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    The most recent issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach is now available free online. This is a special issue devoted to the evolution of eyes. You may recognize some of the names in the table of contents, as several of these authors are also bloggers. Enjoy.

    Evolution: Education and Outreach

    Volume 1 Issue 4
    The evolution of eyes
    Edited by T. Ryan Gregory


    351. Editorial by Gregory Eldredge and Niles Eldredge (PDF)

    352-354. Introduction by T. Ryan Gregory (PDF)

    355-357. Casting an Eye on Complexity by Niles Eldredge (PDF)

    Original science / evolution reviews

    358-389. The Evolution of Complex Organs by T. Ryan Gregory (PDF)
    (Blog: Genomicron)

    390-402. Opening the "Black Box": The Genetic and Biochemical Basis of Eye Evolution by Todd H. Oakley and M. Sabrina Pankey (PDF)
    (Blog: Evolutionary Novelties)

    403-414. A Genetic Perspective on Eye Evolution: Gene Sharing, Convergence and Parallelism by Joram Piatigorsky (PDF)

    415-426. The Origin of the Vertebrate Eye by Trevor D. Lamb, Edward N. Pugh, Jr., and Shaun P. Collin (PDF)

    427-438. Early Evolution of the Vertebrate Eye--Fossil Evidence by Gavin C. Young (PDF)

    439-447. Charting Evolution’s Trajectory: Using Molluscan Eye Diversity to Understand Parallel and Convergent Evolution by Jeanne M. Serb and Douglas J. Eernisse (PDF)

    448-462. Evolution of Insect Eyes: Tales of Ancient Heritage, Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Remodeling, and Recycling by Elke Buschbeck and Markus Friedrich (PDF)

    463-475. Exceptional Variation on a Common Theme: The Evolution of Crustacean Compound Eyes by Thomas W. Cronin and Megan L. Porter (PDF)

    476-486. The Causes and Consequences of Color Vision by Ellen J. Gerl and Molly R. Morris (PDF)

    487-492. The Evolution of Extraordinary Eyes: The Cases of Flatfishes and Stalk-eyed Flies by Carl Zimmer (PDF)
    (Blog: The Loom)

    493-497. Suboptimal Optics: Vision Problems as Scars of Evolutionary History by Steven Novella (PDF)
    (Blog: NeuroLogica)

    Curriculum articles

    498-504. Bringing Homologies Into Focus by Anastasia Thanukos (PDF)
    (Website: Understanding Evolution)

    505-508. Misconceptions About the Evolution of Complexity by Andrew J. Petto and Louise S. Mead (PDF)
    (Website: NCSE)

    509-516. Losing Sight of Regressive Evolution by Monika Espinasa and Luis Espinasa (PDF)

    Book reviews

    548-551. Jay Hosler, An Evolutionary Novelty: Optical Allusions by Todd H. Oakley (PDF)