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- Experience Your Own Virtual Recording Studio at

Whether you're a budding rock-star, an aspiring classical concert performer or karaoke fan, today is good news for musicians everywhere. From today, anyone can record their instruments or voice on over 10,000 professional backing tracks, for their own personal enjoyment or to share with others, by downloading the new PureSolo Player at

The PureSolo Player lets musicians of all abilities, from new learners to experienced maestros, create their own tracks from the comfort of their home or workplace.

PureSolo's smart, free software makes it simple for all members of the family to view sheet music or lyrics on screen, play, practice and digitally record their instruments or voice over high quality backing tracks featuring professional studio musicians.

PureSolo is just like having your own recording studio. All you need to do is plug a microphone into your computer and play. You can choose from a catalogue of over 10,000 downloadable backing tracks covering genres as wide-ranging as classical, jazz, pop, rock, country, folk, soul and funk.

The slick, easy to navigate software makes it easy to playback and re-record tracks, while the unique functionality of the digital sheet music's automatic page turns allows musicians to focus on their playing, uninterrupted.

PureSolo also makes it easy for musicians to share their musical masterpieces with friends, teachers or talent scouts via email or burning to CD. User generated music and content can also be uploaded to the PureSolo social network, where they can connect with like-minded musicians and get their friends to rate their tracks.

The PureSolo Player can be used again and again - even when you can't be online. It's safe and legal too, since it provides exclusively-crafted backing tracks and digital sheet music through licensed deals with the music's original publishers.

John Thirkell, co-Founder and COO at, said: For many music enthusiasts, the joy of hearing themselves performing with professional accompanists on a piece they know and love gives them complete satisfaction in their learning. The ability to share their take on a favourite track gives users the chance to say 'that's me you're hearing' to friends, family, potential band members, or even a record company.

Tracks are available to download through the PureSolo Player and are priced from GBP0.99 to GBP1.99. Once downloaded, a track can be used and re-used an unlimited number of times and can be burned to CD or emailed through the PureSolo Player. Each user receives one free download of their choice when they register to help them on their way.

The PureSolo Player is available as a free download from today at

About PureSolo

PureSolo was founded in 2007 to provide software solutions for musicians, teachers and enthusiasts with the ability to practice, improve and save performances of popular music from across a wide range of genres and styles. PureSolo works with original publishers of music tracks and scores, to ensure licensed deals that provide users with legal and safe access to a growing catalogue of music.

Contact Jaz Cummins Shiny Red (for PureSolo) +44(0)20-7520-9532

Contact: Jaz Cummins, Shiny Red (for PureSolo), +44(0)20-7520-9532,