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  Besides the inevitable emotional doubts accompanying fundamental physics research, Einstein’s results (in the EPR article) are right - there is action at a distance

I’ll demonstrate how I built my mobile phone/iPod mount out of Lego for my Lego optics lab polariscope project.

Parts needed:

Mobile phone mount (from my DIY Super Selfie Stick project)
2 Lego plates 1 X 8
4 Lego beams 1 X 2
4 Lego Beams 1 X 8

Here’s how I built my Lego mobile phone/iPod mount:

An independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) is a place to safely store spent nuclear fuel while it is waiting for a geological repository to permanently dispose of the material.  The amount of nuclear fuel required to supply a typical American citizen with a lifetime of energy would fill a single soda can with waste.  This means that for a large power plant, it won't generate very much spent fuel at all for the amount of energy it produces.  Still, this spent fu

"Carbonated drinks linked with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of cardiac origin"

Right away, this looks suspicious. 

"Linked with" is a standard junk science term that translates roughly into: "Let's see if I can get some headlines by manipulating people into thinking that there is a nebulous relationship between something stupid, and their health, even though I know damn well that it isn't real."

What is a quaternion? Mathematicians might claim it was the independent inventions of Gauss, Hamilton, and Rodrigues. Unit quaternions are useful to do 3D rotations and as an esteemed member of the standard model. They are also one of many Clifford algebras, Cl(0, 2) being its formal name.

Sometimes I’ll picture an idea in my head and it seems to work fine—in my head—but when I actually build it, it doesn’t turn out the way I planned. I wanted to try using a bevel gearbox as a pan and tilt mount for my Lego optics lab (as a pan/mount for my laser). Without the laser mounted it seems to work fine and the pan and tilt motion resembles that of a camera ball mount. Once I attached my laser, however, I found it quite difficult to aim the laser. Turning the wheels in various combinations to try to aim the laser ain’t exactly intuitive even while watching where the laser dot moves on my target.

Last week a paper in JAMA received wide attention from the media, including some decent coverage from Gina Kolata from NYT science, who wrote three separate pieces to discuss breast cancer treatment (the best of which is here).
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is about to be sued because they have not banned fracking.

Natural Resources Defense Council and vassal fundraising groups say oil and gas companies might be dumping drilling and fracking waste in ways that threaten public health and the environment. Might be? They have no evidence but are suing anyway? Don't be shocked, the NRDC spends its $100 million per year primarily on lawyers and they have to be doing something with them.

When it comes to reviewing studies regarding combinations of low levels of chemical exposure and cancer risks, collaborators of the Halifax Project have raised questions that can help in the development of hypotheses – but to date, proof of cause and effect has not been presented.

I first noticed the NuVal scores in my HyVee grocery store about four years ago. My first reaction was the same as how I feel about government: I'm in full support of universal rules for everyone...as long as I get to make the rules!