Edward Frenkel slams strong AI, evildoer Ray Kurzweil, and brain uploads in his YouTube “Outline on I am or AI am?

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                Geometric Contrast of Quark and Neutrino Mixing Hierarchies             &nbsp

What research looks like when it is and is not performed by scientists

I am truly sorry about certain things that I wrote. For example, I have previously written about "mass incarceration" of blacks and guns in the US. I have done so also with the feeling that such would give me more traction with "liberal" readers - yes, I often cannot stop myself from being an asshole - I am truly sorry about this and hang my head in shame!
The Nobel Prize was established upon the death of scientist and inventor, Alfred Nobel
Chad Orzel wrote a column on his blog last week about James Blachowicz’s opinion piece in the New York Times titled “There is no scientific methods”. The Times article talks about how methods in science and those in, say, the humanities, are similar and then tries to make some point out of it regarding the validity of any thought.
Environmental groups in major cities all across America have sent their armies marching, a last, desperate attempt to ideologically plunder everything they can before the November election.

They have good reason to gain as much ground as possible now. While Republicans will insist that we are doomed if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, and Democrats will claim the same about Donald Trump, either one is going to be bad news for environmental groups.

According to new work published recently the TRAPPIST-1 planets could have an atmosphere hospitable to life as we know it. Could that life be intelligent and technological if it is there?  Sadly, that is not likely.    At less than 50 light years away we have had radio technology long enough that we would have heard something from them by now.  There could have been two way communications by now and there haven’t been.  The real significance of these planets is that they could be the best extra solar candidates for human colonization. (Gillon, et al. n.d.)  I also give a break down of why the habitability of multi star solar systems, as seen in a TV show like "Firefly" isn't possible.

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Quantum Mechanics Started with Semi-Empirical Phenomenology –  Important Lesson

de NukesHow does humanity end under a Trump presidency? Maybe Trump attacks Syria with an all out airstrike after an ISIS terror attack in New York by "Syrian" terrorists. Syria is Putin's baby, however. Heavy Russian escalation follows. The Russians invade Ukraine as a message to the West. Border incursions by Russian planes start penetrating Alaskan airspace. Trump orders Air Force intrusions into Russia. Warships from both sides begin playing chicken again. A Russian plane crashes into an American carrier, disabling it and killing many aboard. Trump orders the Navy to sink a Russian flagship and succeeds.