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If you have hepatitis B or C and feel like you are treated poorly by others due to it, you are not alone. As many as half of people infected with viral hepatitis say they have suffered discrimination and one-quarter admit that family members have avoided physical contact with them after finding out they had the infection. 

On today's "Dr. Oz" television show, Dr. Mehmet Oz finally addressed what has worried some and infuriated others about his media career; the show addressed the possibility that a gifted medical professional with too many awards to count had gone off the alternative medicine deep end. 
Columbia University and seven other schools make up the prestigious Ivy League. But, sometimes things change and standards drop. It may be time to create a new group of schools, the Poison Ivy League, and perhaps Columbia should be its first member. 

Today's opinion piece in USA today is entitled "Columbia medical faculty: What do we do about Dr. Oz?" has a title that ends with a question mark. And well it should. 
23-year-old "wellness" guru Belle Gibson claimed in spring 2013 to have cured her terminal brain cancer using her diet.  She quickly became Australia's version of Vani Hari, "The Food Babe", so popular with the same demographic likely to buy an Apple Watch that they approached her about putting her app in the new device on release, right next to the Play button.

Are the Google search trends “drinking water” and “drug test” correlated? We’d need to do more analysis to say one way or another, but your eyes and minds are caught by the similarity and potential context of the synchronized data trends.

More boys are born than girls: this is a fact. In the western world the ‘sex ratio’ is around 105 boys for every 100 girls, but this changes through history.  And rather remarkably, it peaks at the end of wars: another fact.

So why are more boys born at the end of wars? Now we have to leave the comfort of facts, and are left with contested opinions.

Reliable official statistics on births in England and Wales have been available since the late 1830s, and the graph below shows the sex ratio from then until 2012. There are clear spikes at the end of the two World Wars, but also around 1973, while there is also a steady dip towards the end of the nineteenth century – we’ll come to that later.
When a sustainability advocate leaves the intellectual playground of academia and starts trying to really get things done related to climate and energy, it is easy to become disillusioned. Not because of corporations, they actually did what was expected and got sustainable because it was 'good business', as they were supposed to do. Instead, it is easy to become jaded by environmentalists.
A new analysis of the "sub-workforces" population in the National Science Board's Science and Engineering Indicators 2014 report shows that the National Science Foundation, and likely the dozen other federal agencies evangelizing STEM careers, are starting to figure out what the private sector already knew - a degree is not skill. And skill is going to matter most.
Dr. Oz has recently had the kind of difficulty that popularity brings - he got criticized on the floor of Congress and then got some political theater in the form of a letter to Columbia University asking that he be removed because of his promotion of suspect alternative medicine and even homeopathy treatments.

A healthy and active old age is a reality for many Europeans and is a genuine possibility for many more, despite the 2008 economic crash and years of austerity measures, according to a new United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and European Commission (EC) report, produced at the University of Southampton.

However, countries such as Greece and Latvia have declined in active ageing capacity during the four years from 2008 to 2012.