SpaceShipTwo failed catastrophically during a test flight with a new motor killing 1 and injuring another who parachuted to safety.  Right now in failure Space Ship 2 still more survivable than either Soyuz or the now retired NASA Space Shuttles.  When those craft have a similar problem everybody dies If anyone who has put down their $250,000 really frankly wants to give up their seat, give it to me.  I will go.   Understand the risk when you strap in.  The risk is you may be blown up and/or have to experience a very...
My colleague, Tony Troxel, has a blog called Geeking in Indiana with the tagline, “Movies, Tidbits, and General Geekery from Around Indiana.” Tony explains the purpose of his blog here.

I should point out that I used the word “cosplay” in the title of this article, but Tony considers himself to be a “costumer” rather than a “cosplayer.” He explains the difference between the two here. According to Tony, “ ‘Cosplay’ is dressing in a costume and playing the character.

Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have discovered a streamer of gas flowing from a massive outer disc toward the inner reaches of a young, low-mass binary star system GG Tau-A.
Underneath the ancient royal buried ground of Saqqara in the Egyptian desert lies something even creepier than mummies that might come back to life - mummies that might come back to life and be adorable.

The Sacred Animal Necropolis, as it was called after being discovered by archaeologists last century, was dedicated to Anubis - that is the one with the head of a dog/jackal - and is believed to contain up to 8 million animals, most of them small dogs. It's hard to be sure because the animals were not mummified the way royal members were so they have just basically decomposed into heaps of DNA. Most were placed there in the Late- (747-332 B.C.) and Ptolemaic (332-30 B.C.) Periods.

Regular meditation along with a mindful lifestyle path can help individuals control and recover from many mental health disorders. Meditation is a practice of training the mind to induce another state of consciousness or bring attention to a particular point.

 NASA Kepler Mission

If we were aliens, would we be able to detect Earth, using the technology we have now?
Just a short entry to mention that the blog of my colleague Michael Schmitt, a professor at Northwestern University and a member of the CMS collaboration, is as active as ever, with several very interesting and well-written pieces recently published:

Saturday, I launched my first project to crowd-fund my PhD dissertation research in science communication Louisiana State University.