Diet Is Over

Diet Is Over

Dec 04 2014 | 13 comment(s)

Four months ago I started a diet, as my weight had gone above my comfort zone (77kg, when my optimal weight is of about 70kg). I basically implemented a regime (which has worked in the past) of about 1300 calories a day, cutting mostly on extras (desserts, snacks, alcohol) and bread, and just eating a bit less of everything.

The holiday season is upon us and alcohol is frequently more visible and free flowing during this time.  Exactly where the line is between heavy drinking and clinical alcoholism can be vague.

Statistics on cannabis users skew perceptions of cannabis use.

I submitted an article with simple calculations where the "short-distance physics" is integrated out automatically rather than "manually".

Happy reading!

P.S. I updated the article, mainly with writing an Appendix to address the mixed variables and the Hamiltonian splitting.
A week ago I offered readers of this blog to review a paper I had just written, as its publication process did not include any form of screening (as opposed to what is customary for articles in particle physics, which receive multiple review stages). That's not the first time for me: in the past I did the same with other articles, and usually I received good feedback. So I knew this could work.