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Opt Out Of State Testing?
Contrary to widespread consumer belief, organic farming is not the... Read >
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    Neutrinos: The Status, Circa 2017
    The XVII edition of the “Neutrino Telescopes” conference closed its works yesterday after a lively debate on the future of the neutrino physics program in Europe. I followed the works and published in the conference blog over 60 articles summarizing the presentations, which ranged from descriptions ...
    By Tommaso Dorigo
    IARC Stands Alone Insisting Glyphosate Must Be Dangerous
    ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency, has released findings from its Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) which concluded that glyphosate (e.g. Roundup, by the agriculture company Monsanto, though it's been off-patent for 17 years) is not a carcinogen, nor is it a mutagen, nor is it toxic for reproduction ...
    By News Staff
    Why I Wouldn't Fly With SpaceX To The Moon As Soon As 2018 - If They Paid Me A Billion Dollars
    I think the chances of the SpaceX mission around the Moon going ahead on schedule in 2018 is tiny. But on the remote chance it does, I would not fly on that mission, if you paid me a billion dollars. The problem is that they have to rely on many innovations working just right that are hardly tested ...
    By Robert Walker
    New Form Of Matter: Supersolid Is Both Superfluid And Crystalline At The Same Time
    By using lasers to manipulate a superfluid gas known as a Bose-Einstein condensate, the team was able to coax the condensate into a quantum phase of matter that has a rigid structure — like a solid, and can flow without viscosity, a key characteristic of a superfluid.  Basically, they have ...
    By News Staff
    The Redundancy Of Freud's Divide Between Psychiatry And Neurology
    Neurological and psychiatric conditions both involve the brain, but are treated very differently. Put simply, neurologists are trained to deal with the “brain” and psychiatrists to deal with the “mind”. Neurologists and psychiatrists formally parted company in the late 19th century. Ever ...
    By The Conversation
    Cystic Fibrosis And The Mechanism Of Mucus
    People with cystic fibrosis suffer repeated lung infections because their airway mucus is too thick and sticky to keep bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from causing chronic infection. How mucus becomes abnormal in cystic fibrosis airways has never been fully understood, but a new study ...
    By News Staff
    Sorry Environmentalists, DNA Causes 66% Of Cancers
    If you read the claims of environmental groups, trace levels of chemicals are the source of most cancers, even if they are well below harmful levels, due to vague claims of "bioaccumulation." If you read the recent claims of the EPA, air pollution is causing acute deaths, even though the United ...
    By News Staff
    We Need To Reinvent Primary Care
    Politicians are arguing with each other about health care. One side is yelling that people have coverage, even if they can't afford to use it and twice as many people will lose than ever got it. Another side claims emergency room visits and pediatric care are a luxury.What is clear is that something ...
    By News Staff
    Are Federal Nutrition Guidelines Realistic? Only Rich Pregnant Women Can Meet Them
    The numerous nutrition guidelines promoted by the U.S. federal government are obeyed by just 2 percent of Americans. If only 2 percent of any population can obey your guidelines, they are a nutritional wishlist created by groups of experts promoting their diet fads, not evidence-based information ...
    By News Staff
    Like Your Nose? Thank Climate Changes
    A new paper claims the size and shape of your nose evolved in response to local climate conditions. The nose is one of our distinctive facial features. It conditions the air we breathe so it is warm and moist when it reaches the lungs, which helps prevent infections. And that may be why  ...
    By News Staff
    Draining The Junk Science Swamp
    President Trump says he came to Washington to “drain the swamp,” and now his administration is looking for wasteful programs to cut. A great start would be pulling the plug on numerous federal “research” programs that, frankly, have been captured by Washington special interests.In fact ...
    By Angela Logomasini
    Jews And Aspergerian Racists Dancing Around The Oven
    “Not only a new kind of community but a new kind of man comes into history with the development of the Jews.” (H.G. Wells:“A Short History of the World” Chapter 22 “Priests and Prophets in Judea”, 1922)Racism, “a new kind of man”, written by one of the brightest minds who did no ...
    By Sascha Vongehr
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    Basic Connection Between Neutrino Flavor and Geometry: Absolute Masses and CP-Violation Model ...  more »