Erith Industrial Unit Fire

A fire in Erith, U.K. at an industrial unit triggered over 50 emergency calls and was attended by 15 fire appliances and 97 firefighters.  The blaze appears to be at Allied Hygiene, manufacturers of various types of wet wipes.  The industrial unit, which was completely destroyed by the fire, is located at the junction of Yarnton Way and Centurion Way.  Although the fire was adjacent to two gas holders they appear to have posed no extra danger: gas holders are no longer part of the U.K.s National Gas Network.
Wikipedia's definition of energy can only be qualified as useless. Here is mine:

A bird that flies, a molecule in a gas possess energy since they move: this is kinetic energy.

A stone you hold still in your hand could move and therefore acquire kinetic energy if you let it fall: this is potential energy.

All forms of energy can transform into each other, their sum remaining always the same: this is the principle of conservation of energy.
In 2013, the US FDA got tired of being stonewalled when it came to seeing proof of Google-backed 23andMe marketing claims regarding BRCA-related genetic risk and drug response, along with marketing blurbs that they can make it possible to “take steps toward mitigating serious diseases” such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and breast cancer.
The concepts of a single classroom study came about after my module, now a published book, Naming and Writing Simple Inorganic Chemical Formulas was piloted to see if modular instruction on inorganic nomenclature will work and eventually decide to implement the use of the said module with our students.

dali_s_clock_mouse_padTime is imprinted in our genes. Daily circadian rhythms (circa, about; diem, a day) control the harmonious oscillation in all biological systems.

“At the gene level, circadian rhythm is the most conserved cluster of genes in biology. Fruit flies and humans have about the same genetic code for circadian rhythm. This machinery is the linkage between biological processes and the environment ,” stated Professor Ali Keshavarzian, Director, of the Division of Digestive Diseases at Rush University Medical Center.

Before pressing to Numenta’s remarkable (and likely correct) approach to general AI at an IBM talk (YouTube video), let’s consider the question of how much you and I are already uploaded and super intelligent, and how it might feel like to upload. I proceed in three parts: 1. A quick review of how we're already partly uploaded and very smart; 2. An small, excerpted fictional narrative of a man and a woman uploading in the near term future; 3.

One way to look at addiction is to consider it a form of learning, a type of learning that is extremely effective in its ability to affect the adolescent brain, report researchers working under an NIH grant.

         “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”

T. Dolzhansy (Russian Geneticist)

         “We admit that we are like apes, but we seldom realize that we are apes.”

                                             Richard Dawkins

Jupiter’s icy moon Europa puzzles astrobiologists and sparks the imagination of extraterrestrial life seekers.

It is believed that the moon has a subsurface ocean of liquid water, where life could possibly be similar to microbial life forms on Earth.

The likely presence of liquid water has ignited persisting calls to send a probe there. Currently NASA and ESA plan their own missions to the potentially habitable moon. Europa Clipper mission has just got approved for $30 million in the 2016 NASA budget and ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer (JUICE) is scheduled for launch in 2022.
On Friday I traveled to Belluno, a town just south of the north-eastern Italian alps, to give a lecture on particle physics to high-school students for the "International Masterclasses". This was the umpteenth time that I gave more or less the same talk in the last decade or so; but it's not my fault, as particle physics has changed very little in the meantime. Yes, we discovered the Higgs boson, and yes, we excluded many possible extensions of the standard model. But the one-line summary remains the same: we continue to seek, but are not quite sure we'll find, a hint of what lies beyond.