The habitable zone planet announced by NASA today is most probably Mars best a frozen snowball or slushball.  I make this determination based on a sober reading of NASA'S press release.   Kepler-186f is a star approximately 500 light years away in the Kepler 186 system.  Kepler 186 is a red dwarf, and 186f is the fifth planet from it's star, and it is smaller than the other planets in it's system.  This planet receives much less solar heat than Earth.  If it is not Venus like or Mars like in it's atmosphere then it is habitable.  Even then it is likely much colder than Earth.
As icy as it is in NASA's Image seen all over the web...

Most of us don't give much thought to the idea of escaping our problems on Earth by going into space. But those who want to colonize Mars often see it as an urgent need for humanity, to have a potential "second home" as they see it. It's also a common theme of science fiction, for instance in "If I forget thee, Oh Earth" by Arthur C. Clarke. In this case his young protagonist is on the Moon, looking towards the Earth.

Here,  the concepts and theories behind FIER (pronounced as "fire") are explored  to better understand why FIER is an essential step towards quality education. The article starts with an introduction of FIER's abstract components, proceeds on  accountability in teaching and learning processes,  and ends on setting student-centered learning outcomes, the learning style-based outcomes (LSBO).
Idioscenic Conjecture

I am posting some ideas here to promote discussion of the psychology of conspiracism.

I suggest that the mere fact of knowing that some events have been caused by C may overly influence an observer to look first for C even if an indifferent observer would consider C unlikely in the particular case.
Professional forester and writer Norm Benson recently got a healthy dose of anti-science environmentalism, because he wrote an article endorsing a vitamin-enriched bowl of rice that, nonetheless, is protested by Greenpeace, Union of Concerned Scientists and everyone else who hates science more than they love children.

A cosmetic surgical procedure to alter women's genitals is rising in popularity thanks in part to the porn industry, even as many questions loom about unknown medical and social consequences.

Labiaplasty involves “trimming” or reshaping the labia minora, usually to make them smaller or more symmetrical.

Boeing 747 AAIB Accident Report Reveals Electrical Failures

An accident report published April 11 2014 by the AAIB - the UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch - reveals that on August 17 2012 a large number of serious electrical faults occurred after an engine failure in Boeing 747-4H6  9M-MPL.

I was cautiously optimistic when Dr. Ernie Moniz was tapped as Energy Secretary, for two reasons. First, he wasn't picked because he was obsessed with CO2 and $9 a gallon gas, the way Steven Chu was, and second, he had political experience. 
Jimmy Duncan - A Prescient Politician

John James "Jimmy" Duncan is a former Chairman of the United States House Transportation Subcommittee on Aviation.
The Science Play and Research Kit (SPARK) competition winners were announced today. The SPARK competition was a challenge to “reimagine the chemistry set for the 21st Century,” according to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Society for Science&the Public press release. Many people in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) careers today often recall being inspired by the chemistry sets of old that stimulated their curiosity, wonder, and interest in science. Sadly, many chemicals included in these old sets are now illegal and the newer sets, well, just don’t have the same kinds of thrilling experiments.