Many people associate the image of an old man in glasses and crazy white hair with a scientist. This is largely due to the visage of Albert Einstein in his later years. Einstein is largely recognized today for his theories on relativity describing motion at the speed of light and that of gravity.  Einstein did not win the Nobel prize for either of these however, he won the award for a lesser known discovery called the photoelectric effect. This discovery was one of the foundational cornerstones giving rise to quantum mechanics. 
Organic farming has had a pretty good run.

Life isn’t always fair. Some individuals are simply born more attractive than others. In most cases the females are the choosy ones, whereas males will try to mate as much as possible. So being unattractive poses the largest problems for males.

In many species, males will present the female with a gift (food), because, while she is eating she doesn’t mind having sex. However, the amount of food given is not equal between males. In the scorpionfly, unattractive males might not get a female quickly, but once they do, they sure know how to keep her around for a while!

The scorpionfly

I always find it funny to hear scientists say there is a problem and it is a moral imperative to so something.

The problem is that scientists cannot use the scientific method to gauge the morality of something because there is no operational definition of morality. Would you trust a medical doctor to fix your car? Certainly not! Doctors are not qualified to fix a car, unless they were once automotive mechanics. They certainly don’t have the right tools. In like manner, scientists are not qualified to judge morality.One cannot design an experiment to test if something is moral because morality does not have an objective meaning. 
I saw this in today’s Daily Mail:

Landmark discovery about the brain 'will have scientists rewriting textbooks' - and could help treat conditions such as autism and Alzheimer's

and here is a copy of the University of Virginia press release for your interest:

Researchers Find Textbook-Altering Link Between Brain, Immune System

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There are multiple conservation laws in nature meaning these are considered to be scientific truths which are fundamental and foundational to all modern science as we know it.

Perhaps the most familiar or common conservation law in science is that of the conservation of energy.

Every May 31st, the W.H.O.

Most models of quantum gravity propose or predict that at very short distances space is a frothing foam where distance and time intervals themselves fluctuate rapidly.  These models predict that if light can travel long distances there will be a cumulative effect due to photons from a source gaining slightly different phases.  The precise nature of the effect, the underlying mechanisms would vary but otherwise they would be probed by the same observation of quasars, the most distant short wavelength light we can observe.
Windows 10 build 10122 marks the arrival of something like a first beta Build of Windows 10.  (Build 10130 has a bit more polish, new icons, but has the same issues as 10122.) As such, one can now start to ask the question how will my favorite games fare under Windows 10?  Back when Windows 8 came out many people from corporate IT to Gamers said "We'll wait for Windows 9".  Microsoft has skipped to 10 and kept the live tiles and touch friendly aspects of the interface it was fashionable to hate about Windows 8 and 8.1.