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       Motivation for Majorana Neutrinos from Special Empirical Hierarchies

In Part A, the core idea behind the space-times-time invariance as gravity was detailed. When one treats events as a 4-vector, the contraction of that 4-vector generates one number. When one treats events as quaternions, the square of a quaternion generates 4 numbers. If for two observers, the first number in the square is identical while the other three (I call space-times-time) are different, then the two observers are moving at a constant velocity relative to each other. The space-times-time proposal is exploring the case where the observers disagree about the interval, but have the same space-times-time.

Daraprim yesterday sold for $13.50 a tablet.  Today it's $750 a tablet according to many sources (NYTimes; CNBC, etc.). This 62 year old drug for treating life-threatening parasitic infections was acquired by Turing Pharmaceuticals.  Patients might be newborns and people with compromised immune systems such as cancer and AIDS patients.

Who hasn't used Doxycycline?  It's a very old drug after all.  A bottle would set you back $20 in October of 2013.  Now it'll set you back by $1,849.  Nice.

In this blog, I will again define the space-times-time invariance proposal using simple graphics, an explanation intended for a wider audience, videos, and information for nerds. It is taken directly from my own web site that has nearly exactly the same information. In Part B, the equations of motion will be derived, something technical people would reasonably ask for.

An Overview

The surest way to tell if an organization is a politically partisan one is if they make sure to claim flaws in their opposition and ignore the entire swath of the people on their side. Sourcewatch, for example, can't find a single thing wrong with Natural Resources Defense Council, which has $300 million in the bank, whereas they dismiss the organization I run, the American Council on Science and Health, as 'industry shills' because ACSH proudly makes its donors public while NRDC, which generates more money in interest in one day than the Council's budget for the entire year, gets a free pass while never telling anyone where their money really comes from.

Nuclear Glue

The nucleus of an atom is made up of protons and neutrons.  Both have about the same weight although protons have a positive charge and neutrons have no charge (they are neutral).  Like charges such as protons produce a repulsive force against each other.  This then begs the question, what holds the nucleus together then if these positively charged protons are all pushing each other away while being crammed into the nucleus together?

I’ve been a critic of the Food Babe for a long time. Actually, I’ve been the critic of anyone that attempts to manipulate the public perception of science, while presenting zero scientific evidence. Especially deplorable are those that use fear to force a message, and scare people about safe food while profiting in the process.
It’s an old story now, but when ‘Food Babe’ Vani Hari visited my university to sell her science-blind worldview I was not exactly thrilled. We professors are tasked to teach from evidence, with foundation in a scholarly literature. Why would we subject our students to the daft rants of a dim food activist that lines her pockets by frightening people away from safe food?
Just a short post to remind anybody who has successfully completed a master in scientific disciplines that there is a chance to do research with the CMS experiment at CERN, earning a PhD in Physics or Statistics and becoming expert with Statistical Learning techniques, while being paid a salary much higher than mine.
        The SM neutrino hierarchies are special

Yes you too can be a college professor just as long as you let go of the archaic idea that the only legitimate way to be a professor is to be tenured and have no other enterprises or income.    The day of the professor who does nothing but research and teaching and can never be fired is over.  In fact it was never traditional that such was the case.