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Environmentalists almost certainly cost Secretary Hillary Clinton the election and now they want to act as a violent alternative to President-elect Trump. President Obama had consistently sided with environmentalists over jobs - an example was the Keystone XL pipeline - despite science and smart policy and that came back to haunt Democrats, who couldn't get back control of the Senate, stayed a minority in the House, and now lost the Presidency.

If corporate money controls our politics, as Bernie Sanders and others have claimed, then how did the Republican Party – the reputed party of business – manage to nominate a candidate whom almost no one in Big Business supports? And why have so many been so silent about it?

In a world where individuals have ranked preferences, it is not possible to create a voting procedure that is guaranteed to yield a fair selection between more than two alternatives. This is a mathematical certainty: in 1951 Nobel laureate Kenneth Arrow gave the mathematical proof.

It is still true that far more men than women have leading roles in many organizations. If you ask women to explain this, as many researchers have, they point to workplace culture as a prime culprit.

Summary: Legally the president makes the decision and everyone else then scurries around and follows his or her orders; in practice it's not going to be that simple in peace time especially. He or she doesn’t just have a button to press and the weapons fire; it’s a figurative expression. A president who gave that order in peacetime would surely be treated as temporarily deranged and ignored. They would need broad support, from their defense secretary especially.

The Jews. First they were perhaps just a little bit cleverer, perhaps by accident, but any process in natural selection is fundamentally describable as an accident. Or perhaps they started out just the same, but then by accident rather than choice at first, they started selectively breeding themselves, from rather arbitrary religious rules at first let those who could not read the scriptures leave, married the daughter of the richest to the cleverest rabbi, and so they multiplied just a little bit more advanced than is judged by the base measure of naïve bio-centic evolution theory, which is “success” as measured by sheer population number. What can advancement mean in the otherwise aimless, endgame-less drift of algorithmic evolution?

The Environmental Protection Agency appears to be punting a final decision on the safety of a controversial weedkiller into the next administration.

Since 2009, the agency has been conducting a registration review of glyphosate - one of the world most widely-used herbicides - and its risk to human and environmental health, an assessment required every 15 years.

Humanities scholars mostly focus on the bereavement customs of White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) whereas Catholics, the overwhelming majority of Latinos, are overlooked in their unique funeral customs, which sometimes include overnight wakes and presenting food to the deceased.

Candi K. Cann, Ph.D., a humanities assistant professor at Baylor University took a group of her students in 2015 to a Latino funeral home in a Central Texas city where nearly 30 percent of the total population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, according to U.S. Census statistics.

Are we heading for a Grim New World?  It looks like it, from two short articles that I have recently read.  One, from today, is

Why I am publishing all my texts, emails and messages to the internet in real time.  The author, Mark Farid, writes:

Jeremy Corbyn has recently been re-elected to leader of the labour party in the UK with an even stronger mandate than before of 62% of the vote, as many of you will know. This opens up the possibility of a future prime minister of the UK who has said that he will never authorize use of nuclear weapons to kill civilians. So is he right to say this? Well yes I’d say he is right. For my whole life ever since I understood what it meant, since the 1960s, I’ve been against the bomb and in favour of unilateral disarmament by the UK. The situation is more complex for the US and if I was in the US I don't know what I'd say.