The premise of this two-part blog post is that this presidential campaign has outdone every other. This time, the altered reality has already transpired and the election itself will be an anti-climax of sorts. Last time we discussed the already-accomplished apotheosis of Hillary Clinton. Believe it or not, today we investigate the strangest secret of contemporary presidential politics: the serial resurrection of one Donald J. Trump.

In the dome of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., there is a painting called The Apotheosis of George Washington. The significance of this work of art cannot be underestimated. At the very least it represents a tribute to Washington for denying himself the crown and opting instead to become a chief executive officer of our newly incorporated USA. He would be the President, and he would serve a restricted term, to be replaced in an institutionalized election that ensured a continually revolving wheel of democratic and republican virtue. After all, a true republic is at its heart a democratic institution.

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Metaphors in Quantum Mechanics  

Walking in a crowded city, Bruce Lee used to blur his central vision to expand his peripheral vision. He’d try to anticipate the motion of the people walking about him, countering any possible attacks, even initiating attacks. It’s a fun, funny, brain sharpening habit I picked up back in the early 90s from one of Bruce Lee’s first-generation Wing-chun student-become-teachers (See great summary of Wing-Chun universe from sarcastic, legal-minded cop sifu.)

Over the years, people like Bostrom, Smoot, Kurzweil and many others, have claimed that based on statistical probability theory - this is like a Drake-equation argument - it is not unreasonable to assume that an advanced society with tremendous computer sophistication has already, or could one day probably, and more than likely, create such holographic simulations. They say in all likelihood this will eventually apply to us as well.

Last August 27 a full-day outreach event was held in the nice small town of Veroia, in northern Greece, as one of the satellite activities to the international conference “Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum” which took place in Thessaloniki during the following days.

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Nonzero Theta13 and Neutrino Mixing Deviation from Bimaximal Geometric Symmetry

About five phones out of 2.5 million replacement Samsung Note 7's caught fire according to Samsung and the CPSC.  That is less than one tenth of one percent.  Your odds of being hit by lightning on a sunny day are better than that.  

Here is a simple calculation.    5/2,500,000 *100  = 0.0002%   Put another way 99.9998% of Samsung Note 7 replacement  are perfectly fine.  A total of about 40 counting both the replacement and the original.  If we double the 2.5 million to get the amount of total Note 7's that 40 still means less than one hundredth of one percent
Cornell students want to "debate" GMOs tomorrow, and while finding anti-science activists is easy - Michael Hanson of Consumers Union will go anywhere to undermine food, that is why The Dr. Oz Show loves him, and they also got someone named Jonathan Latham of Independent Science News - what they couldn't find was a scientist.
Donnie DarkoOne of the happiest days of my life happened weeks into my freshman year when I was told that I could drop out of high school and go study college physics. In the spirit of 1980, I f-bombed my English classmates. My days of Donnie Darko with mandatory assemblies centered on cheerleaders and jocks and sport events when I desperately sought to understand the ins and outs of our “shared” existence were over. 

This wouldn’t have been possible without the choice of a 14-year-old-girl to make a difference in my life.