In a previous article I demonstrated an unbreakable code for secure communication through the United States Postal Service using One Time Pads created with Scrabble tiles (or Boggle cubes). It seems some clever folks at the University of Bristol have developed a method of quantum cryptography for cell phones.

Press release from University of Bristol 3 April 2014:

An ultra-high security scheme that could one day get quantum cryptography using Quantum Key Distribution into mobile devices has been developed and demonstrated by researchers from the University of Bristol’s Centre for Quantum Photonics (CQP) in collaboration with Nokia.

(Co-Author: Marie Ernestine Fajatin, Ph.D.)

Quality of instruction suffers, according to Smith and Ragan (1999), when instruction is not “carefully planned.” High quality education can be assured when poor quality of instruction is minimized if not, eradicated. Instructional designs (I.D.'s) offer a solution to this. According to Pritchard (2005), "instructional design  offers a process of systematic planning towards an effective instructional delivery."

The television docudrama Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey is in free-fall, having dropped in the ratings for the third straight week after a somewhat tepid debut. TV By the Numbers reports that only 3.91 million people watched the fourth episode of the series, down from (an already mediocre) 5.77 million who watched the pilot.

A decade ago, a well-orchestrated political campaign against Republicans in general and George W. Bush in particular turned everything into an anti-science issue. Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), which is run by a former Democratic staffer, was front and center in that effort, even drafting a popular 2004 petition saying Bush "has continued to distort and suppress science" which was dutifully signed by a bunch of people who were never going to vote for a Republican anyway. 
Britain's Air Pollution - It's Not Dust

Having read in today's news that smog affecting much of England is caused by dust from the Sahara I decided to implement the incredibly scientific Mark 1 eyeball test.  I went out on my bike with a camera.

  "Man is not a reasonable, rational animal rather a rationalizing one"

Book Status

Book Status

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As I mentioned a few months ago, lately I have been writing a science book for laymen. The idea is to focus on the history of CDF, a particle physics experiment that collected data from 1985 to 2011 at the Fermilab laboratory near Chicago.
MH370 Transcript - Official Release

Malaysian authorities have released the transcript of communications between flight MH370 and ground.  Unfortunately, most media outlets reporting this news are either not citing the transcript in full or are not providing their readers with a link to the original.

As a public service I am posting here  the two pages as published in pdf form together with a plain text version.

Original pdf file source:

page 1

page 2

Imagine lying in bed the morning after a binge as you reconstruct the night. Oh right! Now you remember going from the first party to the second. You remember the drink that put you over the edge. And you barely remember ending up in a bedroom, your clothes falling away. What did you do?

We often think of April 1st as more of a modern event, because it's sort of stupid and we think of our ancestors as being more serious.  

Not so.

Even the eminent biologist Charles Darwin got pranked by his shipmates on the HMS Beagle, April 1, 1832, as evidenced by his diary

While March 31st only noted a "A fine rattling breeze" the following day had him excited to make a new discovery: