In 2015, it doesn't need to be said for anyone over the age of 40, but for young people still newer to Miracle Vegetable and Scare Journalism claims that get pumped out in diet books, mainstream media articles and television medicine on a regular basis, here it goes: don't latch onto supplement fads.
Plagued by mental health disorders such as depression,bipolar polar disorder, and schizophrenia, are a host of artists, writers and famous people throughout history. In fact, many times the eccentric tendencies of genius are associated with mental illness.

An article in Medical Daily titled “Why Smarter People Are More Likely o Be Mentally Ill” claims over thirty studies have documented the connection, concluding:

One of the big topics in the science world is always how to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) more exciting.

It may not always seem like it because, let's face it, we love STEM and it's baffling that people would want to do anything else, but not everyone graduates from high school wanting to pursue it, even though they might have when they were younger.

It was mentioned in part 4 that a self-study modular instruction on teaching inorganic nomenclature was piloted and have been proven effective.  However, the use of the module was not implemented.  Why was the modular instruction not implemented? Nobody has actually told me formally the real reason that it left me wondering.  So to hypothesize,  maybe it is more on the politics in the school, or maybe an influential faculty member challenged the modular instruction on the following reasoning:

I interact with many mathematicians and physicists including, rarely, a presidential appointee (Michael Gilmore, Director Operational Test&Evaluation, PhD in physics).

With few exceptions, ignorance of basic things is nearly universal and detrimental in these two fields, and it has everything to do with our training. We don’t realize how the major branches of math and physics are both individually and mutually connected and accessible, even at the bachelor’s degree level.

I often see K’nex sets at second-hand stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army so I decided to see if K’nex can be co-opted for science and used them to build a test tube rack.

The upright K’nex rods support the structure, can be raised and lowered if needed for taller test tubes, and they serve as test tube drying pegs. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter:

The Poster session of Neutrino Telescopes XVI will take place tonight in Venice, at the first floor of the beautiful Palazzo Franchetti. Poster submitters have produced excerpts for the conference blog, so you can also get a summary of the presented results. 
The blog offers sixteen excerpts:
Being a resident in Virginia, the Lumber Liquidators story popped up on my radar. My understanding is that California has ridiculous laws (no surprise) regulating the amount of certain chemicals in products that are based on equivocal science.

The funny thing is that I get chemicals with warning labels about how the chemical causes cancer. However, it turns out only the state of California is aware of this. One of these is Fryscolyt-B electrolyte solution, which contains the scary cancer causing chemicals potassium chloride and glycerol. Another one, which we use because it is perfectly safe, is ketoprofen, an NSAID.
It's no surprise that the authors of a study, whose work is spun by people selling diet fads into being conclusive proof that a diet fad is science, disagree with what some media outlets are doing with their work - and that their disagreement gets far less attention than the reports being used to claim Miracle Science. 

Everyone has an occasional bad night’s sleep, but some people struggle more than others do, often for a variety of reasons. Scientists tell us that stress or trauma are a frequent cause, but depression, bad habits before bedtime and even being too tired to sleep can prevent the brain from normal rest. Unfortunately, this can lead many people to begin using sleeping aids, which can be dangerous and are quite addictive.