The Earth Is 60 Million Years Older Than Thought - So Is The Moon
    By News Staff | June 10th 2014 02:53 PM | 7 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments

    How were the earth and the moon formed? A giant impact between Earth's ancestor and a planet-sized body occurred

    At the Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference in Sacramento, researchers from the University of Lorraine say that occurred 40 million years after the start of solar system formation, which makes the earth around 60 million years older than previously thought. 

    The geochemists discovered an isotopic signal which indicates that previous age estimates for both the Earth and the Moon are underestimates. Looking back into "deep time" it becomes more difficult to put a date on early Earth events. In part this is because there is little "classical geology" dating from the time of the formation of the Earth – no rock layers, etc. So geochemists have had to rely on other methods to estimate early Earth events.

    One of the standard methods is measuring the changes in the proportions of different gases (isotopes) which survive from the early Earth.

    Guillaume Avice and Bernard Marty analyzed xenon gas found in South African and Australian quartz, which had been dated to 3.4 and 2.7 billion years respectively. The gas sealed in this quartz is preserved as in a "time capsule", allowing Avice and Marty to compare the current isotopic ratios of xenon, with those which existed billions of years ago. Recalibrating dating techniques using the ancient gas allowed them to refine the estimate of when the earth began to form.

    This allows them to calculate that the Moon-forming impact is around 60 million years (+/- 20 m. y.) older than had been thought.  

    Previously, the time of formation of the Earth' s atmosphere had been estimated at around 100 million years after the solar system formation. As the atmosphere would not have survived the Moon-forming impact, this revision puts the age up to 40 million years after the solar sytem formation (so around 60 million years older than previously thought).

    According to Guillaume Avice, "It is not possible to give an exact date for the formation of the Earth. What this work does is to show that the Earth is older than we thought, by around 60 my. The composition of the gases we are looking at changes according the conditions they are found in, which of course depend on the major events in Earth's history. The gas sealed in these quartz samples has been handed down to us in a sort of "time capsule". We are using standard methods to compute the age of the Earth, but having access to these ancient samples gives us new data, and allows us to refine the measurement."

    The xenon gas signals allow us to calculate when the atmosphere was being formed, which was probably at the time the Earth collided with a planet-sized body, leading to the formation of the Moon. Our results mean that both the Earth and the Moon are older than we had thought".

    Bernard Marty added, "This might seem a small difference, but it is important. These differences set time boundaries on how the planets evolved, especially through the major collisions in deep time which shaped the solar system."


    the earth was created by God a approx. 6,5000 years ago and he tilted the earth exactly as it is. the moon controls the tides of the ocean , and it's all by creation not these theories. when the global flood of Noah happened, it sent rocks and all kinds of things from one end of the plant to the other. all we have is creation.

    So, that's a 1.7% difference? World changing, that is.

    the earth is not millions of years old. it was created by God and not any bang made any planet. the moon controls the tides, and the earth, if it was even a few degrees closer, we'd burn or a few degree's further, we'd freeze. it's perfectly in place by our creator, and it happened approx. 6,5000 years ago , not millions, read the bible, science can't explain it w/out believing in a creator.

    So you are OK with the moon controlling the tides, but not the earth being created by scientific means...just trying to get this creationist nonsense straight. If god can create the earth, why would he have bothered creating the moon to control tides when he could have just built that in to the secret Earth sauce?

    But you're right, the bible is infallible because it has never had a single revision.

    I'm a Christian and I believe in the science that is presented here. God comprehends time very differently than we do and this is why I can consolidate the two. You can't have science work the way it works without God, but you can't say God didn't create science. Just because the Bible says it was 1 day, who is to say that one day to God wasn't millions of years? If you look at everything from that point, we had the formation of the Earth and animals come before Man and Man was last to be made. How is that any different than Man coming about after the extinction of the dinosaurs and us being the newest animals on the Earth? I say it fits just fine. I just find it funny that people say if you believe in the Bible you can't possibly believe in the science that God made to make it happen or vice versa. Nuts.