Just a short post to remind anybody who has successfully completed a master in scientific disciplines that there is a chance to do research with the CMS experiment at CERN, earning a PhD in Physics or Statistics and becoming expert with Statistical Learning techniques, while being paid a salary much higher than mine.
        The SM neutrino hierarchies are special

Yes you too can be a college professor just as long as you let go of the archaic idea that the only legitimate way to be a professor is to be tenured and have no other enterprises or income.    The day of the professor who does nothing but research and teaching and can never be fired is over.  In fact it was never traditional that such was the case.

Twelve years ago, the inventors of the process that would lead to Fairlife milk engineered a process to "separate milk into its five key components – water, butterfat, protein, vitamins and minerals, and lactose."

By then recombining the components, they not only removed the lactose, making it digestible with less drama for lactose-intolerant people, but also giving it 50 percent less sugar, 50 percent more protein and 30 percent more calcium.

That's a huge breakthrough. How has the blogging community reacted? 

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  Besides the inevitable emotional doubts accompanying fundamental physics research, Einstein’s results (in the EPR article) are right - there is action at a distance

I’ll demonstrate how I built my mobile phone/iPod mount out of Lego for my Lego optics lab polariscope project.

Parts needed:

Mobile phone mount (from my DIY Super Selfie Stick project)
2 Lego plates 1 X 8
4 Lego beams 1 X 2
4 Lego Beams 1 X 8

Here’s how I built my Lego mobile phone/iPod mount:

An independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) is a place to safely store spent nuclear fuel while it is waiting for a geological repository to permanently dispose of the material.  The amount of nuclear fuel required to supply a typical American citizen with a lifetime of energy would fill a single soda can with waste.  This means that for a large power plant, it won't generate very much spent fuel at all for the amount of energy it produces.  Still, this spent fu

"Carbonated drinks linked with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of cardiac origin"

Right away, this looks suspicious. 

"Linked with" is a standard junk science term that translates roughly into: "Let's see if I can get some headlines by manipulating people into thinking that there is a nebulous relationship between something stupid, and their health, even though I know damn well that it isn't real."

[Note: many of the images were upgraded to include more information about addition and multiplication, 10/25/2015]

What is a quaternion? Mathematicians might claim it was the independent inventions of Gauss, Hamilton, and Rodrigues. Unit quaternions are useful to do 3D rotations and as an esteemed member of the standard model. They are also one of many Clifford algebras, Cl(0, 2) being its formal name.