The existing literature on the long-term effects of marijuana on the brain is confusing, mostly due to methodological differences across studies.

The formation of stars of mass greater than 8 times that of the Sun occurs in distant and very obscured areas of the sky.  To form a massive star requires a massive and dense interstellar cloud.  To see what is going on there requires more than an optical telescope.  We rely on intense and compact sources of radio emission, masers. Inquiry into the formation of massive stars is a very active area of astronomy. Do they form based on a beefed up version of the disk-outflow model which works for less massive stars, or do they form by accretion and collision of smaller protostars?  There is evidence for both.

Recently, I enjoyed the opportunity to solve and implement a simple web interface problem. The result would not be considered profound or unique by Internet professionals, but nonetheless, it certainly is a powerful application of basic web technologies that allow the seamless flow of information making each of our lives richer and more efficient. Most importantly, I started from scratch and figured out how to do it.

Cambridge University Press website mislabels and Astronomy text as an Astrology text. 
I was looking for open access open source freely downloadable and good textbooks to use in my future Astronomy classes.  The City Colleges require a very good text, but the supply of it to students in a timely manner hasn't been reliable as of late.  Over half of students in the City Colleges did not get books they ordered until the midterm.  

So I saw a page about books printed by Cambridge and the Open University.  Links on that website were broken so I went to search for them and found this.
If the distribution of dark matter in the region near Earth is lower than it is usually assumed then the interpretation of null results of direct detection efforts must be reconsidered. Astrophysicists have been searching for hard evidence of dark matter for decades.  The most favored model has been that dark matter consist  weakly interacting massive particles or WIMPS.  The basic assumption has been that dark matter is more or less evenly spread through the galaxy with no large scale variations.  The work of C. Moni Bidin, R. Smith, G. Carraro, R. A. Méndez, and M.

Professor Anne Glover, the first Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission, has been sacked. 

Well, not technically, the European Commission is simply not extending her position. That is diplomatic speech for 'there are a lot more anti-science Europeans voting than there are researchers and they really do not like you.'  
I am using my blog to advertise the opening of PhD positions in Padova University, to work at several research projects and obtain a PhD in Physics. These are offered to Chinese students through the China Scolarship Council. More information is available at this link.
If you are a bright Chinese student who speaks at least some English and is willing to spend three years working in data analysis for Higgs physics in the CMS experiment, I will take you - so what are you waiting for ? Applications close soon!

Below is a table with deadlines and information.

Low standards breed poor results.