progenitor Discovered?
A recent model says it provides the first characterization of the progenitor for a hydrogen-deficient supernova. Their simulation predicts that a bright hot star, which is the binary companion to an exploding object, remains after the explosion so they secured observation time with the Hubble Space ...
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Great Earthquakes Doubled In The Most Recent 10 Year Period - What That Means
Since December 2004 there have been 18 quakes of 8.0 or greater on the moment magnitude (Mw) scale – a rate more than twice that seen from 1900 to mid-2004. Some of that difference could be due to unprecedented advances in technological and scientific capacity to detect earthquakes ...
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Tropical Storm Ana Over Hawaii
At 2 AM local time in Hawaii, Tropical Storm Ana was just below hurricane strength with maximum sustained winds near 70 mph. NOAA's Central Pacific Hurricane Center expects it to weaken before it intensifies again. The center of tropical storm Ana was located near latitude 20.6 north and longitude ...
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Antibiotic Levels In Farm-Raised Fish Are Safe, But Need Watching
Modern food science has meant a lot fewer people starving, but there has also been an increase in products designed to keep animals and fish healthy, like antibiotics.Antibiotics do not just disappear. Even in trace amounts, over time they can build up in the environment and that gives bacteria ...
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More Electricity In Developing Nations Had Little Impact On Climate Change
Without question American CO2 emissions have plummeted, even after being driven into more coal usage due to political concerns about nuclear energy. Cleaner natural gas made the difference but environmental critics say the energy emissions burden simply shifted to developing nations - poor people ...
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Hunters Unite: Global Warming Implicated In Animal Size
Alpine goats appear to be shrinking in size, according to scholars at Durham University, and that is due to global warming over the past 30 years, they say.   Young Chamois now weigh about 25 percent less than animals of the same age in the 1980s, they found, and note that in recent ...
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Viral Mutation: Why You May Be More Susceptible To Last Year's Flu
Why were so many middle-aged adults hit especially hard by the H1N1 influenza virus during the 2013-2014 influenza season? Vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to produce antibody proteins against particles (called antigens) from an infectious agent, such as bacteria or a virus. ...
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Fecal Transplant Might Mitigate Lupus
Can probiotic yogurt help with lupus?While most of science disagrees, corporate marketing departments have embraced every chance to imply their product helps with digestion and whatever else can sell product. A new paper in  Applied and Environmental Microbiology adds to that, finding that  ...
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Superspreaders: How Disease Propagates In Infected Animals - And Antibiotics Help
Some people infected with pathogens spread their germs to others while remaining symptom-free - a new study may answer why. When researchers in a new study gave oral antibiotics to mice infected with Salmonella typhimurium, a bacterial cause of food poisoning, a small minority — so called "superspreaders" ...
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Children Who Drink Milk Substitutes Have Lower Vitamin D - But Why?
Some children are allergic to milk, so they drink milk substitutes such as soy or rice. And almond milk has become a well-marketed fad to due health claims.But there may be negatives: though many of those products are fortified, children who drink them have lower levels of Vitamin D in their blood ...
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HPV Vaccine Does Not Cause Multiple Sclerosis
Vaccines have been associated with autism and various other conditions and diseases. Most recently, the hepatitis B (HepB) and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been linked to increased risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other acquired central nervous system demyelinating syndromes (CNS ADS) ...
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CDC: Mississippi Leads US In Vaccination Coverage Among Kindergarten Children
State and local vaccination requirements for school entry seek to protect schoolchildren from vaccine-preventable diseases.  But not all parents agree medicine is a good thing and the newest CDC results show what states are leading and what states are lagging in protection for kids.Each year ...
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Aspirin, Anti-Inflammatory Medicine, Benefits Schizophrenia Treatment
Anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin, estrogen, and Fluimucil can improve the efficacy of existing schizophrenia treatments, according to results announced at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology conference in Berlin. Doctors have long believed that helping the immune system ...
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The Optimism Of Depressed People
Even depressed people are essentially optimistic - they believe that tomorrow will be better, even though that belief probably won't lead to better outcomes. That is true optimism.A paper in Clinical Psychological Science says that middle-aged adults who had a history of depression evaluated their ...
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Government Math: More Will Lose Health Insurance Than Gained It If ACA Subsidies Are Eliminated
Eliminating subsidies that help low- and moderate-income people purchase coverage through government-run health insurance marketplaces would sharply boost costs for consumers and cause more than 11 million Americans to lose their health insurance, according to a new paper by the section of the ...
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Seasonal Affective Disorder - Depression Linked To Serotonin
Some people suffer from 'winter blues' while others have no issue. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects people as daylight levels drop in autumn. At Northern European latitudes (for example all of Scandinavia, Glasgow and Moscow) around 1 person in 6 suffers from SAD.  Psychologists ...
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Manly Men And Feminine Women Are Not Evolutionary Mandates - They Are Urban Ones
It is often believed that masculine men and more feminine women were prized in ancient societies and that modern culture is beyond gender simplifications, but a team of psychologists, anthropologists and biologists that surveyed 12 populations around the world, from the primitive to the ...
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Psychiatry Should Switch From Symptom-based Prescriptions To Target-based
Psychology and psychiatry have a big problem - they are trapped in the past. While most areas of medicine have moved beyond symptom-based diagnosis, the mental health community is instead adding new symptom-based diagnoses, and as a result the National Institute of Mental Health has declared that ...
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Digital Death And The Digital Afterlife: How To Have It And How To Avoid It
Image: the conversationBy David Glance, University of Western AustraliaIn 2012, the UK’s Sunday Times reported that actor Bruce Willis was going to sue Apple because he was not legally allowed to bequeath his iTunes collection of music to his children. The story turned out to be false (and shockingly ...
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ACA Lessons Learned: Cost Of Enrollment High Due To Website Issues
Though lots of people used the expensive government health insurance portal to get information on the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, far fewer could successfully use it to sign up.As the stories of its flaws mounted, larger percentages instead talked to call centers  ...
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Discovering A Viking Hoard: A Day In The Life Of A Metal Detectorist
Credit: mikecogh, CC BY-SABy Suzie Thomas, University of HelsinkiMetal detecting enthusiast Derek McLennan’s recent discovery of Viking-age artefacts at a site in Dumfries and Galloway is both spectacular and impressive. Not only did he uncover a hoard of Viking-age artifacts, but this is his ...
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