Ebola Transmission Via Public Transport
Hidden Star Formation Found In A Protocluster
The Resource Curse: Science Cities Suffer
Science Left Behind 2014 Update
What's Hiding Under The Clouds Of Venus - Heavy Metal Frost?
The surface of Venus can't be seen from orbit in visible light due to its hot, dense and cloudy atmosphere. Instead, radar has been used by spacecraft to penetrate the clouds and map out the surface – both by reflecting radar off the surface to measure elevation and by looking at the radio emissions ...
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Attention Cute Robots And Satellites Of Mars: A Comet Is Coming
Image: NASABy Monica Grady, The Open UniversityAs every good marketing manager knows, value for money is a major driver for the success of a product. Being a bargain is not usually a feature of space projects, but planetary scientists will get two for the price of one on October 19 when instruments ...
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IPTF13bvn: Hydrogen-Deficient Supernova Progenitor Discovered?
A recent model says it provides the first characterization of the progenitor for a hydrogen-deficient supernova. Their simulation predicts that a bright hot star, which is the binary companion to an exploding object, remains after the explosion so they secured observation time with the Hubble Space ...
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Who Owns The Moon?
Credit: Niall Carson/PABy Saskia Vermeylen, Lancaster UniversityWhether you’re into mining, energy or tourism, there are lots of reasons to explore space. Some “pioneers” even believe humanity’s survival depends on colonizing celestial bodies such as the moon and Mars, both becoming central ...
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Tropical Storm Ana Over Hawaii
At 2 AM local time in Hawaii, Tropical Storm Ana was just below hurricane strength with maximum sustained winds near 70 mph. NOAA's Central Pacific Hurricane Center expects it to weaken before it intensifies again. The center of tropical storm Ana was located near latitude 20.6 north and longitude ...
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Antibiotic Levels In Farm-Raised Fish Are Safe, But Need Watching
Modern food science has meant a lot fewer people starving, but there has also been an increase in products designed to keep animals and fish healthy, like antibiotics.Antibiotics do not just disappear. Even in trace amounts, over time they can build up in the environment and that gives bacteria ...
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Fracking Boom Could Mean Up To 12% More Carbon Emissions
Better get our heads out of the sand and run. Credit: Peter Byrne/PABy Erik Bichard, University of SalfordThe consistent message from those who would seek to exploit shale gas is that it has three distinct advantages over existing forms of fossil fuel energy: it is cheap, it has a lower influence ...
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Journey To The Center Of The Earth Finds Primordial Signatures From The Early Solar System
A study of Samoan volcano hotspots has found evidence of the planet's early formation still trapped inside the Earth. Volcanic island chains such as Samoa can contain ancient primordial signatures from the early solar system that have survived for billions of years. To make their determination ...
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The Croup: Winning The War Against Human Parainfluenza Virus
Human parainfluenza virus (hPIV) is highly infectious and the leading cause of upper and lower respiratory tract disease in young children, including Croup, which is responsible for thousands of hospitalizations in the developed world, and hundreds of thousands of deaths each year in developing ...
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Autocatalytic Network: A Step Closer To Creating Artificial Living Systems
How did life originate? And can scientists create life? These questions have always occupied philosophers and scientists interested in the origin of life, and they impact technology of the future also. If we can create artificial living systems, we may not only understand the origin of life - we ...
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Fairness May Be Built Into The Brain - But Fairness Doesn't Mean Equal Income
Is fairness built into the brain? According to a new Norwegian brain paper, people appreciate fairness - but fairness is not that everybody gets the same income, which is sure to concern those who believe all money should be distributed equally. Economists from the Norwegian School of Economics ...
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Gene Duplications Associated With Autism, Schizophrenia Evolved In Last 250,000 Years
 A region of human chromosome 16, known as 16p11.2, is prone to genetic changes in which segments of DNA are deleted or duplicated and is considered to be one of the leading candidates for genetic causes of autism, schizophrenia, and other conditions. A new study finds that a genetic variation ...
