Not horrified by PETA's graphic images of food processing or titillated by their penchant for exploiting naked women enough to stop eating meat?

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have opened a new front in their culture war; they have declared that increased Autism Spectrum Diagnoses are due to milk.

When included in addiction treatment and relapse prevention programs, mindfulness and meditation strategies have been shown to reduce anxiety and help to prevent relapse. But mindfulness and meditation are separate practices and even within meditation, not all styles produce the same results. Which is best?

For some time now in Britain, our “great and good” have been belabouring the more conservative part of our population [1] with accusations of Islamophobia and Homophobia.  The implication of those two epithets is that they are some kind of medical or — by extension — moral pathology.  I will attempt in this short blog to raise the subject of what I consider to be some errors of our “great and good.”
Four simple reasons that Ebenezer the dinosaur does not prove young Earth creationism. Young Earth creationist are happy to have their own museum at which to present their case. In brief, a dinosaur fossil found in flood deposits means that it was killed in the biblical great flood.  (Of course, it could not have been killed in any of the other mythical or mytho-historical  floods spoke of in written and oral histories around the world.)   
Here are the reasons why young Earth creation science is wrong:
SETI scientist Gerry Harp writes of a "secret" experiment involving Kepler 186-f.   The senior scientist look only for a tuning fork like signal.  The least likely signal ET would send. Real signs of ET intelligence will be, and if I am correct are in fact, much fainter and on a broad band like channel.  A serious scientific search should not attempt to rely only on radio data, or look only for a strictly monochromatic, one frequency, radio signal.

Somewhere south of a sunny childhood are emotional and physical abuse and neglect. There are four possible combinations: emotional abuse, emotional neglect, physical abuse, and physical neglect. If one or more of these describe your childhood, maybe you’ve worked hard to put all that stuff behind you -- but a study on early view at the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research shows it’s not that easy to keep your past in the past.

In this blog, I will review my thoughts on the action of general relativity, how it is used for the field equations and equations of motion.  There is much to consider, so perhaps this will create a means for discussing this deep subject.

The Action

There was a time, not too long ago, that I was not doing science.  Because I remember that time, I also remember how completely ignorant I was of science. 

This is no more apparent than the science of cannabinoids, i.e., the stuff in marijuana.  My only knowledge of cannabinoids was that marijuana got you high and cured every disease.  Having spent five years researching THC, I learned that there was a much richer, deeper story than that. 
This morning I was on the nationwide agriculture radio program, AgriTalk, hosted by Mike Adams.

This is the rational Mike Adams, not the "Health Ranger" conspiracy theorist. Mike brings up all of the key points - that people simultaneously say they want to embrace science but then pick and choose the science that matches their other cultural beliefs, that over-regulating food in ways that don't impact safety are a slippery slope to damaging the engine that drives the country, and that we're in danger of being spoiled a little by cheap food, to such an extent we might start to think it is okay not to have domestic food regarded as vital.

Prof. Jean-Claude Bradley, a true open science pioneer, has passed away.

Many people worked with him, he was willing to challenge the status quo and that means a lot of people wanted to be around him - he was one of the earliest scientists to sign up to help Science 2.0 after this first component launched. I don't know how he heard of us, he was just in tune with the broad science community that way.