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Aspirin, Anti-Inflammatory Medicine, Benefits Schizophrenia Treatment
Anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin, estrogen, and Fluimucil can improve the efficacy of existing schizophrenia treatments, according to results announced at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology conference in Berlin. Doctors have long believed that helping the immune system ...
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Get A Heart On: Viagra Is Good Outside The Bedroom Too
Long-term daily use of Viagra can provide protection for the heart at different stages of heart disease, with few side effects, according to a new meta-analysis published in BMC Medicine.  Scientists from the Sapienza University of Rome carried out a meta-analysis of randomized controlled ...
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Antibiotics Of The Future
Computer simulations show how bacteria are able to destroy antibiotics, focusing on the role of enzymes in the bacteria which split the structure of the antibiotic and stop it working, making the bacteria resistant.  The new findings show that it's possible to test how enzymes react to certain ...
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Humans May Have A Spidey Sense For Blind Spots
Credit: Tobyotter via flickrBy: Nala Rogers, Inside Science(Inside Science) -- The spider's iconic leggy shape can abruptly yank our attention, even when we’re focused on something else, according to a new study. Other shapes such as houseflies and hypodermic needles don’t draw our attention ...
By Inside Science
Ashes And Vegetables: The Diet Of Roman Gladiators Was Rather Poor
Ancient Greeks used onions as a performance-enhancing drug. Roman gladiators ate ashes and vegetables. If common-sense does not tell us that there was no ancient civilization with futuristic technology building pyramids, anthropology certainly can.Historic sources claimed referred to gladiators ...
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Not The Christian Thing To Do: Reminding People Of Religious Belief Reduces Hostility
Muslim terrorists and the Klu Klux Klan share one thing in common; they claim to be religious even though the ideas they promote (and in the case of the former, the actions they take) are not very nice.The fringes get all of the attention but most religious people are not clinically insane or promoting ...
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Climate Change: It’s Only Human To Exaggerate, But Science Itself Does Not
Credit: EPABy Rob MacKenzie, University of BirminghamTo exaggerate is human, and scientists are human. Exaggeration and the complementary art of simplification are the basic rhetorical tools of human intercourse. So yes, scientists do exaggerate. So do politicians, perhaps even when, as the UK’s ...
By The Conversation
Play Action Video Games, Boost Your Sensorimotor Skills
A new study has found that people who play action video games such as the "Call of Duty" or "Assassin's Creed" seem to learn a new sensorimotor skill faster than non-gamers do. Sorry, Bungie, "Destiny" was not out when they did the study and auto-rifles would mess up the results anyway. A new ...
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Digital Death And The Digital Afterlife: How To Have It And How To Avoid It
Image: the conversationBy David Glance, University of Western AustraliaIn 2012, the UK’s Sunday Times reported that actor Bruce Willis was going to sue Apple because he was not legally allowed to bequeath his iTunes collection of music to his children. The story turned out to be false (and shockingly ...
By The Conversation
ACA Lessons Learned: Cost Of Enrollment High Due To Website Issues
Though lots of people used the expensive government health insurance portal healthcare.gov to get information on the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, far fewer could successfully use it to sign up.As the stories of its flaws mounted, larger percentages instead talked to call centers  ...
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Discovering A Viking Hoard: A Day In The Life Of A Metal Detectorist
Credit: mikecogh, CC BY-SABy Suzie Thomas, University of HelsinkiMetal detecting enthusiast Derek McLennan’s recent discovery of Viking-age artefacts at a site in Dumfries and Galloway is both spectacular and impressive. Not only did he uncover a hoard of Viking-age artifacts, but this is his ...
By The Conversation
KAMRA Inlay: Reading Glasses May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past
Reading glasses have served us for centuries. Why fix a good thing? Because science and technology can. Presbyopia, blurriness in near vision experienced by many people over the age of 40, could one day be relegated to olden days if a thin ring inserted into the eye gains popularity. Presbyopia ...
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